Words and Phrases One Should Avoid While Writing Assignments

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Academic writing is a significant draft, and it needs professional attention. Academic assignment writing will look good when it is clear, cohesive, and accurate. Some factors impact your writing, whether it is an essay, research paper, etc; it can be your words and phrases. Suppose you are using those words and phrases that people use daily; that does not count as good in writing because the nature of academic writing is informal. In this article, you’ll find practical alternatives to words and phrases that will help improve readability. Many of you ask, “I should get my assignment help UK from experts to complete my task.

Some Pitfalls to Avoid in Academic Writing

If you want to write an impressive academic paper, you must avoid the mistakes given below.

Contractions and Colloquial Express 

When you are writing academic papers, you should use proper contractions. If you use contractions such as “can’t,” “won’t,” or “didn’t.” It will show the wrong impression. Instead of these, you should use complete forms such as “cannot,” “will not,” and “did not.” Academic writing needs a formal style, and if you use contractions, it may distract the seriousness of your argument. People often use colloquial phrases in academic writing, which is not good. You must avoid words like “kind of,” “sort of,” or “thing.” It would help if you used more precise words rather than these phrases. For example, take a sentence like “The results were kind of surprising,” and you can write it as “The results were somewhat unexpected.”

Slang and Informal Language

You should know that academic writing requires a formal format. If you use slang or any casual language in academic writing, it can be a great downfall. These words can be “cool,” “awesome,” or “totally.” It would help if you avoid these words because they don’t come under scholarly disclosure. Instead of using these words, you can choose formal words, and they also convey the same meaning of words. Students ask, “I should complete my writing by asking from experts to do my assignment for me UK.”

Abbreviations and Emotional Language 

Nowadays, everyone uses abbreviations commonly. You can see everyone using abbreviations in their conversations. However, when you use them in academic writing, most readers can not identify them. So, it is necessary to avoid using them in writing. If they are known worldwide and people can understand them, then you might use them. If you want to use abbreviations or they are necessary, then you have to spell them out on first use. After that, you must provide the abbreviations in parentheses. For example, if you’re using “World Wide Fund,” you should also write (WWF).

In academic writing, you should maintain objectivity and should not use words like “amazing,” “awful,” or “incredible”. These words usually evoke emotion, so if it is possible, try to avoid them. You can use formal words so they can be fitted with academic writing integrity.

Exaggeration and Hedging Phrases 

Academic writing should follow formal words with simple meanings. If you write words that have a high level of explanation, they will not be accepted in writing. The words like “always,” “never,” or “completely” can not stand out in your writing. So, it would help if you avoided these words because it will decrease the credibility of your assignment and argument. You should use proper words such as “often,” “rarely,” or “partially.” These words will convey meaningful statements and give an understanding of the assignment.

If you use more hedging phrases in your writing, it will turn out as uncertain things. So, it becomes necessary to accept this kind of uncertainty. When you use excessive hedging phrases, your argument will be weakened. For example, hedging phrases like “I think,” “in my opinion,” or “it seems like” you should use less. Otherwise, you can tell about your ideas using alternative points of view.

Clichés,  Overused Phrases and Unnecessary Adverbs

 It would help if you avoided clichés and overused phrases because they don’t show original meaning and depth. They will decrease the value of your content and make it unnecessary. These phrases are “in today’s time,” “at the end of the day,” and “the bottom line” look good in your writing but eventually make your assignment unattractive.

It is good to use adverbs in academic writing, but if you use excessive, it will turn out as uncertain. Using adverbs can clear the meaning of the words or arguments. These adverbs are “really,” “very,” etc, and they are not strong enough to use. You can choose stronger verbs and formal words to express yourself.

Filler Words, Phrases and Opinionated Language 

People use fillers when they don’t speak appropriately, the same as when they use them in writing. Sometimes, these fillers are suitable to use, but not every time. That is why you think, “I should ask for help from experts so they can do my assignment for me UK.” You should avoid fillers such as “basically,” “actually,” etc. What you have to do is once you revise your assignment, find out the unnecessary filler words and remove them. It will enhance the clarity and credibility of the essay. Students should get help from various service platforms.

If you use personal opinions and thoughts, it will affect your academic performance. So you need to understand its requirements and make it objective and complete of evidence. Use phrases such as “I think” and “I feel,” but do not use them in your writing. Sometimes, you can use them when you have to express something specific.


You should avoid using generalizations if you do not have enough evidence to present your ideas. There are some phrases, such as “everyone knows that,” etc, which can reduce the quality of your writing. So, you should avoid these mistakes and provide the right example that defines the argument better.


 In conclusion, if you want to write an effective and engaging academic assignment, you have to follow carefully. It requires language choice for clarity, coherence, and accuracy. You can avoid common mistakes like words and phrases so you can justify the quality. If you want your readers to connect with you, always choose objectivity and clarity. You can get help for better writing using phrases like my assignment help UK.

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