Exploring the Latest Trends in Floor Tile Showrooms


Upgrading any flooring is a huge investment, and you need to be highly conscious while choosing the right floor tiles for your spaces, especially about the look and feel of the new flooring. Every floor tile showroom offers hundreds of floor tile choices, but if you are looking for trending designs, you should reach out to any well-recognised tiles showroom in Daltonganj. Before that, check out the latest floor tile trends given below. 

Latest Floor Tile Trends to Explore 

Warm-Toned Tile Flooring

Wooden flooring has always been an admired choice among people, thanks to its natural charm and refined looks. However, natural timber being highly expensive, people have shifted their focus to wooden tiles, especially the ones with warm tones. Honey-toned or warm-shaded wooden tiles are great for adding a cosy, warm feel to a space. These tiles are slightly darker than the blonde wooden tiles versions. Because of their classic colour, these floor tile designs are trending in the flooring market in India and are likely to remain in trend in the coming decades as well. 

Neutral Tile Flooring 

Contemporary interior designs heavily prefer neutral tones, and that’s why you may find most modern spaces have a neutral-toned floor look. Neutral tone tiles can serve as a visual foundation for all the decor elements to stand out. Whether you prefer a neat, minimalist appearance or want to infuse bright and vibrant colours into walls, neutral floor tiles can always complement them. They offer a warm and homely feel to your space while creating an illusion of more space. Plus, they come in a large variety, which you can easily explore if you visit any good tiles showroom in Daltonganj. 

Blonde Wood-Effect Tile Floors 

Blonde wood-effect tiles are another trending design in wooden floor tile options. These tiles are perfect for homeowners seeking floor tiles with wooden effects to deliver natural timber’s warmth and classic look to their space affordably. Because of their blonde colour, these floor tiles make spaces appear larger and more spacious, especially if you opt for wooden planks which are often offered at any good floor tile showroom in your city. With high reliability and low maintenance features, these wood-effect floor tiles can be the best addition to your space, making it more welcoming and functional. 

Herringbone and Chevron Floor Tile Designs 

Herringbone and chevron patterns are classic, and they are great for adding character and distinctiveness to floorings. Lately, these tile designs have become quite popular for offering a standout, luxury, timeless floor look. The herringbone pattern features rectangular pieces of equal sizes, arranged in a zigzag layout. Whereas the chevron pattern has a V-shaped layout which is achieved by laying planks at a 45°. Both these patterns are available in tiles with readymade designs, making them easier to lay. You can visit any nearby trusted tile shop to explore some floor tile options with these patterns. 

Natural Stone Look Tile Flooring 

If you love the visual appeal of natural stones, you no longer have to lay natural stones only in your dreams. You can easily infuse the natural soothing feel of natural stone into your space without spending a fortune by using natural stone tiles. From travertine to limestone, natural stone tiles come in every possible design that you may look for in natural stones, but at just a fraction of the cost. This is what has made them a hot trend in the flooring market. 

Multicoloured Tile Flooring

If you are someone with a free spirit and wish to make a statement with your floor design, multicoloured floor tiles are the right choice for you. Even though traditional tiles mostly come with the same shade, multicoloured floor tiles, like patterned, geometric, or weathered wooden tiles, have unique designs that portray a variation of colours, offering you a stunning combination of a modern and traditional look. You can visit any trusted tiles showroom in Daltonganj with an excellent display of multicoloured tiles to find the most appropriate floor tile design for your space. 

Explore the Orientbell Tiles showroom in Daltonganj for an extensive collection of top-quality tiles. From stylish ceramics to robust vitrified options, discover the perfect tiles to enhance any space. With exceptional designs and durability, Orientbell Tiles offers unparalleled choices to elevate your home or commercial projects in Daltonganj.

Mesmerising Mosaic Floor Tile Designs

If you are looking for a floor tile design that sets your space apart or something out of the box, you can try mosaic tiles. Whether you choose matte porcelain mosaic floor tiles for your bathroom or an artistic mosaic mural for your hallway, these tiles are surely going to make your visitors turn their heads. These floor tile designs feature intricate patterns, offering visual interest to your flooring. They can add texture and refinement to any space, making them a trending floor tile option to create a creative and luxurious floor look. 

Matte Floor Tiles 

Matte floor tiles are selling like hotcakes in the market. Thanks to their ability to offer sleek and stylish looks to modern spaces, they have gained immense popularity in recent years. That’s why interior designers and homeowners are keen to buy these trending floor tile options. You can also think of laying them in your space and letting their soft, understated look achieve a calm and tranquil ambience. Moreover, thanks to their matte finish, they offer a comfortable experience while walking. 

Pattern Tile Flooring 

Why don’t you consider laying pattern tiles? These trending tiles excel in elevating the visual impact of any space. Whether you love bold and dramatic patterns or more subdued motifs, the pattern tiles can offer a unique sense of visual appeal and style to your room. You can reach out to any floor tile showroom near you to explore a range of pattern tiles to upgrade your floor look. So, whether you plan to install new tiles or replace the existing ones, pattern floor tiles can be less complicated to lay compared to other materials like wood or stone. 


If you want to upgrade your flooring, visit a trusted tiles showroom in Daltonganj, like Orientbell Tiles Boutique and explore an exquisite range of trending floor tiles on display.



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