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Mailer Boxes UK

Mailers boxes are manufactured with a paperboard, containing flaps on it. Mailer packaging are perfect way to send out products by using these flaps, without any requirement of tape. Plus, these boxes are an ideal way to provide protection to your products. Furthermore, mailer boxes are the best to store and protect your luxury items. At this time, almost every business industry uses the mailer packaging to store and send their products to the customers. These boxes are very easy to open with the flaps. Hence, these boxes are very durable and reusable. The material of mailer boxes is recyclable. After all, mailer boxes are superb contrivance for packing luxury items like ‘Jewellery and Electronic devices

Types of Mailer boxes

There are several types of Mailer packaging. Some of them are below.

  • Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated mailer packaging are made with a thick and light-weighted paperboard. The paper contains three layers i.e. an inner liner, an outer liner and a corrugating board. Hence, corrugated Mailer Boxes helps in shipping of high quantity products. The material of corrugated mailer packaging is very easy to find. Plus, the material of these boxes is very easy to use. This type of mailer packaging is the ideal option for shipping your products in high quantity. The paper of corrugated mailer packaging is very easy to customise. Thus, corrugated boxes are perfect for many products like ‘Electronic devices, Food items, Jewellery items and many more. These boxes have different qualities, because of its durability and endurance.

  • Bubble Mailer Packaging

Bubble mailer box is like an envelope contains bubble wrap covered up inside. The outside of bubble mailer box is usually made with a paper. Thus, this type of mailer packaging is ideal for the small items like Books, stationery, electronic accessories, etc. Many electronic companies use bubble mailer packaging to store and protect their accessories. Therefore, bubble mailer boxes are common to use for transporting the sensitive products. It is perfect for the luxury items as well, such as Jewellery items.

  • Poly Mailer Boxes

Poly mailer packaging are made with a plastic, shaped like a bag to be carried. You do not need to tape these boxes, because poly mailer boxes have their self-sealing foldable edge. Moreover, These boxes are usual to transport clothing items. Most of the online stores use poly mailer boxes to send their products to the customers. Plus, many companies use this type of mailer packaging with their brand logo on it, to transport their products. Poly mailer boxes are common for the clothing brands like Cougar and Breakout. Furthermore, they use poly mailer packaging to transport their clothing items.

  • Flat Mailer Boxes

Flat mailer boxes are made with a strong paperboard. These packaging is very long-lasting and powerful. The weight of flat mailer boxes is very light. The shape of flat mailer boxes is much similar to the bubble mailer boxes. Moreover, flat mailer boxes are great to store the important documents. You can transport the dominant documents like pictures, magazines, albums, and other legal documents in these boxes. Plus, flat mailer boxes are available easily in the Mailer Boxes Wholesale market. Flat mailer packaging are ideal for storing and transporting your prime documents.

  • Rigid Mailer Boxes

Rigid mailer boxes are made with a hard paperboard to make it strong. Laminated Kraft fiberboard to make rigid mailer packaging is a preference of many companies. The shape of rigid mailer boxes is very similar to the flat mailer boxes. Plus, it has a strong strip seal to protect the documents inside it. This kind of mailer packaging is great for the protection and transportation of the important documents. Furthermore, it helps in protecting your documentary items while shipping or transporting. Rigid mailer boxes are available in different sizes and styles with a strong self-sealing.

  • Black Mailer Boxes

Black mailer boxes are made with a strong and light-weighted paperboard to keep you products safe. These boxes are superb to transport many products like electronic devices and food items. Thus, many companies like “Apple’’ use Black Mailer Boxes to store and transport their products to the customers. Apple utilizes these boxes for their expensive items like iPhone, iPad and iPods. Black mailer box is the perfect option for transporting your electronic devices.

  • Customization

Customising the packaging boxes is now a trend to make them more attractive. Hence, mailer packaging are customizable in different colours, sizes and designs. Mailer Boxes are printable with a logo and different designs on it. Additionally, these boxes are available in different sizes and are customisable with many features like self-sealing and a handle for easy carriage. However, many companies print their brand logo on the Mailer boxes to promote their company. Companies like “Rolex” print their brand logo on their mailer boxes to make them more attractive to the customers. They keep their expensive watches in Custom Mailer Boxes, for the protection and transportation of them. Hence, customizing the packaging box with your brand logo is a very unique way to advertise your brand or company. Furthermore, corrugated mailer boxes are the best and easy for customisation.

  • Inserts

Mailer boxes inserts are ideal to make sure that your product is safe inside the mailer box. There are several types of mailer boxes inserts. Some of them are below.

  • Corrugated Insert

Corrugated insert is made with a paperboard to keep your products safe. It also increases the beauty of your mailer box. Corrugated inserts are perfect for the protection of your products. This insert helps you to keep your expensive items safe and in shape. Furthermore, you can pack luxurious items like gold ring, necklace, and electronic devices by using these inserts.

  • Foam Insert

Foam insert is made with a form, to keep your products safe inside the mailer box. These inserts are available in different shapes and designs, according to the structure of your products. Hence, foam insert is made to keep your expensive products safe and in shape. This kind of inserts is usual for the expensive and sensitive items. Foam insert are perfect for many luxurious items like Gold necklace, diamond ring and expensive watches.

What Makes Custom Mailer Packaging an Ideal Packing Solution?

Mailer boxes are an ideal solution to transport all kinds of goods. This packaging is safer for products and help transport the products to their destination faster. Companies that can win the trust and support of their target customers and potential customers will be more successful in the marketplace and have greater exposure. These boxes are easy to use and convenient. Plus, these boxes are easy to form and available in any size.

This will allow retailers to easily pack any item, regardless of its size or shape. These boxes protect the product and keep it in place. However, items are safe with no extra securing or inserts. These boxes are effective in this regard.

Promotional products such as custom mailer boxes wholesale are a great way to promote your brand. These boxes can help a company establish its brand in the market. Additionally, these packaging are also great for marketing and promotion. To gain market recognition, every market brand needs some type of promotion.  Moreover, these boxes are an optimistic way to spread the company’s name and logo and increase its reach. It is also possible to highlight a brand’s products and services by using custom mailer boxes.

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