Stylish Balcony Exterior Tile Designs for a Trendy Outdoor Space


Many people love their balconies the most in their homes. Balconies are special places where we relax after a hard day, enjoy tea, read, or look at nature. It’s only natural to want to decorate this special area to your liking. Decorating your balcony with the right tiles can add personality. There are lots of balcony tile designs that you can explore at a tiles showroom in Daltonganj and pick the ones that can showcase your style. Whether you’re looking for some of the best balcony exterior tiles design ideas to renovate your balconies or are seeking options to experiment with, we have got you covered. buy tiles from tiles showroom in Daltonganj

Trendy Balcony Tiles to Embrace the Space

  • Eternal Charm of Marble Tiles

Marble has a way of presenting a certain old-fashioned nobleness that no other material can compare to. If your balcony could use that missing detail that completes the aesthetics, perhaps marble flooring can give you the desired solution. With marble tiles, your balcony will radiate earthy vibes, bringing a sense of timeless charm to the space. Moreover, the marble tiles are larger, which gives the balcony a sense of being more spacious and luxurious. It will become the best place where you can relax after every workday! 


In terms of the colours and patterns, there are a variety of choices to opt for. You can turn to white, beige, and brown neutrals to create a mid-century clean and classic look or go more out of the box and opt for other bright colours such as blue, gold, black, or green to obtain a modern look. Step out of the box and let your creativity show by designing your balcony!

  • Wood-Look Balcony Tiles

Do you know it’s possible to create a rustic design or a balcony with wood textures even without the actual wood present? A wooden tile that closely resembles the natural look of wood is another excellent alternative. An ideal addition to your vintage backyard design, these outdoor floor tiles can make your balcony look stylish. 


They’re durable, easy to maintain, and create a cosy atmosphere. In today’s world, installing actual wooden planks on balconies is impractical due to their cost and maintenance challenges. The tiles showroom in Daltonganj offers an impressive selection of wood-look floor tiles in India. With their perfect size and matte finish, these tiles will breathe new life into your balcony.

In Daltonganj, Orientbell Tiles Boutique stands as a premier destination for exquisite tiling solutions. Offering a diverse range of high-quality tiles, from classic to contemporary designs, it caters to every aesthetic and functional need. With expert guidance and a commitment to excellence, it ensures customers find the perfect tiles for their spaces.

  • Large Slab Tiles

Balcony sizes differ from home to home. Opting for large slab tiles as balcony flooring is a creative choice. These tiles can make a small area seem bigger and more spacious. With their sleek and consistent surface, they offer a contemporary and elegant look.


Regardless of the colour you choose, large slab floor tiles always bring a feeling of grandeur. Their installation reduces grout lines, resulting in a cleaner appearance and simpler upkeep. Also, they come in various styles, patterns, designs, textures, and sizes to suit your preferences.

  • Combine Floor Tiles and Wall Tiles

It’s usually the norm that floor tiles are used for adorning your balcony. However, have you thought of adding wall tiles to the architecture? Not only does it suit the contemporary and stylish appearance of modern landscapes, but it’s also an alternative worth trying for outdoor space. Blending them creates harmony and gives an appealing look. Take advantage of the complementary colour scheme for both the floor and wall tiles to reach the cohesive look which you aim to create. 


A similar material, like vitrified or ceramic tiles, can be utilised for both versatile surfaces to improve durability during different weather conditions. If you want a cosy atmosphere, darker hues are a great choice. On the other hand, lighter colours can make the space feel more inviting and open. Combining floor and wall tile designs can enhance the overall ambience of your balcony!

  • Patterned Tiles

Decorative patterned tiles have always been a top choice for balcony flooring. If you love themed decor, you’ll appreciate the impact these tiles can have. Regardless of the design or colour you choose, these tiles can transform even small balconies into stunning spaces.

  • Mediterranean Vibes with Terracotta Tiles

The warm colour of the Terracotta balcony exterior tiles design has the potential to remind you of the atmosphere of a Mediterranean journey. Terracotta, literally translated as ‘baked earth’ in Italian, is a very charming and earthy brown shade that radiates warmth and elegance. Initially, these tiles were developed for roofs but the trend is changing and they are now increasingly preferred as a type of balcony tiles.


They could display an aesthetically pleasing warm tone which could help with the creation of a cosy ambience within the outdoor area that greatly contributes to making them suitable for a Mediterranean theme. In addition, the Terracotta tiles are not high maintenance thus they are long-lasting, practical and aesthetic.

  • Add Luxury with Natural Tiles

Nothing quite matches the refined, understated luxury of natural stone, making it a perennial favourite for both indoor and outdoor spaces. The richness of natural stone tiles brings a homely touch to terraces and balconies.


On the bright side, stone-look tiles are also a great substitute because they have the same classy touch and practicality benefits as natural stones, but they cost less and are easier to maintain. This makes them particularly suited for installations on patios, balconies, and terraces. Moreover, these can endure even harsh environmental conditions without losing their integrity.


In conclusion, creating a stylish outdoor space with balcony exterior tiles design can transform your balcony into a trendy and inviting retreat. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of marble, the natural allure of stone-look tiles, or any other design, there are endless possibilities to suit your taste and enhance your outdoor living experience. With a reputable tiles showroom in Daltonganj like Orientbell Tiles Boutique, you have access to a wide range of options to explore and select the perfect tiles for your balcony.



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