How to Pick the Right Finish and Quality of Interior Paint


ThisEvery home painting project is different as it involves both the interior and exterior. Also, homeowners need to work with different varieties of paint suitable for different surfaces. For example, the quality of paint necessary for exterior surfaces is different than for the ones used on interior walls. Besides, there are aesthetic references that vary depending on the choice of the property owner, property type, and its intended purpose. As a result, paint manufacturers offer a wide range of colors in every type of paint through interior paint store in KY Lexington.

Factors to consider at the time of selecting paint colors
• Cost is typically one of the greatest considerations when it comes to long-lasting home paint. One must always remember that if the price is too low they get what they pay for.
• Picking high-quality paints is always helpful in improving the overall quality of the project as it looks fantastic and also protects the surface for a long duration.
• Exposure to sunlight and other elements of nature will eventually diminish the color and finish of the paint. With high-quality paint, it is likely to stay bright and shiny for a long time.

Things to know before starting a home painting project
Paint in general serves various purposes and one of them is protecting the surfaces. It adds years to the life of a structure made out of concrete, wood, metal, etc. Another critical factor is aesthetics. Hence finding the right color is necessary to improve the appearance of a home. Adding a fresh layer of paint can completely transform the overall appeal of a home.
So when it comes to finding the right kind of paint the task gets even more difficult as the manufacturers use different terminologies. Paint usually constitutes of the base, binder, pigment, thinner, and a combination of additives. Moreover, there are over 20 different varieties of paint designs for specific applications. Hence it is important to find a reliable interior paint store in KY Lexington as the guide in choosing the right quality of paint.

Following are some of the important factors that one must keep in mind when purchasing paint:
Different varieties of paints
Some painting projects may require latex paint giving out a certain finish. On the other hand, there is an application that required enamle paint with a glossy or matte finish. Similarly painting on concrete surfaces required water-based paint whereas metals oil-based paints are used. Having a clear knowledge of what type of paint suits particular needs ensure that the project gets completed without any issues.

Durability and shelf life of the paint
Commonly known as pot life it indicates how long the paint will adhere to the surface. Another factor to consider is the time it takes for the paint to be gone double in thickness. It is something that is observed when the paint starts drying.

Most type of paint has an excellent sheen when it is wet. However, the true shininess of the paint comes out when it is dry. In the painting industry, there are different varieties of sheen and each is suitable for a different purpose. Also the quality and sheen vary depending on the brand.

Deepness of the paint color
Rich and deep colors have a substantial impact on the quality of paint. It is because some varieties of paint can hold the deepness better than other qualities of paint. This factor is particularly crucial when using exterior paint.

Binding strength
The pigment present in the paint is combined with a binding agent so that it can stick to a surface. The type of binder used for the purpose determines the overall quality. Typically oil paints contain binders that are different from water and latex-based means.

All-in-one primers
The choice of primer typically compliments the pigment of the paint that is likely to go on top of it. Primer helps seal the surface giving it a more stable place for the paint. Also, it makes certain that the paint stays longer.

Paint fumes
Paints contain chemicals and volatile organic compounds that are released in the form of fumes. Is characterized by a strong odor, and is usually unhealthy. It means that for specific facilities the presence of chemical compounds should be minimal. Currently, there are zero VOC paints available for particular applications.

Brand preference
It is important to understand that the quality of paint can vary significantly depending on the brand. So it is good to work with a trustworthy interior paint store in KY Lexington that knows different brands.

Before starting any project it is critical to be over the different qualities of paint. Also, open must take into consideration the type of surface and other related factors.
Different categories of paint finishes :

Eggshell finish
This type of paint finish does not reflect sufficient light. It is a good option for those trying to hide imperfections on the wall.  is a preferred choice in places where using glossy paint would require a lot of repair work before painting. It is a lot more long-lasting than matte paint.

Matte finish
Matte finish paint is usually flat and there is no Sheen after the paint dries. Such type of paint is mostly used to create Deep and bold spaces. However, the durability of the paint is compromised hence suitable for areas with low traffic. Matte finish paint is a good choice for hiding stains on the wall or other surfaces.

Satin finish
A skilled painter must apply satin finish paint to make the surface look flawless. This quality of paint is less forgiving and will highlight even the slightest flaws in the wall.

High gloss paint
Surfaces that require a high reflective finish should always use high gloss paint. Also, it is the most durable type of paint and is easy to clean. However, any kind of surface imperfection becomes visible after the application of high gloss paint.

Understanding the differences between interior and exterior paint
While both interior and exterior paint is quite similar there are some notable differences between the two. For instance, manufacturers design some varieties of interior paints for easy cleaning. Similarly, they prepare exterior paint in a way that enables it to withstand the elements of nature without sustaining significant damage. One major difference between the two is the quality of the resin. The quantity of pigment and type of binding resin plays an important role in mining the grade of paint.

The emerging trend of whole-house interior paint
When it comes to select in colors finding a few for the interior seems to be an overwhelming task. Whether it is a DIY project or involves professionals a lot of time and effort goes into painting. Setting the interior with the perfect whole house color means that it will become a perfect backdrop for other decorative elements.
Owners must always take sufficient time to decide whether they wish to pick one color for every corner of their home. Some choose to use a single color for open spaces like the living room dining room or kitchen. For bathrooms, bedrooms, and other spaces inside the house, people prefer a coordinating color palette.  Working with a single color palette for the whole interior is a bit difficult. However, it adds the essence of low contrast when walking across the rooms.

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Checking the effect of light on a particular paint
Empty painting homes do not give a clear idea of the light effects. It can become a major challenge if one ends up picking the wrong color. For example colours like warm grey for all the open spaces in the house. They are likely to find paint swatches during the afternoon. Again the exposure of the room has a role to play in complementing the wall colors. In such cases, it is best to find colors that have very little undertone.

Undertones best avoided
Experts usually recommend avoiding undertones like strong blue and yellow when choosing a whole house paint color.  The use of blue color makes the interior look dull and cold. Similarly yellow can complement colors like white. However, it is best avoided for whole home paint.
Blue undertone paint suits perfectly for bedrooms and bathrooms. Likewise yellow is suitable for spaces that have adequate lighting.

Popular colors for whole-house paint
Neutral paint colors are the best for a cool house color theme. One can also look for shades of white and Earth tones.
White and neutrals have certain challenges at the time of painting. One needs to be able to correctly find the dominant undertone before applying the paint. To work around this issue it is best to choose warmer whites and neutrals. This makes any cool light effect and warm light will not completely fade away the color.

To make the most out of a painting project is important to find the right interior paint store in KY Lexington. An expert can provide the right kind of guidance to every client and walk them through the details of every project. Most importantly exterior paint store in the USA help in understanding the different qualities of paint and find the one that will be suitable for their intended purpose.



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