This Is What You Should Know About Finest PVC Patches

When promoting businesses through patches, most individuals used to think of woven or classic embroidered badges. But these days, PVC patches are thriving among all other types due to their outstanding features. Polyvinyl Chloride is the finest material used to make durable labels and emblems. It is an exceptional combination of strength, durability, featherlight construction, and waterproof material. This brilliantly functional combo makes it perfect for military gear, airsoft staples, and other outdoor occasions.

Many businesses prefer it as it helps them market their brands well, irrespective of what nature throws at them. Thus, if you also want to introduce the finest PVC patches to your marketing strategy, you’re at the right place. This blog will acquaint you with all the necessary information you need to know regarding it.

Why PVC Patches Is The Ideal Choice Of Uniforms And Gear?

PVC patches are ideal for military units, police departments, girls’ and boys’ scouts, fire departments, and highway patrol. They are also popular among outdoor sports and wilderness clubs, such as hikers, bikers, and fishermen. The top reason behind its tremendous fame is that it instantly helps identify people and their belongings.

Moreover, polyvinyl Chloride badges’ chic style and waterproof construction make them the most suitable for jackets, hats, bags, and backpacks. Furthermore, the best perk is that you can personalize them in the design and colour of your choice. All these features ensure that the emblem spreads the word about your business silently.


The Backing Options For A Quick And Easy Attachment Of Patches


In today’s highly competitive world, people usually have so much on their plates and always run out of time. Due to this, they search for effortless methods to achieve the best outcomes. There are various types of badges, but not each one has an easy peasy application process. Therefore, PVC patches in UK stand out among all the options due to their quick and easy application procedure.

Additionally, the flexibility to remove and attach to any clothing or gear due to Velcro whenever desired appeals to the most prospects. Let’s have a look at the viable backing options for this type of badge:

  1. No Backing

Starting with the first one – no backing, which is one of the workable options. It has the most straightforward way of attaching through sewing. So, if you know how to run stitches, get your hands on the needle and thread of the same colour as the badges’ edges. Get going!

  1. Hook And Loop

Hook and loop is another effective option to adhere a polyvinyl chloride motif onto any garment. Most nurses and armed forced uniforms come with a loop fastener stitched onto them. All they need is to attach the emblems with hook and loop fasteners.

  1. Peel-And-Stick

Suppose you’re in a hurry and want to spice up your attire—the PVC patches with peel-and-stick backing exceptionally help. The manufacturers apply an effective adhesive solution to the back of the emblem and overlay it with paper. So, peel off the sheet and stick the badge onto the clothing whenever you want it to adhere to your apparel.

The adhesive solution is not permanent but way more vital than ordinary glue. However, the sticky material will also weaken over time after multiple washes, making this option less ideal than other types.

  1. Magnetic Backing

The top-patch makers also offer magnetic backing by sandwiching small magnets between a layer of fabric and PVC. It transforms a mere badge into a woven magnetic one. Usually, manufacturers use a one-half-inch magnet disk for a three-inch emblem. This backing adheres strongly to the garment and doesn’t fall off easily, remaining solid and functional for several years.

  1. Pin Backing

It works similarly to the magnetic option by embedding pins inside the two backing layers on the badge. The pins come with butterfly clutches that help secure the emblem like a brooch. This highly flexible option allows you to attach your motif anywhere and anytime you desire, whether a bag or jacket.


Two Sleekest Options For Patch Edges


Besides picking the viable backing for your polyvinyl chloride badge, select the suitable edge option. Usually, you get two popular and sleekest choices for the border area.

  1. Merrowed Border

The merrowed border is the sewn edge that offers a decent uniformed appearance by encircling the entire emblem. It avoids any fraying and prevents the threads from unravelling.

  1. Hot-Cut Border

Unlike the merrowed one, the hot-cut border involves the makers sealing the edges with a heated sharp knife. It also performs the same function of avoiding any fraying.


Here Are The Top 4 Advantages Of PVC Badges


  • As the combat forces have to endure extreme weather conditions, they require emblems suitable to intense temperatures. In this case, PVC patches win the race with their complex form, withstanding extreme heat and cold. It is ideal for heavy rain and scorching sun


  • The customizable colour and design options are endless, letting you bring your creative imagination into reality. You can also tailor the emblem to the shape of your liking


  • Another advantage the buyers enjoy is high retention for these motifs’ colour and structure. Getting keychain patches or motifs to enliven your crocs will go a long way


  • Don’t have time to look after badges consistently? Go for polyvinyl motifs, as they are super low maintenance. They are super easy to clean and maintain compared to other motifs


Here Are The Top 4 Disadvantages Of PVC Badges


  • Though it can survive in extreme weather conditions, the constant exposure of intense temperature may curl the borders. If you want to avoid the curling effect of the edges, purchase premium-quality motifs


  • Even the softest polyvinyl material has a specific limit for bending, making it less flexible to emblems like embroidered or chenille. Thus, its application is no joke and is very tricky, requiring professional help


  • Though the badges are undoubtedly eye-catchy but may not suit all surfaces. They only work well for PU handbags, sports bags, hats, caps, leather jackets, footwear, and similar items


  • Its overall cost is comparatively higher than other badges, making it unsuitable for people on a shoestring budget

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This wraps all the information about the finest PVC patches, friends! You now know why this badge is a favourite choice of military units, police departments, scouts, and fire departments. Moreover, the acquaintance with the backing, border options and advantages plus disadvantages will help you purchase the best product. So, consider this guide the next time you buy polyvinyl chloride badges.



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