The Best Tokyo International Schools And The Fees They Charge

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Toyo is not only the capital of Japan, the fourth largest economy in the world and a major global industrial and business powerhouse, but it is also known for its art, culture and traditions that go back many centuries. 

Also, Japan has been a global geo strategic player since the nineteenth century and that has meant that Tokyo has seen visitors from all parts of the globe come to it as diplomats, businessmen, employees, traders and tourists for a very long time. That explains why it has quite a large expat community, many of whom live there with their families including their children. 

It helps that the Tokyo international schools are some of the best in the world, allowing them to provide their children with just the kind of education that they need to secure their future.

Let us find out about a few such schools in this blog. In particular, we shall look at the details pertaining to Tokyo international school fees.

The Best Tokyo International Schools

Global Indian International School, Tokyo

Global Indian International School, Tokyo is a world class K to 12 international school that provides its students world class holistic education on its four well appointed campuses. Not only is the school popular with the Indian expat community living in the region, but a host of other expat communities as well. 

Its students receive an education that comprises both academics and a host of extracurricular activities. That helps ensure that the students grow up into well rounded individuals. The highly qualified and experienced teachers employed by the school ensure that every child receives the necessary mentoring and support to achieve their true potential. 

The curricula offered by the school comprise the highly sought after Global Montessori Plus, Cambridge CLSP, Cambridge IGCSE, International Baccalaureate Diploma and CBSE. It also offers the IBDP Bridge Programme. The total recurring term fee offered by the school ranges from JPY 323,844 to JPY 385, 260. 

The success of the school is quite evident in its academic track record and the ability of its students to obtain admission to some of the best colleges and universities anywhere.

Kohana International School, Tokyo

Kohana International School, Tokyo is a world class Indian school providing world class British education to its students who hail from the many expat communities living in Japan. Everything about the school from its two well appointed campuses and teachers is outstanding. 

The students are encouraged to excel at both academics and a whole range of extra and co curricular activities. It is not for nothing that the school fares extremely well when it comes to academic performance and its students obtaining admission to some of the best colleges and universities in the world. The yearly fees charged by the school range from JPY 784,000 to JPY 1,034,000.

The school has the best affiliations in the field of school education, including International Preschool Curriculum (IPC), Cambridge International Education (CIE) and Tokyo Association of International Preschools. It offers its students the acclaimed Cambridge Primary, Secondary Key Stage and IGCSE & A Levels curricula, making it a quintessential British school in every sense of the term. It is hardly surprising that the school is as popular with its students as it is.

Axis International School

Axis International School, Tokyo is one of the city’s best international schools catering to the educational needs of expat children in the age group of 2 to 18 years. The school provides its students with a typically American education on its two modern cutting edge campuses. The school is particularly popular with English speaking expats given that all its teachers are native English speakers.

The school not only ensures that every child is able to excel at academics, but also gets to experience a diverse range of extracurricular and cocurricular activities that lead to the right kind of growth and development of the students. It is not surprising that the students who complete their education at the school impress everyone with their knowledge and demeanour.

This is reflected in the fact that they manage to obtain admission to some of the best colleges and universities around the world. The yearly fees charged by the school vary between JPY 1,795,000 and  JPY 2,731,600



Japan has quite a large number of Tokyo international schools run by educational institution chains from around the world. These ensure that the expat children from different parts of the world living in the city, receive the education that is just right for them. 

Since the choice available to expat parents is quite large when it comes to choosing the right kind of school for their children, most of them are able to find one that they find affordable in terms of the fee charged by them.



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