How to Remove Windows Live Mail Duplicate Messages?

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Hey, I am Eva, I am working in an organization. And I have one task to perform i.e elimination of duplicate WLM duplicate emails. For a very time we had been using Windows Live Mail email client before it discontinued. But now we are looking to shift to another email client. But the situation is there are loads of duplicate email files are stored in drive. And I do not want to export them to another email client. So, I am searching for a solution to remove duplicate Windows Live Mail emails on internet, can anyone share any genuine solution to overcome this issue, if yes, then please share. Thanks in advance. 


Do you want to remove Windows Live Mail duplicate messages? As multiple duplicate emails may cause trouble to email client. It is a rationale idea to remove all the duplicate files. Here in this blog, I will provide you a simple solution that would definitely help you.

Windows Live Mail email client is a discontinued app we all know that. Still there are many users who have multiple WLM emails and they wish to import them to another format, but multiple duplicate WLM messages make it a unnecessarily hectic. In that case, you should remove duplicate emails in Windows Live Mail 2012. Removing duplicate messages helps creating extra space in storage device.

There is no such manual method feasible to remove multiple duplicate messages. Windows Live Mail Duplicate Remover is a safe method to remove and delete multiple duplicate WLM emails messages. You must try this Windows compatible app. It removes unwanted duplicate messages while not affecting the original WLM email files’ elements.

This incredible software comes with some very convenient features that enables users (from technical and non-technical) to accomplish de-duplication successfully. This app negates all the restriction and limitation and provides faultless resultants in a very less time. Let me tell you the whole working procedure then we will see all the features and functions in detail.

How to Delete Windows Live Mail Duplicate Messages?

Following are step by steps working procedure of removing duplicate email files given:

Step1: First of all you need to install EML Duplicate Remover. Then open the software in order to start the process.

launch EML Duplicates Remover

Step2: Now on the software’ screen, clearly available two options  for uploading files like “Select Files” and Select Folder”.

select files and folder

Step3: Then all the uploaded items appear with checkboxes then you can tick only the specific required files.

selective files removal

Step4: Now there are dual modes are available to detect duplicate files such as “search duplicate files within the folders” and search duplicates files across the folders. You can opt for either option.

choose required mode to remove

Step5: Then you add filter options for a selective elimination such as date range, to, from, subject, and root folder.

apply filter options

Step6: By pressing on “Browse” add destination path for the resultant accordingly. Thereafter click on “Remove” button.

process done

Best Features for Removing Windows Live Mail Duplicate Messages

Remove Duplicate Windows Live Mail Messages in Batch

Dual options such as select files and folder helps to upload multiple email files and folder respectively. And users may choose the specific files from the uploaded files as per requirement. As you can see one checkbox attach to every fodder’s item. At the time of selecting folder, it is possible that you do not wish to remove duplicate of all the files that such folder contain. This checkbox facility helps you to click on the specific files easily.

Removes Duplicate Files without Altering Original File

The software performs elimination of duplicate emails without damaging the original file. All the elements of file remain same such as meta elements, cc, to, bcc, subject, date, message body, signature, etc.

Advanced Filter Options Availability to Remove Selectively

Advanced add filter options are helpful in a selective removal of duplicate files such as date range (delete duplicate files within specific date range), email address (to, from, subject), duplicate copies (save duplicate files of Windows Live Mail messages in a separate folder).

No Restriction on Size and Absolutely Effortless Method

The software allows you choosing file of any size. Size of files does not matter in order to removes its duplicates. It is a user-friendly application, it is easy to proceed with this software it does not demand any technical expertise.

Eliminates Windows Live Mail Duplicate Messages without Windows Live Mail

It is sufficient enough to process independently. No EML-based apps are required for this for example Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage, AppleMail, emClient, and DreamMail, etc. Users are remove emails of all email client apps that generally creates .eml files.

Select Destination Path Available For Users

Users have a browse option availability that enables them to locate the output files in their desired location. This app facilitates log-report of the elimination procedure in the end in TXT format.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try demo of the application to delete WLM duplicate messages before purchasing?

Answer: Yes sure, this software provides free trial option so that users may test the functions anf efficacy of the product before purchasing.

Can I run this app on Mac Operating System?

Answer: No, this app is Windows compatible, hence it may run all the editions of Windows Operating System.

Is WLM Duplicate Remover Tool is easy to run? As I do not have such technical background and I lack in technical skill.

Answer: This utility is absolutely user-friendly. Users may use this software with ease. No matter, even if they have zero technical knowledge.

Client Review

Hey, I am Henry, I want to share my positive review with you. I have utilized WLM duplicate emails remover tool by CubexSoft. And it helped me greatly to remove all duplicate files very easily and quickly.

Let’s Sum Up

The software may open on Windows Operating Systems versions such as Windows 7, Windows 11, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 10, etc. Users must try free trial of the application that allows remove Windows Live Mail duplicate messages from 25 files free of cost.

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