Best VR Zombie Games You Must Play

VR Zombie Games

The fictional world has given us many urban legends that we are all curious about. Among these legends, zombies have attracted inquiring minds at different levels. That is why you must have watched many movies and played games that involve zombies.

Technological advancements in the form of virtual reality have given these games a new turn. Now, you can interact with these flesh-eating beasts in a totally immersive world by playing VR games.

If you are a fan of this creature and want to enhance your experience with them, keep reading. This article will tell you about the best VR zombie games you must play.

7 Most Popular VR Zombie Games

The list of zombie games in the world of virtual reality is long. However, the most interesting and thrilling ones include The Walking Dead VR Outbreak, Arizona Sunshine, The Brookhaven Experiment, and Propagation VR. Let’s discuss the entertaining gameplay and amazing features of each of the above games separately:

1. The Walking Dead VR Outbreak

The game that tops the list is The Walking Dead VR Outbreak. This virtual reality game has been one of the most anticipated of previous years. Gamers all around the world anxiously waited for its release.

And when the launching date came, the game took the gamer community by storm. This is because The Walking Dead VR Outbreak offers a new level of excitement and enthralling. As soon as the game opens, you find yourself in a hospital, bound to a wheelchair. The horrific problem is that there is a zombie apocalypse in the outside world.

Now, you will have to brainstorm ways to get out of your misery and kill as many beasts as you can. To do so, you will have to answer the following questions first:

  • How will you get out of the wheelchair?
  • How can you kill the monsters?
  • Most importantly, how can you survive the catastrophe if zombies get in?

Do not worry, though. The game will offer you all the essential weapons you need to put up a fight. People book play DXB tickets to take delight in this thrilling VR zombie game.

2. Arizona Sunshine

How is the idea of a zombie outbreak in the hostile atmosphere of the Grand Canyon state? That’s what Arizona Sunshine is all about. This is a first-person shooter game in which the main character finds themselves stuck among the swarms of bloodthirsty zombies.

This game offers two modes:

  • You can play it in a solo mode where you will be alone combating the brutes with every available resource
  • You can join hands with three other survivors to team up against these vicious savages

In both cases, your main focus will be on surviving the mobs of zombies trying to consume your brain and turn you into one of theirs.

The gameplay will provide you with a variety of state-of-the-art weapons to smoke these creatures. These tools include shotguns, matches, pistols, and flamethrowers. This game also provides you with the opportunity to explore the beautiful landscapes of southwestern America.

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3. The Brookhaven Experiment

Are you a fan of the experiment-went-wrong storyline? Then, brace yourself to appreciate the high-quality fictional plot of The Brookhaven Experiment. Soon after its release, this game has taken the gamers by storm. It is all because of the intriguing story it offers.

In the mysterious city of Brookhaven, an experiment went terribly wrong. This disaster has wreaked havoc on the human life. Now, there is not much life to observe in the doomed city. You, being one of the few survivors, have to find a way to protect yourself and other fellow human beings from cold-blooded zombies.

In this virtual reality game, you will be provided with the necessary equipment to fight tooth and nail to defeat the horrific creature. Among numerous features, the most amazing ones are:

  • Selection from the wide variety of arsenals
  • Upgradation of weapons
  • Realistic aiming or firing

This game is set to arrest your concentration in a way that you won’t be able to divert your attention even for a second.

4. The forest

We have another wonderful “survival” ahead of us, the passions surrounding it have subsided a little recently. However, the creators breathed new life into the forest by incorporating virtual reality support into the project. Now bloodthirsty aborigines and other animals will become even more realistic, so it is better for gamers with weak nerves to find something less shocking.

5. Mine Craft

You probably didn’t buy a virtual reality headset to contemplate the cubic world. Although there is a risk of error here, because it is a casual game Minecraft – a real heavy thanks to constant updates, as well as custom changes the popularity of the franchise remains consistently high.

If you are a fan of the world of dice, we have great news. Now there is a full-fledged Vivecraft virtual reality mod that will allow you to see biomes familiar to the user from a different angle.

6. Sky’s no man

By the way, about astronauts! The conquerors of galactic space will now also have something to do thanks to the No Man’s Sky project. This game is about survival and exploration in infinite space, there are individual and organizational modes, multiplayer. To succeed and get a proper reward, you will need to improve your ship, your suit, and also have up-to-date equipment in your arsenal.

Strange creatures on habitable planets, unique atmospheres, unusual environments and stunning landscapes are brought to their full potential thanks to VR technology. Find something you love and become the greatest space explorer.

7. Propagation VR

Last but not least, Propagation VR is another amazing zombie VR game. The beauty of this game is that you will face giant spiders and mutant monsters while combating zombies.

Due to this versatility, this game has generated thousands of loyal players from around the world. The storyline of this game is nothing short of a big-hit Hollywood movie. Due to an unfortunate coincidence, you find yourself in a subway surrounded by many vicious creatures, including zombies.

Various factors that you will love about this game include:

  • You get to choose the difficulty level as per your skills
  • You can enjoy the game with your friends
  • The game offers a life-like experience

Hence, this game is a precious gift for a hardcore zombie game lover. You can grab your play DXB tickets to appreciate its remarkable features.


There is nothing more exciting than enjoying a good VR zombie game. Multiple games, such as the ones mentioned above, will keep your hair raised. If you are interested in playing these games, book your tickets from an online platform now.

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