JCB: A Pioneer in Earth-Moving Equipment for Indian Infra Industry

JCB A Pioneer in Earth-Moving Equipment for Indian Infra Industry

The ever-transforming landscape of the Indian infra industry has stirred some remarkable technological advancements. Moreover, it has encouraged several industries within to develop in terms of portfolio, services & performance. One such sector is that of heavy-duty or construction equipment.

In addition, JCB is one such brand leading this earth-moving equipment market. This is because of several reasons. One could be that its models are highly reliable whilst being high performing.

JCB 30PLUS Excavator

This is one of the most popular construction equipment models in the excavator category. Rightly so, this JCB machine comes with an operating weight of 2870 kg.

Subsequently, this functionality helps deliver high output at construction & mining sites. In addition, the engine can generate up to 25 HP. This suggests that the excavator is best suited for being deployed for small-scale projects.

Apart from a decent lifting capacity, the machine boasts 70 LPM of hydraulic system. Moreover, the 0.07 cum of bucket capacity streamlines materials carriage, eliminating any hassle.

Most importantly, the excavator can dig as deep as 3050 mm into the ground. This functionality specifically aids in tasks like digging, building foundations, etc.

JCB 2DX Backhoe Loader

This model from the same brand has become one of the top-selling loaders for construction. To illustrate, the machine features a spectacular lifting capacity. This consequently helps operators load heavy materials in one go.

The equipment further increases work productivity with its backhoe bucket. The limit for the same is 2 cubic meters. Therefore, the cabin operators can easily store complex materials & carry them from one place to another.

Besides, this JCB backhoe loader can reach a full height of 790 mm. As a result, this feature is responsible for the increased efficiency of the construction equipment.

So, if you’re handling a small-scale project, go for the JCB 2DX. However, if your requirement is that of an excavator, then JCB 30 Plus is the right choice. Also, you can visit InfraJunction to learn more about these machinery.

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