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buy GOD’S forever beloved book

Spirituality is a feeling that exists in everyone. But they do not feel it much. People are born with natural spiritual qualities. However, these qualities diminish a little as they grow up. It is because they forget to remember GOD ALMIGHTY. People always get busy with their worldly matters and do not take out much time for prayers. It allows you to buy GOD’S forever beloved book and recite it regularly to seek knowledge and wisdom.

Prayers are the basics of getting closer to GOD. They are physical worship of GOD that makes you think you are ordinary. It makes you kill your inner ego and bow down your head before the sole creator of the world. When you bow down before GOD. You accept and declare all the greatness of the creator. He is the one who made this universe.

Many people are blessed with all the facilities and amenities in life. Though they do not deserve all the luxury and elegance. But GOD ALMIGHTY blesses them with all his blessings and bears them with a magnificent piece of fortune.

In spite of all these fortunate things, they do not bother to thank GOD. They live in their ego and pride that push them to the bottom of hell. So, when adversity comes to them. They remember GOD and repent of their deeds with a feeling of guilt and regret.

Here are qualities that get you closer to GOD:


An act of kindness keeps you away from the fire of hell. However, people must develop compassion in their hearts. Therefore, they must keep a feeling of sympathy with others. It allows them to help people in need. Kind people possess a good character of humanity.

However, they are fearful people who give away hidden charity at night. They show their generosity to people and spend money on them. Like in a way that their right hand does not know about their left hand. Hence, their hidden and secret act of charity is one of the beloved deeds that GOD loves the most. He is surely the most watchful and knowledgeable.


Justice is a quality that must have in all human beings. However, it is a sheer act of righteousness that they must perform to ask for forgiveness from GOD ALMIGHTY. The meaning of justice is very vast and comprehensive in its context. GOD certainly loves people who are just and kind. So, they are unbiased and impartial in making their decisions. Hence, in their commercial dealings and transactions with people, they are fair and honest. They properly weigh their items in a balance and never do injustice to people in any way.

Another kind of justice is that you must consider bad as bad in your heart. It is the least stage of righteousness and faith that you should possess. When someone tyrannizes people. It is your basic right to hold their hands and immediately stop them from doing injustice.

Do Not Feel Pride

The most valuable people in the eyes of GOD are those who do not feel pride. They walk with such modesty and show a down-to-earth expression. Their attitude reveals the humbleness that comes out of their actions and body language. Arrogant people are always disliked by GOD. It is bad behavior that nobody should possess in their acts and deeds. So, it is good to be humble and simple in your life.

Curb All Your Worldly Desires

Being a human being, everyone has a feeling of worldly desires. But having it more keeps you away from the love of GOD ALMIGHTY. So, you should live with simplicity and meet all your bare necessities in life. But excess in everything is not good. So, you must be moderate and not show extravagance. Though richness and wealth can be your worst enemies. If they take you away from the remembrance of GOD. Therefore, you must spend your money wisely and prudently. Having wealth is not forbidden in any religion. But the misuse makes it harmful for people.

Hence, you must endeavor your best to distribute your wealth among needy people. It softens your heart and develops a fear of GOD ALMIGHTY. However, there is no restriction on eating good and wearing good. But showing off is not allowed. It makes others feel inferior to you. The sense of deprivation creates an inferiority complex in them. They lose their confidence and could not take out their complex from their minds.

Make the Habit of Prayers

Pray is a kind of supplication that you make after worship. However, you must make a firm habit of calling upon prays. You must have a solid belief in the power of prayers. Hence, they have magical and miraculous powers that change your lives. So, keep praying to GOD. He is the best listener that listens to all your prayers and accepts them. But he knows better about your benefits and returns to you what is good for you. But never be hopeless about your prayers and keep doing that. It gives you a sense of satisfaction and fills your heart with gratitude.

Keep the Cleanliness

Cleanliness is half the faith. GOD loves people who are clean and tidy. However, it involves physical as well as spiritual purification. Hence, you must keep both to become closer to GOD ALMIGHTY. Taking a daily bath and wearing neat clothes enhances your personality. It shows your virtuous character among people.


Hence, in a nutshell, these are marvelous attributes of holy people. These saint characteristics enable people to come closer to GOD and become their favorite. However, these qualities allow individuals to have guilt for all their misdeeds.

So, they must repent for their previous mistakes and make a firm resolution to not repeat these actions again. People must have a fear of GOD that makes them kind. It eliminates the feeling of ego and pride. They should have a down-to-earth personality that makes them honored and respected in the world. Everyone must keep these qualities alive and make a regular habit of prayers to build a strong relationship with GOD ALMIGHTY. So, you must buy GOD’S forever beloved book to read it.

Sophia Clarke

Sophia Clarke

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