Must-See Attractions for an Unforgettable Weekend in Mumbai

Must-See Attractions for an Unforgettable Weekend in Mumbai

Mumbai is rightly called as the city of dreams that never sleeps. The fast-paced life of the city can be overwhelming at times and exploring the scenic places would be a good way to spend your weekends.


There are many must-see attractions in the city that are worth exploring for a weekend escape like no other. 

Whether you’re on a short trip to Mumbai or looking for a refreshing break on the weekends, here are the places that you can explore:

The Gateway of India:

Standing tall on the Mumbai harbour, this historic archway is an architectural marvel worth exploring. The grand structure offers a spectacular view of the Arabian Sea, especially during sunset.

gateway of India

Enjoy a refreshing drink from a local vendor while watching the traditional sailing boats. You can also plan a short ferry ride from the Gateway to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Elephanta Caves, where ancient rock-cut temples await exploration.

Marine Drive:

Also known as the Queen’s Necklace, this scenic C-shaped boulevard stretches along the Arabian Sea coast and is lined with beautiful palm trees and Art Deco buildings.

Marine Drive

The place comes alive in the evening as street lights twinkle like pearls and a walk during that time would just be the perfect way to unwind on the weekends.

You can also enjoy a scenic drive along this picturesque route, especially after sunset when the city is all lit up.

Juhu Beach:

A trip to Mumbai is incomplete without visiting the famous Juhu Beach. Join the locals as they flock to the shore for their evening promenade.

Juhu Beach

This picture-perfect paradise gives a unique and authentic Mumbai experience where you will find locals unwind, families enjoying picnic and savouring lip-smacking street food delights like bhel puri and pav bhaji from the beachside vendors.

Come here in the evening and soak in the breathtaking sunset views. Some of the best 5 star restaurants in Mumbai like Baluchi are also in the vicinity where you can enjoy delicious food in a luxury setting.

Colaba Causeway:

If shopping works as a therapy for you, then Colaba Causeway would just be the perfect place to explore on a weekend. It is a shopaholic’s paradise with narrow lanes overflowing with shops and stalls.

Colaba Causeway

From clothing and handicrafts to electronics and lovely souvenirs, there is something for everyone here. Try your bargaining skills and buy some good stuff from this market for a perfect retail therapy.

While exploring the shops, don’t miss the iconic Leopold Café for a taste of history and a cup of coffee.

Mumbai is a city that captures the heart and soul of everyone who visits it. Exploring these places would not just give you a glimpse of the city’s vibrant life but also a great way to relax on the weekends. So be there when you are in the city next and you are sure to have a great time. 



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