Explore the beauty and versatility of traditional interior tiles


While planning to liven up your existing space or create a new one, you should consider infusing traditional interior tiles into your space as they come with an everlasting design that can stand the test of time. These tile designs have been used for several centuries to elevate the look and feel of spaces. So, whether you are creating a new look for your kitchen, living room, or bedroom, you should consider exploring the beauty and versatility of traditional tiles available at any reputed tiles shop in Kolkata. 

Infusion of Traditional Tiles to Beautify Interior Decors

Embracing Simplicity 

One of the basic features of traditional tiles is their minimalism and simplicity. They often come with clean lines and geometric patterns and in soft tones. You can create a tranquil and understated ambience in your interiors with these tile options. Because of their simple look and feel, these tile options are versatile and can effortlessly blend with diverse interior design styles, be they contemporary or classic. So, whether you wish to create a traditional feel or provide a modern and sleek look to your interior settings, you should think of infusing the beauty of traditional tiles to liven up your space decor. You can use them to create a stunning backdrop in any room to inject character and sophistication into the room. Also, the soft tones of the tiles are ideal for creating a seamless look, creating an impression of a larger space. 

A Timeless Colour Palette 

Traditional interior tiles are known for their everlasting charming colours. Colours like white, cream, and grey are the most common colours that are used to inject a classic feel into any interior decor. Homeowners or architects prefer these neutral tones because they serve as an empty canvas, allowing other decor elements to shine under the limelight. Plus, these light-toned tiles can be easily paired with any tile colour, ranging from dark tones like black to bright tones like red.

For example, you can combine neutral-toned tiles or tiles in soothing hues for bathroom walls with bright, contrasting-toned floor tiles to inject a sense of premium-ness and boost visual impact in the bathroom. So, if you want to give your space a timeless look that never goes out of style, you should consider traditional tile designs in neutral tones. 

Versatile Patterns

The versatility of traditional tile designs is remarkable. After all, thanks to the versatile options available in any good tiles shop in Kolkata, you get a chance to experiment with different tile designs and styles that will showcase your personality and style. Also, you can find a perfect balance between traditional and modern tile designs while combining different tile options. Thanks to the digital printing technology used in the tile industry, you can even customise tile designs and take things to the next level by transforming any space into your dream landscape.

You can explore a wide range of printed tile patterns and designs inspired by traditional eye-striking patterns and designs like chevron, basketweave, herringbone, and so on. These traditional patterns can add depth to any space while upgrading its aesthetics. Also, they play significant roles in creating captivating accent walls that can stand the test of time while remaining striking enough to grab attention. Discover exquisite tile collections at our premier tiles shop in Kolkata. Transform your space with a myriad of designs, from classic elegance to contemporary flair. Browse through a vast selection of premium quality tiles, expertly crafted to enhance your home or business. Elevate your interiors with our unparalleled tile offerings today.

Enhancing Architectural Features 

If you infuse traditional interior tiles strategically into your interior decor, you can elevate the captivating element of your interiors. This is because these tiles are perfect for highlighting the distinct architectural features of your space, creating a cohesive design scheme that will never disappoint you. For example, you can use mosaic tile designs to add an elegant touch to your hallway while using a soft-toned wooden tile variant, with warm and welcoming appeal, for living room and bedroom flooring. Not only do traditional tiles possess an old-world charm but also are durable and provide ease of maintenance. So, you should consider laying traditional tiles on your accent walls or the walls serving as the backdrop for your bed, furniture, or any other decor element, delivering a luxurious and timeless appeal to the space. 

Mixing Tradition with Modernity 

Another great advantage of using traditional interior tiles is their capacity to easily blend into any modern decor style. These tile designs can bridge the gap between past decor styles and present trends to create a sense of balance within the interiors. That’s why these tiles are perfect for combining traditions with modernity. For example, you can pair a traditional tile pattern like white subway tiles on the kitchen backsplash with sleek metal-finish kitchen appliances, creating a stunning kitchen look that combines the best of both worlds. Also, by combining traditional tiles with modern-day items, you can infuse a sense of retro-ness in your interiors with fresh and trending aesthetics. 

Ways to Use Traditional Tiles in Interiors 

  • Transform Your Living Room: Add traditional wall tiles like mosaic or subway tiles to create a feature wall that reflects your personality. 
  • Extend Tiles to Your Balcony: Consider outdoor tiles in traditional designs like terracotta tiles that can withstand the weather and design a beautiful balcony. 
  • Luxurious Staircase: Go for small tiles of different colours or patterns and combine them to achieve a functional and captivating staircase look. Or, consider premium marble tiles with a sophisticated finish. 
  • Upgrade Your Home Office: Opt for vibrant mosaic tiles for a vibrant accent wall with neutral-toned large slab floor tiles to add charm and style to your working space. 
  • Decorate Your Bedroom: Consider traditional interior tiles with timeless appeals like marble tiles to transform your ordinary bedroom into a luxe haven of cosiness and comfort. 


By incorporating traditional interior tiles, you can provide a look to your interiors that never goes out of style. So, reach out to a good tiles shop in Kolkata, like Orientbell Tiles Boutique, to make your space decor remain relevant and appealing for several years to come.



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