Few tried and tested tips on office carpet cleaning and maintenance

Few tried and tested tips on office carpet cleaning and maintenance

Carpets that are laid out in offices have to deal with high volumes of foot traffic. Employees, acquaintances, courier delivery guys and even admin staffs and occasional guests tread over the carpets at least 5 days a week. They bring in all kinds of dirt, debris, dust, contaminants, germs and microbes in their shoes. Thus office carpets are more prone to get soiled and dirty. Then there will be dead skin cells, fallen hair follicles, food crumbs and coffee spills that these carpets have to take in as well. Because of all these reasons carpets in offices are often dull and grimy.

Cleaning office carpets are usually done by professionals although one can do it the DIY method if one wants. However it is important to mention that as far as general maintenance and upkeep are concerned DIY is fine. But commercial carpet cleaners can deep clean office carpets to make them look fresh and new.

Use of carpet broom to clean carpets

A carpet broom is a tried and tested tool that helps getting rid of dirt from surface area of a carpet. Sweep a carpet with a carpet broom to know its level of efficiency. As such the range of brooms is designed in such a way that it easily reaches deep within the fibres of a carpet. Thus bringing out grime and dirt from the depths of carpet fibres is no big deal for this category of brooms, explain trained and experienced professionals providing the service of office carpet cleaning in London over the years. Simply sweeping carpets as a part of a standard office cleaning regimen can do wonders. It minimises grime accumulated on the carpet surface. This grime accumulation if left as it is easily leads to staining along with health related problems and allergies.

You need some amount of elbow grease while sweeping to remove dirt, debris and hair trapped within carpet fibres. Usually carpet brooms come with attachments. These attachments are meant for cleaner sweeping. The task of removing dirt and debris from deeper carpet fibres becomes easier and more effective because of those attachments. You should work in small cleaning areas at a time. it is better to use a dustpan to collect the dirt. When you make use of a dust pan disposal of the dirt is much easier.

Regular use of vacuum to clean carpets

Whether it is in an office or a home vacuuming a carpet is your first step to remove grime and dirt build-ups. If possible you can vacuum your office carpet every day. It proves helpful getting rid of the loose debris from the carpet surface. Regular vacuuming also proves helpful in not allowing dirt from reaching deeper into the fibres of the carpet. According to experts regular vacuuming of carpets helps removing nearly 80% dirt that gets trapped within the fibres.

While vacuuming carpets you should set the suction power of the gadget within the range of 270 to 350 AW.  You should also use the vacuum with flooring attachments. Usually you will find bristled ends in the majority of flooring attachments. This is meant to brush out the dirt from the depths of carpet fibres. In the opinion of professionals you should clean office carpets in the normal manner as you would with a vacuum cleaner. High traffic areas of a carpet need to be vacuumed every day. When the low traffic areas are concerned you can do that on a weekly basis. Usually it is seen that weekly cleaning of low traffic areas of a carpet proves sufficient to maintain cleanliness.

Cleaning office carpets with baking soda

If dirt is iron then baking soda is magnet. In other words baking soda works magic in attracting dirt. It not only attracts dirt but also clumps them together. Thus when you make use of baking soda even the clean up proves much easier says an expert dealing in office carpet cleaning near me London. How does baking soda work wonders? This is an important question and a lot of custmer are interested to know the answer. Actually baking soda works wonders with help of static electricity that is already present in your carpet. Static electricity pulls out dirt from the depth of carpet fibres. It also clumps the dirt particles to the granules of baking soda. In order to apply baking soda to clean your carpet you can either sprinkle the dry powder or prepare a paste by mixing it with any suitable liquid.

How to Choose the Best Carpet Cleaning Company for Your Business

How will you prepare a paste or solution with baking soda to apply on your carpet? Take a packet of baking soda and a bottle of vinegar. Mix the two until they form a paste. Apply the paste on the stained areas of your carpet surface. Then allow the paste enough time to settle. Once the paste becomes dry, run the vacuum and clean your carpet. Using dry baking soda is even easier. All you have to do is sprinkle generous quantity of baking soda on a carpet surface. Let is settle for some time. After about half an hour or so, vacuum up the carpet to make it appear clean, fresh and bright.

Now let us discuss few tips to keep office carpet clean and fresh.

How to keep office carpets clean

Finally you manage to get your office carpet looking clean, fresh and bright again. Now it is time to maintain its cleanliness as long as it is possible. Here are few tips to help you keeping your office carpet clean and fresh longer.

  • First of all stop frequent use of carpet cleaning solutions. These products fray the carpet fibres and also loosen the adhesive. Thus your carpet becomes aged and worn out faster.
  • Take action against spills on your carpets immediately without any delay. Immediate action on spills lessens the chances of staining.
  • Try to redirect foot traffic from stained and dirty areas of a carpet. This helps to avoid spreading of grime all over the surface area of your carpet.
  • Clean office carpets using vacuum cleaners regularly. Alternatively you can use a carpet broom.
  • When a carpet is undergoing cleaning process it is important to minimise foot traffic on it as much as possible.
  • Boost employees to take the Clean As You Go initiative every day before leaving office.
  • In addition to the tips mentioned above experts working at Vip Carpet Cleaning London Ltd suggest you must schedule professional cleaning of your office carpets every six months.

Clean carpets facilitate a healthy and hygienic environment. Moreover it also contributes to maintaining a professional and competent atmosphere within the office space.



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