Women’s Savings Accounts: Added Benefit of Personal Accident Insurance – Is It Worth It?

advantages of women's savings accounts

Today’s women have come a long way in breaking the glass ceiling and achieving remarkable success in various sectors. This holds particularly true in the Indian context, where an increasing number of women are asserting their financial independence. Recognising the pivotal role played by women in nation-building, it becomes our collective responsibility to empower and provide them with suitable infrastructure for growth and development. 


Realising the critical role women play in nation-building, banks have introduced a financial product tailored to their needs. The product is known as the zero balance savings account for women. This blog explores the advantages of women’s savings accounts, explicitly focusing on the added benefit of personal accident insurance. Is it truly worth it?


Understanding Women’s Savings Accounts

A women’s savings account caters to women’s unique needs and requirements. These accounts often offer enhanced features and facilities compared to regular savings accounts, making them an ideal financial tool for women seeking financial independence.

Advantages of Women’s Savings Accounts

Higher Interest Rate: Women’s savings accounts often offer a slightly higher interest rate than regular ones. This means that women can earn more on their savings, helping them grow their wealth faster.

Cashback Offers: Women’s savings accounts often come with enticing cashback offers tailored to meet the everyday needs of women, such as shopping and self-care. For instance, if you have an 811 credit card with zero saving accounts, it can allow you to avail of cash back benefits at select brands and locations, further enhancing the financial advantage for women.


Free Children’s Savings Account: Recognising that women prioritise the well-being of their children, some banks offer the benefit of a free children’s savings account along with a women’s savings account. This feature eliminates additional charges and provides a natural incentive for women to open a savings account, ensuring that they and their children enjoy the benefits of a financial safety net.


Insurance Cover: Personal accident insurance is crucial for women’s savings accounts. These accounts cover personal accidents, accidental death, and hospitalisation. This insurance component is a valuable safety net during emergencies, offering financial support when needed most.


Fee Waivers: Women’s savings accounts often come with significant fee waivers, relieving women from additional financial burdens. Some banks waive processing, prepayment, and pre-closure fees on education loans. Additionally, there may be discounts on locker fees and even a reduced annual maintenance charge (AMC) for maintaining a Demat account.


Preferential Loan Rates: Women’s savings accounts may provide preferential loan rates for women customers. This can be advantageous when seeking loans for various purposes, such as starting a business, education, or purchasing a property. Lower interest rates can reduce the overall cost of borrowing.


Zero Average Monthly Balance: A zero savings account for women does not require average monthly balances compared to regular savings accounts. This can benefit women who may have fluctuating incomes or find it challenging to maintain balances without additional charges consistently.

Is Women’s Savings Account Worth It?

Women’s accounts offer a range of advantages, including personal accident insurance coverage, discounts on locker rentals, lower interest rates on loans, and specialised home banking services such as cash pick-up and delivery in select cities. Evaluating how these features will specifically benefit each individual is essential before deciding to open a women’s account.


Understanding the terms and conditions is crucial before opting for a women’s account. It is necessary to assess the features and their benefits to the account holder on a case-by-case basis and make an informed decision. Before opening such an account, individuals should consider whether they require the associated benefits. The minimum balance requirements are also worth investigating, as not all accounts are zero-saving.


Women’s savings accounts empower women by providing curated benefits that enhance their financial independence. These accounts equip women with the tools to manage their finances effectively and plan their investments autonomously. With the added benefit of personal accident insurance, women gain additional financial protection, which can prove invaluable during unforeseen accidents or emergencies.


Every woman deserves a women’s zero savings account with an 811 credit card specifically designed to cater to her unique financial needs and aspirations. By embracing the advantages of women’s savings accounts, women can confidently navigate their financial journeys and secure a prosperous future.



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