Exporting Windows Live Mail to Outlook

Windows Live Mail and Viewpoint are both email client programs created by Microsoft, yet they fill various needs and are much of the time utilized in various settings. Here is a short prologue to each:

Windows Live Mail:

Windows Live Mail was a free email client that was important for the Windows Live Basics set-up of utilizations. It was intended for individual use and gave essential email usefulness, including the capacity to send and get messages, oversee contacts, and coordinate your inbox.

Microsoft Viewpoint:

Microsoft Viewpoint is a more thorough and proficient email client that is essential for the Microsoft Office suite. It’s accessible both as an independent application. Standpoint offers a great many elements past email the board, including schedule usefulness, task the executives, contact association, note-taking, and reconciliation with different other Microsoft administrations.

Ways Of opening EML record Information on Viewpoint

There are multiple ways of opening an EML record information on Viewpoint:

1. Intuitive: Find the EML record on your PC and essentially simplified it onto the Standpoint window. This will open the email in another window inside Viewpoint.

2. Import: In Standpoint, go to “Record” > “Open and Commodity” > “Import/Product”. Pick “Import Web Mail and Addresses” and snap “Next”. Select “Viewpoint Express or Windows Live Mail” and snap “Next” once more. Peruse for the EML record and follow the prompts to finish the import interaction.

3. Utilize an outsider converter instrument: There are different outsider programming accessible that can change over EML records to PST (Standpoint’s local document design). These instruments permit you to import EML documents straightforwardly into Standpoint.

4. Forward the EML document: Assuming you have an email client that upholds EML records, you can advance the email to your Standpoint account. This will really open the EML record in Standpoint as a standard email.

A Manual Interaction Commodity Windows Live Mail to Standpoint

Trading messages from Windows Live Mail to Standpoint includes a few manual advances. Kindly note that the cycle could shift somewhat relying upon the variants of Windows Live Mail and Viewpoint you are utilizing. Here is a general manual for help you through the cycle:

Stage 1: Plan Windows Live Mail

Open Windows Live Mail: Send off Windows Live Mail on your PC.

Make an Envelope: Make another envelope in Windows Live Mail to coordinate the messages you need to trade. You can refer to it as “Product to Viewpoint” or some other reasonable name.

Move Messages: Simplified the messages you need to trade into the recently made organizer. Ensure these are the messages you need to move to Standpoint.

Stage 2: Commodity Messages from Windows Live Mail

Trade Messages: Windows Live Mail gives a product choice to save messages in the EML design.

a. Click on the “Document” menu in Windows Live Mail.
b. Select “Product” and afterward pick “Email messages.”
c. Pick “Microsoft Windows Live Mail” as the arrangement and snap “Next.”
d. Peruse to where you need to save the sent out messages. Make another envelope for this reason.
e. Click “Next” and afterward “Finish” to begin the product interaction.

Stage 3: Import Messages into Viewpoint

Duplicate Sent out Envelope: In the event that you utilized a USB drive or distributed storage to move the traded organizer, duplicate it to the PC where Viewpoint is introduced.

Open Standpoint: Send off Point of view toward your PC.
Import Messages:

a. Click on the “Record” tab in Viewpoint.
b. Select “Open and Commodity” > “Import/Product.”
c. Pick “Import from another program or record” and snap “Next.”
d. Select “Standpoint Information Record (.pst)” and snap “Next.”
e. Peruse to where you saved the traded envelope and select the EML records.
f. Pick a possibility for dealing with copies (you can normally choose “Permit copies to be made” or “Don’t import copies”) and snap “Next.”
g. Select the objective envelope in your Viewpoint where you need to import the messages (you can pick a current organizer or make another one).
h. Click “Next” and afterward “Finish” to begin the import cycle.

Moves toward Follow for Change with proficient EML to PST Exporter

To change over EML documents to PST design utilizing WholeClear EML to PST Exporter, follow the means beneath:

1. Download and introduce WholeClear EML to PST Exporter programming on your framework.
2. Send off the product by double tapping on its symbol.
3. Click on the “Add Record” or “Add Envelope” button to add EML documents that you need to switch over completely to PST design. You can likewise relocate the EML records into the product interface.
4. The product will show a see of all the additional EML documents on the screen. You can choose explicit documents that you need to change over or pick all records for transformation.
5. In the wake of choosing the documents, click on the “Convert” button to begin the change cycle.
6. The product will start changing over EML records to PST design. You can screen the advancement of the transformation cycle on the screen.
7. When the change is finished, the product will show a message affirming the fruitful transformation.
8. Click on the “Save” button to save the changed over PST records at your ideal area on the framework.
9. The product will save the changed over PST records at the predetermined area. You can now get to the changed over records in PST design utilizing Microsoft Standpoint.


Generally speaking, a third part is one of the most mind-blowing options in contrast to manual answers for trading Windows Live Mail to Point of view toward Another PC. You can share your experience about the device on the off chance that you have introduced it.By following these means , you can without much of a stretch proselyte EML documents to PST design utilizing EML to PST Exporter. Make a point to have the product introduced on your framework to play out the change successfully.The relocation has not brought about any extra information misfortune. Your changed information is safely kept up with. clients can basically peruse the resultant Unicode PST document in MS Viewpoint 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, and so forth. Also, this toolbox can work successfully on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, and others.



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