Why Choose a Professional Web Design Company over DIY Web Builders

Professional Web Design Company over DIY Web Builders

Creating a fully functional website with minimal investments is not as complicated as it might look. DIY website builders are certainly one of the easiest and most cost-saving tools entrepreneurs can use to customize their websites. In the long run, however, you should never solely rely on these custom templates. A web design agency can boost your website’s user experience and accurately represent your brand online with proper optimization. A web design agency can help optimize your website’s user experience and accurately represent your brand online. Ultimately, hiring a web design company in NY or designing a website yourself with a DIY web builder platform depends on your project’s flexibility, cost, and difficulty.

Advantages of Hiring a Professional Web Design Company in NY

When you decide to hire a custom web design company in NY, you will work closely with industry experts who are aware of website design best practices. You will get increased website traffic and conversions based on a consultative approach. As compared to traditional website building platforms, a web design company in New York will bring extra quality to your project that a tool cannot achieve.

Consistent Brand Identity

Think of your brand as a story told through every aspect, from your business logo to your website. Consistency in your brand identity ensures that your business stands out uniquely. While web builders provide design templates that various businesses use, expert web designers craft a website tailored exclusively to your brand, making it truly one-of-a-kind.

Improved User Experience

When it comes to designing websites, professional web design companies follow a user-first approach. They focus on relevant aspects of your target group, including the products and services you sell, your business location, and contact information. Customers who cannot decipher the advantages of working with your company are less likely to connect with you.

Minimalist Web Design

A cluttered website design with too many videos, images, and large chunks of text will deter potential clients. Custom web design companies in NY mitigate this possibility by adopting a minimalistic design approach. They simplify the user interface by focusing on critical design elements and simplifying navigation menus. Therefore, by hiring a local web design company in New York, you will have a faster website that reduces cognitive overload and allows users to scan and understand the content easily.

Cutting-Edge Technology

As a nonprofessional, the basic problem in designing websites with DIY web builders is that you are unaware of the latest technology trends in web design. Since website design is rapidly evolving, being unaware of the emerging technologies and solutions means that you could be losing out on some of your potential customers. A professional web design company in NYC will deliver a website that makes the most of cutting-edge tools and technologies.

Well-Defined Process

Designing a website can be an overly complex task without prior planning. A web design company in NY generally has a predefined process workflow in place, ensuring project timely completion. An Agile web design and development methodology involves the following phases:

  • Discovery: This phase involves detailed research that clearly explains the client’s objectives and project goals. 
  • Planning: It involves defining the project plan and getting everything documented for the successful completion of the project.
  • Designing: The 3rd phase comprises creating the system UI designs based on the design guidelines. 
  • Building: During this phase, developers create a clean code structure that caters to the front-end and back-end development requirements.
  • Testing: This is the phase where each sprint is extensively tested to find out and fix bugs, ensuring the website’s proper functioning on different devices and browsers.
  • Deployment: This step involves an intuitive process to choose the right technologies for making the web platform work on the live server.
  • Maintenance: During this phase, they monitor the website regularly to ensure it functions appropriately and promptly perform any necessary upgrades or repairs.

CTA Placement 

A recent survey found that around 70% of websites do not have a clearly defined CTA. A direct call to action with words like “Subscribe,” “Buy,” or “Order Now” is known for driving conversions. 

Compared to DIY website builders, a professional web design company in NY definitely has more significant expertise and experience. They have dealt with numerous projects and have a first-hand idea of where to place the CTA. Local web designers in New York understand the design language that suits the internet. They will ensure that the CTA is not repeated multiple times on the page, as it leads to confusion. 

Using contrasting colors and persuasive language can effectively increase CTA conversion rates on websites. 

Competitive Advantage   

Not only you but other small businesses are also thinking of picking a DIY website builder. The issue here is that they are getting into a field in which they have no expertise. No matter what, the end product from a website builder, done by an amateur, will always be different from that of a professional. 

As discussed, making a website requires much more than just coding skills. The experience includes years of research on the market. It also considers the variety of clients a web design company in NY deals with. This is why a website made by a professional web design company will always stand out. In this age of digital noise, your business will shine bright among the competitors in the market and get clients. 

Enhanced Customization       

The most exciting part about hiring a professional web design company is customization. You can customize any part of the website anytime without any worries. Also, such a task will not need your time as your partner web design company will do it all in a flash! 

Every business grows with time, and they often have new stories to tell. Sticking to one layout and theme for the website will lead to stagnation. Incorporating changes as needed is, hence, an extremely important consideration. A professional web design company have all that it takes to implement these changes whenever required.  


A website optimized and designed by a professional web design company will help convey your brand message to visitors. The perfect website must have an optimal workflow that helps retain audience attention while improving conversion rates. With a web design company in NY helming your website project, you will end up having a scalable, customizable, and versatile website. 

DIY website builders do make the work easier when it comes to making a website in a flash. However, it is not capable enough to replace a qualified  team of professional web designers with years of experience in building websites that convert! 



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