SMD screen indoor LED Display

SMD screen

The 1mm pixel HD indoor SMD screen is the product with the smallest pixel that we can currently find in the SMD screen, belonging to the highest range of SMD technology.

Maximum resolution pixels with a color palette of 281 billion to achieve a high-quality image and an incredible SMD Screen, surpassing in brightness any LCD and DLP technology (Video Wall, monitors, and projectors) also taking into account the energy savings that it gives us the SMD screen for its energy efficiency.

Patented HD SMD screen of the latest technology with backup systems, intelligent calibration when replacing new SMD modules, pioneering cooling system without the need for fans to avoid noise, fault monitoring software, and warning in case of an error on the SMD screen.

Ideal for interior installations in shop windows, exhibition halls, conferences, meeting congresses, information classrooms, sporting events, supermarkets, perimeter and SMD advertising billboards. The structure of the HD SMD screen is made of aluminum (Die-Casting), a new material trend in manufacturing and a more suitable and elegant design for marketing.

Light SMD panels facilitate installation and maintenance in spaces that support little weight such as ceilings, truss structures, facades, etc.

Lower energy consumption compared to conventional steel panels, without fans, providing considerable energy savings and a simpler wiring scheme and internal connections without electrical lines and flat cables.

HD SMD screen accessories

SMD modules RGB (3 in 1) red, green, and blue pixels with SMD technology manufactured with high quality and prestigious bulbs such as EPISTAR, NICHIA, or CREE.

Power supplies¬†One of the most well-known and robust brands on the market, the “mean well” brand for the power supply of the components of the electronic SMD screen and surge protection of the electrical network.

Sending and receiving cards connected by data cables (RJ45) to the SMD panels and asynchronous and synchronous sending cards for sending the image signal.

The multifunction card is useful to control the operating status of the SMD screen components, control the operating temperature, short circuit warning and light control, and automatic brightness with the brightness sensor.

Multichannel video processor (Optional)

Simultaneous analog and digital multi-channel switching with computer resolutions up to 1600 x 1200 pixels. TV, VGA, DVI, and USB video inputs.

Cloud or Client-Server Software Centralizing content management through the cloud or a centralized server to remotely control the SMD Screens in different locations where they are installed is useful for any digital signage product such as monitors, interactive kiosks, video walls, etc.

This type of model can be used for all types of formats:

  • Curved for innovative style
  • LED maps for advertising information
  • Facades for front maintenance
  • LED information panels with monopole
  • Supports all types of image formats and network connections:
  • DVI, HDMI, and HD for image output
  • Network connections such as Ethernet cable, Wi-Fi, and 3G/4G

The LED panels are manufactured at the customer’s choice, always respecting certain parameters with a 2-year warranty to cover defective parts and replace them with new ones.

The material of the panels can be manufactured in steel or aluminum with the option of front or rear maintenance, steel being the most common in manufacturing.

The LED modules are manufactured by high-quality LEDs with EPISTAR, CREE, NICHIA, or NATIONSTAR components, the most common in all manufacturing developments being the NATIONSTAR material with a durability of 100,000 hours.

The 6mm pixel outdoor LED screen complies with all quality and manufacturing certification regulations of the European community, CE, ROSH…. contributing to providing the best service and quality to our clients.

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