Explainer Videos: The Key to Simplifying Complex Concepts

Animated Explainer Video Services

Videos are of different types, and explainer videos or video explainers are one of those types. Video explainers allow you to easily grab the audience’s attention via animated content, in particular. They are also great for explaining complex concepts to the target audience.

In this post, we are going to tell you about how video explainers serve as the key to simplifying concepts.

Prevalent Characteristics of Professional Explainer Videos

The two prevalent characteristics of professional explainer videos are the following:

  1. They combine audio and visual elements.
  2. In addition, they are short and also to-the-point.

The Powerful Explainer Video – How It Works?

An explainer video has the power to not only evoke the auditory sense but also the visual sense. Such a capability of this video type doubles its impact. On average, people can retain 20% of the information after hearing. However, the aforementioned percentage increases to 70% when people receive information via audio-visuals. Animated Explainer Video Services contain audio as well as visual; by the same token, they prove very effective.

Put differently, video explainers are effective for explaining complex concepts for the reason they entail audio and visual.  They have the power to present information in a way, that is, straight to-the-point. Not to mention, these videos are short, in general, which also makes them a handy resource for explaining complex topics. Now, the question is: Why is an explainer video short, not long and detailed?

An explainer video is short not long because the human world is gravitating towards concision. The attention span of viewers is short today, which also makes a video explainer an effective tool to communicate information.

An explainer video has the power to explain complex concepts in a simple way. Plus, they are short and engaging to watch. All of these things make video explainers a powerful tool for effectively communicating complex topics in a simple manner.

How Do Images in Explainer Videos Help Simplify Complex Topics?

Let us dive into the visual aspects a little further. Familiar images with unfamiliar information help us acquire new knowledge. What we mean to say is that it helps us effectively get information that the video maker wants to communicate to us. Not to mention, images in the best explainer videos leave us with a much better idea to understand complex information.
Moreover, moving images, in particular, get our attention and let us process the information instantaneously. It aids us in understanding in two ways, which have mentioned below:

  • Firstly, it lets us engage with the video content.
  • Then, a large part of our brain starts processing the visual information.

Put differently, watching a video explainer lets our brain identify images and make relevant connections subsequently. It is also how images in a video explainer help us better understand complex concepts. Put differently, you can communicate complex ideas with a video explainer with maximum efficiency because they heavily employ images.

Video Explainers Are Great for Learning

Video explainers are great when it comes to simplifying concepts to make the audience understand them. They are also short, which makes them an instant learning vehicle. Not to mention, reading texts take a long time as compared to information communicated via images. You can take an example of infographics in this regard, which reduces essential information to a bare minimum. Infographics video explainers have such potential because they use images and a few words.

Moreover, the images and diagrams in infographics videos make learning easier for the target audience. Any ideas what will you get if you add movement and audio to the infographics? You will get a video explainer. However, there are many types of video explainers than just infographics. For instance, there are live-action, motion graphics, whiteboard animation, and 3D animated explainers.

Furthermore, animated explainers are excellent tools when it comes to communicating information via storytelling. You can get viewers emotionally involved with your video if it entails storytelling. Storytelling is what also takes video explainers to a whole different level as a medium for learning.

You can even utilize video explainers to your advantage to simplify complex concepts for your audience. Besides, simplifying concepts is not the only benefit of these videos, there are more, too.

Diverse Benefits of an Explainer Video

In addition to simplifying concepts, the following are also the noticeable benefits of an explainer video:

✔      It conveys information while appealing to viewers’ emotions visually via images, music, and voice-overs.

✔      An animated explainer on a website can substantially boost user traffic on it.

✔      It is great for improving the SEO efforts of the business.

✔      Moreover, an animated explainer is affordable to create; thus, it proves cost-effective for the business.

✔      It is easily shareable, too.

✔      An explainer video can widen a business reach and increase its visibility.

✔      In addition, it aids businesses in effectively selling products or services without being salesy.

How to Create a One-of-a-Kind Explainer Video for Your Business

Now you know what video explainers are capable of. It is time you know how to create one for your business. Hiring a professional video animation agency will certainly help you create a one-of-a-kind explainer video for your business. Furthermore, keeping the following things in mind will help you in this regard well, too:

  1. Understand your target audience and your need for creating an explainer video.
  2. Choose the right video style. For instance, whiteboard animation is great for learning purposes.
  3. Come up with a killer script that your chosen video animation agency can help you create, too.
  4. Choose a professional voice-over for your video that should resonate with your audience.
  5. Make sure that your chosen video animation company understands what you are after. It will aid you in getting the final product as per your desire.


An explainer video allows you to easily grab your audience’s attention. You can effectively convey complex information via it. Moreover, explainer videos are the key when it comes to simplifying complex concepts. It is because they entail audio-visual, are short, and to-the-point. Familiar images with unfamiliar information in these videos make us easily acquire information via them. Video explainers are great for learning, and they offer other benefits, too. Such as they are easily shareable, widen the business reach and increase visibility, etc. Lastly, you can create a one-of-a-kind explainer video for your business if you hire a video animation agency for it

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Effective Are Explainer Videos?

A1. Humans can digest visual information 60,000 times faster than text. For the same reason, explainer videos have the power to effectively communicate complex information in a short amount of time. Owing to their appeal, conciseness, and to-the-point nature, they prove very effective for explaining the products or services of businesses.

Q2. Are Explainer Videos Always Animated?

A2. An explainer video is not always animated, as live-action video explainers also exist. Still, animated video explainers are what businesses often invest in because of their appeal and cost-effectiveness. Put simply, the two main types of video explainers include animated and live-action videos.

Q3. What Are the Benefits of an Explainer Videos?

A3. The benefits of an explainer video are manifold, which we have summarized below:

  1. An explainer video can engagingly showcase to the audience how the product or service of the business works.
  2. It can effectively convey complex ideas to the target audience.
  3. An explainer video is fun to watch, shareable, plus helps viewers retain most of the information.

Q4. What Is the Structure of an Explainer Video?

A4. The structure of an explainer video is as follows:

  1. The Problem
  2. The Solution
  3. How Does It Work? (Product or Service)
  4. A CTA (Call to Action)

Q5. What Is the Purpose of an Explainer Video?

A5. The purpose of an explainer video is to mainly explain, such as showcasing how products or services of businesses work. Besides, individuals and businesses also use explainer videos for explaining complex concepts besides sales and marketing purposes.



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