How to Create a Classified Business App like Dubizzle?

How to Create a Classified Business App like Dubizzle?

Since advertisements have no longer remained the same, businesses are relying on modern practices and putting their advertisements to none other than the Internet.

Among all the types of ads people prefer today, classified ads get the most attention. This type is very clear, crisp, and concise in terms of content, and various entrepreneurs utilize their time while buying and selling products and services on platforms like Dubizzle.

It is the marketplace of classified ads that lets businesses target potential customers and users. Also, it consists of different categories like electronics and clothing from which we can pick. As the use of classified apps is increasing, businesses are taking a great interest in utilizing this opportunity and creating their own app while consulting with an Android/ iPhone app development company.

If you are thinking about building this app, jumping straight to this guide is what you must do.

Features to Integrate while Developing an App like Dubizzle

To build an app like Dubizzle, you must first learn about its features that make it great among all the competition. So, what are you waiting for?

Just take a deep dive and unveil the potential of Dubizzel with these features:

Social Media Login

Today, instead of providing a conventional way to users for login, ensure to let them log in automatically with their social media, Gmail, and other IDs because it feels time-saving and convenient.

Profile Management

Let your user control their profiles so they can instantly modify and update the information like profile pictures, chat, phone number, description, chat, etc.

Preferred Location

Every app asks for location access from its users. So, instead of asking them to fill in the location manually, let them do it with the help of Google Maps. This way, users will enjoy a hassle-free method.

Upload Images

The features will help businesses to upload the image of a product they want to sell because without seeing the pictures, buyers will not make a buying decision. So, that’s what you need to care for and provide a seamless way for your end-users, i.e., businesses.


An app like Dubizzle consists of various categories; therefore, you must include as many categories as possible to let the end-users distinguish between services, products, furniture, properties, etc.


Selling cannot be done without information about a product, so you must include photos, videos, descriptions, pricing, uses, and benefits that compel the buyers to purchase that product.

Connection with Buyers

This is yet another tremendous feature that you should not forget to include. To ensure that you have more and more visitors to your digital solution, this feature is necessary that connect the seller with the buyers, present goods and services, resolve queries, and schedule a call and meeting.

Progressive Searching

Not just with search features, but customers must also be provided with a way to apply filters and change their preferences and choices for better results. Contact a dynamic iPhone or Android app development company to integrate this feature into your digital solution.

Push Notifications

These notifications are famous for their ability to help in customer engagement and retention. While integrating push notifications, you can send your users messages about updates, payments, new arrivals, special discounts, rewards, ongoing campaigns, and product queries.

In-app Chat

Customers who have specific queries about your products can use the in-app chat feature and get resolved their doubts right away. You can also integrate AI-enabled ChatGPT to make the most of the in-app chat and improve efficient communication.

In-app Payment

How can we forget the payment?

It is essential to integrate the payment option while utilizing payment gateways like Stripe, Paypal, etc. Well, a fintech app development company with all the skills to make it happen can do this for you. Don’t forget to connect with the leading experts creating tech-driven solutions.


Just like we wishlist our favorite items on eCommerce stores like Amazon to buy in the future, what about having that same feature in this app category too?

It will bring more convenience to your end-users. So, let them keep an eye on their preferred items by using the wishlist feature.

Reviews and Feedback

Instead of all these that we have mentioned, what’s more, critical for us is to provide a space for the buyers to review the product they have purchased recently. This will establish a transparent picture of various sellers registered there, and buyers, who are new to the platform, can simply get a look at all those reviews before making any decision.

The Right Procedure to Develop an App Like Dubizzle

Now that you understand the feature of Dubizzle, it’s time to proceed ahead and learn what states you need to go through to develop an app like Dubizzle.

Market Research

First, you need to start with market research and an in-depth market survey because this will let you know about your targeted audiences, their choices, and preferences, and you can work to cater to all their requirements and needs.

App Designing

What you need to do next is design your app in a way that users will attract to it by looking at its intuitive and dynamic templates. Don’t forget to look at the market trends before choosing an app design for your digital solution.

App Development

Whether it’s designing or app development, your top technical partner will help you utilize the top tech trends and UI/UX strategic approaches. If you want to develop this app for iOS devices, then a leading iOS app development company will help you in many more ways. Don’t forget to join hands with them.

To Sum it Up!

So, this is the answer to how you can develop an app like Dubizzle. The post has covered every feature you must integrate and the steps that lead you ahead in the app development journey. However, we are here to provide support and assistance if you still have any queries you want us to resolve. Get in touch today and move to cloud nine with our guidance.

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