Find Out Why Custom Woven Labels Are Important In Apparel Industry



A new apparel line start-up comes up with a vow of exclusiveness every single day now. However, only a few start-ups are able to carve a niche in this extravagant industry.
If you are planning to launch your own apparel line, then make sure to focus on some ground rules before you take the plunge. For instance, woven labels for clothing are a huge part of this expensive industry but are often ignored.
These labels give a unique look to the clothes and offer a lot more benefits for customers and brands alike. From enhancing the overall quality of clothing to providing them with a unique identity, these labels are an excellent way to make your item of clothing stand out from the crowd.
But, sadly people do not understand their importance and thus do not pay sufficient attention to them.
Still need convincing that labels are good for your articles of clothing? Below we have conjured up some details regarding their importance in the apparel industry. Read on to get familiar with them.

The Importance Of Custom Woven Labels On Garments

Can Be Completely Customized:

Give yourself and your team absolute creative freedom by choosing woven labels. Whether you want to add a catchy illustration, display your brand logo, or even if you want to add those wash care details on your label, the sky is the limit especially when you have to produce designs for woven labels.
You can select the colour, fonts, size, as well as the weave of your label all by yourself. However, the aesthetics of the end product always narrow down to the type of weave that you choose. So, make this decision wisely. Don’t know anything about weaves? Worry not, we are here as your guardian angel.
There are many types of weaves that you can use to give your artwork a unique look. We have discussed some of the most used ones below.


This type of weave is arguably one of the most versatile of all weaves. This style gives maximum definition even to a complex artwork. This is why, you will come across such types on your beloved High Street labels.


As the name suggests, this weave gives a shiny texture that resembles that of a satin fabric. This is why these types of woven labels are greatly used in occasion wear as well as high-end items of clothing. However, there is one side effect of opting for such weaves. Really? What is that?
There are certain printing restrictions, this is why you can only use white or black bases on such types. However, you are free to use any colour of your choice for the logo or design on these labels. So, you only have to compromise on the base colour, but this compromise can be compensated by its texture and colourful designs.


This type of weave is a plain style that looks like a basketweave effect. It works perfectly well for simple and small labels that do not have any fancy illustrations or lettering on them.

Versatility Of Woven Labels:

Once you come up with an idea of what your brand logo is going to be, it is better to remain consistent with it. These woven labels carrying your brand logo can be sewn or attached to various kinds of garments and accessories. For instance, they can be applied to hoodies, tees, hats, jeans, and whatnot.
Moreover, you will also have a lot of options to decide where you want to place your label on the clothing. Either use them on the sleeve or lower hemline, the back of the neck, or on the pocket, it is totally your call to make. These labels are so versatile that no matter where you attach them, they can never look bad.

Trademark Protection:

If you are a start-up apparel line, then you must also look out for your trademark protection. The best way to apply a trademark is by adding your logo to your product. This logo needs to be seen in commerce. So, in our opinion, this task can be efficiently done by hiring the best woven labels makers to make your logos, patches and design on a label perfectly.

They Are Extremely Durable:

Your logo, company name, and any other information are not printed on these labels, instead, they are woven on them. This is why, once these bits of information are weaved, the wording becomes virtually indestructible. Moreover, the label won’t fade unnecessarily, or peel off, as long as you look after your items of clothing, and wash them with care. These wordings remain visible and readable even after several years.
That is not all, another reason why these labels are becoming the new trend is that they are great value for money as well. So, if you opt for these woven tags, we guarantee you will receive top-notch quality labels without costing you an arm and a leg.

Add Undeniable Sophistication:

The texture of these woven tags adds a luxurious feel to your garments. Thus, making them an excellent option for manufacturers as well as designers who wish to aim at the premium end of the market. These labels are well-known amongst cloth makers who are looking for ways to add a personal touch to their fabrications. Trust us on this one, that these tags really add a hint of magic to any product.
Moreover, because they are stitched directly into the clothes, this is why they are wonderfully discreet as well as tasteful. These custom printed labels do not get in the way of the design or cut of your garments at all. Hence adding more to their sophistication and charm.

Help Brands To Grow And Make A Mark:

These simple woven tags are all you need to make your brand’s impact last long. Get creative with your patch design and let it do the talking on your behalf. To support our point and to make you understand how these labels make or break your brand, here’s an example for you.
The famous Canadian brand for activewear – Gildan offers the ideal balance between value and comfort. However, this brand is great in many ways, but its logo is definitely not what you expect to see when you purchase an item of clothing from a fashion brand. Their logo screams that they are lazy, cheap, and won’t bother, or can’t afford to replace their printed clothing label with their own brand.
On the other hand, if you see the brand label of Louis Vuitton, you will see that they have invested time and money to craft the perfect clothing label for their customers. This is how such labels make a huge impact on the consumers.

Wrapping It All Up – Level Up Your Clothing Game With Woven Labels

Hopefully, by now you must be well aware of how these tiny woven labels and patches play a huge part in the apparel industry. So, if you want your brand to stand out, protect your trademark, and provide your clients with some exclusivity, you now know what to do. So start working on your clothing label right now and let your brand make a powerful impact on your potential clients.



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