What is the Importance of Managed Security for Banks?

Managed Security for Banks


Digital security is considered the top priority of banks today. In the current global industry, banks and financial institutions are the most targeted sectors by cyberattacks. This is due to the fact that banks have a treasure trove of personal and confidential data. Besides that, banks hold the highest amount of digital assets that people try to get their hands on.

This is why the banking sector is hugely investing in digital security. However, financial institutions lack the expertise and knowledge required to mitigate online risks and cyber threats. For this purpose, such organizations consult security companies to enhance their data and digital assets protection.

Keep reading this article to learn what is the importance of managed security for banks.

Top 6 Reasons Managed Security is Important for Banks

Cyber attacks are getting advanced and sophisticated. Hackers are exploring newer and unique ways to get into your bank’s digital systems. As the bank is a financial institution, it has a lot of accounting wizards and less of IT specialists. When the bank closes in the evening, its digital systems are vulnerable to intrusions. This is why banks should acquire managed security services to enhance their cyber security.

With that said, let’s delve deeper to explore some reasons that describe the importance of managed security for banks.

1.     Strengthened Security

The first and most important reason to have managed security services for banks is to strengthen their digital security. Banks are institutions where people deposit their hard-earned money. They are also a safe haven for digital assets like international currency, online accounts, bonds, and more. Once their security is breached, the doors to all the treasures will open for intruders. However, banks operate usually from 9 to 5 and close business at day’s end.

At this point, even the IT and security departments leave work. This is the time when most cyber attacks happen. Don’t let this happen to your financial institution. You can increase your bank’s security with MSS solutions.  Even if you and your staff are away, the MSS company will look after your business. You can contact a Managed Security Service Provider to implement and enhance robust security for your bank.

2.     Cost-Effectiveness

Another reason to get managed security services is to reduce the financial burden on your institution. If you want to ensure top-notch and continuous security of your bank’s digital assets, you will need a large team. In addition to the team being large, you will also need highly skilled experts and professionals.

Now, the payroll combined with operational expenses would be huge in the long run. You will need to have 3 shifts and multiple IT teams to cover your security needs. In contrast, managed security services are cost-effective. You just have to sign up for a plan and the security company will start working for you instantly.

3.     Compliance Adherence

Running financial institutions is not easy. It comes with many licenses, permissions, and compliances. If you fail to comply with the requisite standards and laws, your bank can face potential fines and closure. Many financial institutions make the mistake of fulfilling compliances themselves.

They either leave out vital security and IT compliances or don’t have the knowledge at all. However, you can get help from managed security companies to complete the necessary compliances. These companies are well-versed with the latest compliance requirements and can assist you in fulfilling them seamlessly.

4.     Operational Flexibility and Scalability

Another reason to get managed security services for your bank is because it offers operational flexibility and scalability. Let’s assume you have a large IT department dedicated to digital security. You can’t just get rid of them or keep adding more in case business goes up and down.

Similarly, the software licenses you acquired for many technologies can’t be returned or refunded. However, with MSS, you gain a lot of flexibility and scalability. MSS companies let you scale your service plan according to your business requirements. If you require more security, you can add additional services and if you require less, you can scale down your contract.

5.     Reduced Burden on IT Department

Managing security and monitoring digital systems is not an easy task. It requires extreme dedication and careful analysis at all times. Assigning your IT team with such a responsibility can engage them all day with security.

However, with managed security services you can reduce the burden of security of your IT department. A bank has a lot of staff and there are many issues that need to be resolved. Freeing your IT department from security worries will let them focus on other critical issues.

6.     Enhanced Customer Support

One big reason to have managed security for your bank is to get enhanced security support from that company. There are times when your IT team is offline or not available at all. Your permanent IT security staff can resign or can be on vacation. In such cases, getting the support your bank requires for security is next to impossible. However, with MSS, you get extended backup support.

Whether it’s day or night, MSS companies respond to customer queries instantly. With managed security, you don’t have to worry about sending complaints and waiting for weeks. You will get connected to an online agent who will fix your issue in run time. You can consult a reliable Managed Security Service Provider for beefing up your digital security and providing unmatched backup support.

Safeguard Your Bank’s Assets with Managed Security!

The current state of the digital industry requires banks to have top-notch security. Even the slightest mismanagement can result in huge financial losses. Besides that, the reputation of the bank also gets tarnished. This is why you should consult a reputable MSS provider and safeguard your assets with managed security!

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