Why should you convert JPG to PNG?

Why should you convert JPG to PNG?

Why should you convert JPG to PNG?


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What are the differences between a JPG file and a PNG file?

Importance of converting a JPG to PNG

Why should you convert JPG to PNG?






There are trillions of gigabytes of data that are being transferred all around us at this moment. You

are reading this article using data, you are getting your WhatsApp notifications through the internet,

we order food, take pictures, share our thoughts and multiple files of different formats. The exact

number of data generated and consumed each day on this planet is unfathomable for many.

However, there are instances where all of this information does not help the person in need.


Sometimes you get stuck in situations where you need to change the format of a particular file

urgently but you don’t know how to do that in seconds. That’s why, today’s article will revolve

around the topic of file conversion software solutions. Also, we will try to find reasons why should

you convert JPG to PNG. So, let us start with the topic without wasting any more time.


What are the differences between a JPG file and a PNG file?


Before we explore the importance of converting JPG to PNG, it's crucial to understand the

fundamental differences between these two file formats.


Developed by the Joint Photographic Experts Group, the JPEG or JPG format is one of the most

commonly used image formats used worldwide. It has been in the market since the mid-90s and has

never had any competition whatsoever. The compression of the images might cause a small problem

for people who want precision in their images. As JPG is a lossy compression format, you might end

up losing the quality of the image. And this will happen every time you save the file on any device.


JPEG was not able to move forward with time. In the highly advanced age of fierce social media

competition, JPEG was still processing images with lossy compression methods. Hence, PNG or

Portable Network Graphics appeared on the scene. It gave perfect, lossless images every time they

were compressed using this format and hence, people got what they wanted. Perfect, lossless


images and a format that keeps the quality intact always. PNG also became famous among the

graphic design circle as it had more clarity and could be used for professional purposes.


Importance of converting a JPG to PNG


The decision to convert a JPG to PNG boils down to being a personal one because there are only a

few instances where you might feel the urgency to do that conversion on the spot. So, here are

some reasons why should you convert JPG to PNG.


  1. Transparency and Backgrounds: PNG is becoming popular because it supports transparency

in pictures. If you wish to edit the background of an image without people noticing, PNG is

for you!

  1. Lossless Compression: If reducing the size of the image is what you want, then the lossy

compression of JPG format will be the best for you. but, if your wish is to secure the size as

well as the image quality of the image, you must convert your JPG to PNG.

  1. Text and Line Art: When there are embedded texts and lines on a JPG image, you might lose

some of this data from the image file. This may be a hassle for a lot of our readers and that’s

where PNG again steps in. You can compress an image with text and lines with precision in

the PNG format.

  1. Editing and Repeated Saves: If you're working on an image that requires multiple edits or

modifications, converting from JPG to PNG can prevent the cumulative loss of quality

associated with the repeated saving of JPG files. In this way, PNG will prove to be of greater

quality than a JPG file as its size is reduced after every save or modification.


Why should you convert JPG to PNG?


After such a long discussion on both these formats, there must be another question in your mind,

why should you convert JPG to PNG, right? You must have some clarity by now and if not, here are

some other reasons to convince you:


 Graphic designers often work on projects that require high precision and clarity. Logos,

icons, and other design elements are best saved in PNG format to maintain the original

quality. Converting JPG to PNG helps to ensure that these important design components

remain crisp and vibrant.


 In web design, where fast loading times and image optimization are crucial, PNG files are

preferred for elements like logos, buttons, and icons. The transparent background option is


particularly valuable in creating visually appealing and seamless web interfaces. Converting

JPG to PNG optimizes images for web use without compromising on quality.


 For professional photographers seeking the highest quality for their images, PNG is the go-to

format due to its lossless compression. When preparing images for print or publication,

converting from JPG to PNG helps to ensure that the final product maintains the richness

and detail captured by the camera.


 When engaged in extensive image editing or manipulation, JPG to PNG  convert online is a wise

choice. This prevents the introduction of compression artefacts and maintains the image's

quality throughout the editing process. Whether retouching photos or creating complex

compositions, PNG is the format of choice for preserving detail.


 In the corporate or academic world, where presentations play a significant role, using PNG

files can elevate the visual impact of your slides. Converting images from JPG to PNG ensures

that your presentation maintains a professional and polished appearance, especially when

incorporating images with text or intricate graphics.




When we talk about the ever-evolving nature of the internet, we forget that many software

solutions can help us in many ways. The problem of converting a JPG file to a PNG file will never

bother any of our readers again. We have created the fastest and most trustworthy file conversion

software on the internet named, changemyfile.com.


All you have to do is open the website, add up to 10 JPG files whose combined size is less than 50

MB, select the PNG format in the next box, press “convert now”, and VOILA! All your JPG files will be

converted into PNG files in a matter of seconds. With our software, you never have to worry about

the safety of your files because we use the strongest mechanisms to prevent data theft on our


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