How Do I Change Excel Contact File to a vCard Format?


Are you trying to find a way to convert an Excel file to the vCard format? You are in the right place if you belong to that group. In this article, we’ve covered a number of ways to convert Excel files to vCards and identified the best one. For a trustworthy solution, continue reading this article.

Many customers were experiencing the same difficulty. This process only requires a few clicks, however some users failed because they lacked the necessary technical understanding. No need for concern! In this article, we’ll cover the finest automatic option as well as two manual procedures, which you can choose depending on your needs.



What exactly is an Excel file (xls or xlsx)?

Developed by Microsoft Excel, an Excel file is a type of file. When using Microsoft Excel 2003 or later, these files have the “.xls” and “.xlsx” extensions, respectively. Spreadsheets are used to organize data, and it may also be used to calculate other things with the data itself.

Describe the vCard File (.vcf).

Virtual Contact File, often known as vCard, can be shortened to VCF. It is a common file type that accepts digital business cards. In other words, it is a file format that allows for the creation, storage, and sharing of specific information like name, age, phone number, organisation, designation, etc.

Why Is a vCard to Excel File Conversion Necessary?

Large volumes of data are typically stored and maintained in Excel files (XLS/XLSX). The majority of users save their data in the XLS file format, however there are drawbacks as well. The advantages of saving XLS Excel files into vCard are therefore covered here.
No Size Restriction – When comparing Excel files to vCard, it can be seen that XLS files are larger in size. Sending a vCard file without running into size restrictions is simple.
Easy to Transfer – No email service program will allow you to share specific contacts from Excel. However, because vCard supports a number of email services, you can exchange specific contacts with ease.
Compatible with a variety of email service providers, vCard files are simple to access. Without experiencing any problems, you can access them from any operating system.

Excel Contacts to vCard Export: Perfect Solution
when users wish to vCard-size an excel file. The question of how consumers can convert their XLS data into VCF files then poses a significant risk to everyone. as there is no direct way to export data from Excel to vCard. Therefore, the majority of customers prefer to look for an automated solution, such as the WholeClear  Excel to vCard Converter Tool. It has various advanced features that makes it unique from others.

This tool can be used to get around every drawback of the manual method. Additionally, this software’s graphical user interface is so straightforward that even a new user may easily retrieve Excel contacts in vCard file format without any data loss. Additionally, it provides several exclusive services that set it apart from competing products.

  1. Steps to Turn an Excel File Into a vCard

select excel file

2. Run and install the program, then pick the desired files by clicking Browse.

browse location

3. then click the “Open” button. decide the files you want to convert.

convert excel to vcf

4. You will then see a preview of the file you choose.

5. Following this, you have three vCard version options to choose from.

6. Next, choose the location by clicking the “Change Option” button.

7. after that, select Convert to begin the converting process.

Excel Contacts to vCard File: Manual Method
Before continuing with the technique, it is important to be aware that Excel stores its files in the XLS/XLSX file format. Additionally, there is no way to export Excel files straight to vCard, therefore you must first convert Export Excel xls File Data To vCard vcf File. You can convert your converted XLS files into vCard after the conversion.

Convert Excel (XLS/XLSX) Files into CSV Format as the first step.

  1. To convert an MS Excel file, open it.
  2. Hit the top – left office button.
  3. Choose “Save As” from the menu.
  4. Select the desired file after changing the file type in the dialogue box.
  5. To finish the conversion task, use the “Save” option.

Step 2: Open a CSV file and import contacts.

  1. During the CSV format conversion of the Excel file. Transferring contacts from a file format is the next procedure.
  2. Enter “contacts” in the Windows search box after clicking the Start button.
  3. From the events list, select the contacts option.
  4. Select Import from the top ribbon bar’s list of options.
  5. Click the Import button after choosing the CSV file from the Import to Windows Contacts menu.
  6. then click the Next button after entering the file path or navigating to the file location.
  7. In the end, select the Finish button.

Export Excel Contacts to vCard Format in step three.

  1. Go to your contact information by typing “contact” into the window’s search field.
  2. Select the vCard file format by clicking the Export button.
  3. To export, click it.
  4. After that, save the vCard file by navigating to the location.
  5. After you’re done, click the OK tab.

Features Of Excel To Vcard Converter

1. It is a user-friendly application, so any can use it weather they are technical or non-technical. So, users does not require any technical knowleadge.
2. This software is a standalone tool it’s does not require any other tool.
3. This program is used for both domestic and commercial purposes.
4. This program converts Excel files of any size into VCF format.
5. It is runnable on all Windows versions.

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A Conclusion
We covered a manual method to export the XLS data into VCF in the section above. Additionally, we have offered a different approach, although the way these techniques work varies. To convert an Excel file into vCard format, you can choose the best option for your needs.

On the other hand, the automated program  makes it simple for non-technical users to quickly and securely convert an Excel file into a vCard format in only a  few minutes.



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