How to Convert .eml to .pst File For Free? – Comprehensive Guide


Here I will elaborate on perfect strategies that will help you know how to convert .eml to .pst file for free. There are different formats for email, and each format has its own significance. And to fulfil certain requirement, users might need to convert from one format to another. And EML and PST file formats are two such formats very popular among users. CubexSoft EML Converter is a highly recommendable tool to resolve how to convert .eml to .pst file for free. I will discuss two additional manual methods also go for them on your own risk, as manual methods are not feasible for batch migration. Now let’s start blog with brief of both file formats then we proceed towards the solutions for the query.

Let’s Understand Users’ Point of View – Queries 

Hey , I Kati, I become very indecisive when it comes to choose any converter software for file migration. As I contain bulk data of EML files which is quite confidential in nature. Can anyone suggest me any reliable tool to import multiple EML files to PST format with 100% assurance of not losing any date while using it. If yes, then please share that method with me. I have an urgent need of it. I am waiting for your response.

Hello, I am Davin, I am working for an IT firm.  But the situation is this I am just a trainee here. There is a work assigned to me where I need to convert bulk of EML files to PST format. And as a user from a non-technical circle, I have no idea, regarding how to convert .eml to .pst file for free. Can anyone guide me how to tackle this issue? If yes then quickly share for idea. I have an urgent need to accomplish this task, for an official purpose. Thanks in advance saviour.

EML and PST File Formats – Overview

An EML file is a file of one individual email message. And it contains elements such as text message, date and time, sender info, recipient info, etc. So the size of an email file with .eml extension can be smaller, as it contains only single email file. The most common EML compatible email clients are Windows Live Mail, Microsoft Outlook Express, MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, emClient, Entourage, Apple Mail, DreamMail, and The Bat, etc.

On other side, PST file is MS Outlook based file format. It is capable to form a file of entire Mailbox. It is not necessary that PST contains only one item. There can be a one PST of all email messages. Besides, it may comprise events, tasks, calendars, appointments, and contacts.  The size of a PST is much larger than EML file. That is why users are inclined towards PST format. EML file are more prone to corrupt easily by Malware attacks. That is also the one of reasons behind conversion from EML to PST.

Manual Ways to Resolve How to Convert  .eml to .pst File For Free

There are two ways available in manual approach to import EML to PST manually let’s discuss both ways:

Drag and Drop Method – This method is feasible when there is a few numbers of files let’s how it works:

  • Firstly open MS Outlook email client and create one folder.
  • Now directly move to the place of EML files in the system.
  • Select EML file and drag it to the newly created Outlook folder.

Manual Method Using Windows Live Mail to Transfer EML Files to PST Format

  • Open and start Windows Live Mail software on the system.
  • Go to the “File” section, thereafter “Export emails”
  • Then Choose “Email message”.
  • Proceed towards “Microsoft Exchange” now then click on “Next”
  • Click Ok on a dialog box, select the required data to transfer to Outlook.
  • Now click “Ok”. Now messages start exporting after a while process gets done click Finish lastly.

I have elaborated manual ways to change EML to PST above. However, it is not recommendable to opt for it. The reason is very clear that it takes time to convert files manually. And also it is not easy to understand for non-tech field’s users. There is always risk of losing data in this method.

EML to PST Conversion Tool to Export Multiple EML Files to PST Format At Once

EML Tool is a direct technique helps migrating multiple email with .eml extension to PST format in one round. There is no risk of any data loss incur. It gives you an accurate output without any undesired changes. The software makes it very easy to change file formats from EML to PST. It is full of enhanced features that ease the task like advanced filters, batch export, select destination path, log-report option, free demo, etc. let’s how does this software work.

How to Convert .eml to .pst File For Free? –Follow These Instructions

Step1: Install EML to PST Conversion Tool on your computer system.

Step2: Now add files and folder using given options “Add Files” and “Add Folder”. 

Step3: On the screen all the files appear. Move to “Export” option.

Step4: Choose required saving output option (PST) from the given list of select saving options.

Step5: Fill filter fields accordingly and choose the destination path, then click “Convert” to eventually start processing.

Let’s Sum Up – Final Words

In the above blog, there are two manual solutions and one professional method are given. It is wise to go with the professional one, as this method is simple and precise also assures 100% accuracy. This EML Tool is well suitable with Windows Operating System – Windows XP, Windows 11, Windows Vista, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8 Windows 8.1, etc. This software is also workable on Mac Operating Systems such as Mac – Catalina, Monterey, Big-Sur. Mojave, Yosemite and High-Sierra, etc. For a trial purpose opt for the free demo edition of this application that makes it feasible to import 25 EML to PST free of cost, free trial helps you know how to convert .eml to .pst file for free of cost before purchasing license key.

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