What else is different about the bottles?

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All kinds of straps and loops for carrying. Silicone cuffs and anti-slip pads (which are especially important for thermal bottles that are held with gloves in winter). Compartments for ice, herbs, and fruits. Nozzles for squeezing juice. Whisks for whipping sports mixtures. There are baby bottles (small volume, with a design that is easy to hold and drink).

How much volume is enough?

The capacity of a personalised water bottle depends on your personal fluid needs and use situation. A popular volume is 600-700 ml. A schoolchild or student can take this container with him to classes; an athlete usually has enough water for an hour-long workout.

Bottles of about half a liter are convenient to have with you in your bag or backpack every day, moving around the city and walking before or after work. They must weigh little, which means they will not be a burden.

Very large bottles with a capacity of more than a liter are suitable, for example, for long car trips, when you do not have to carry such a burden on your shoulders. If you take your beloved dog on a trip, then plenty of water will also come in handy.

A few words about personal fluid intake

Contrary to the stereotype about the mandatory 2-3 liters of water per day, doctors who adhere to the principles of evidence-based medicine recommend relying on personal needs. Drinking in excess is harmful, but you cannot tolerate the feeling of thirst for too long. The ideal situation would be when you can take a sip of fresh, clean water at any time. And having your own filled bottle on hand will help with this.

If you seriously suspect that you are not drinking enough, we recommend that you do medical research. If you find that your thirst is dull, use the smart bottle with reminders every two hours.

Another popular tip: adding fruits and herbs will make the water taste better and even look more attractive. To increase the amount of liquid you drink, you can also use a large bottle – as if setting yourself a task for the day

Remember that water with a low content of minerals (for example, distilled) helps remove these same minerals from the body, so you shouldn’t get carried away with it unless there are medical prescriptions. Athletes who lose a lot of salt through sweat can pour non-carbonated isotonic drinks into reusable bottles.

How to wash reusable bottles

Before first use, the bottle must be washed. It is also recommended to dry the lids with Sippy cups since water trapped between the valves can cause leaks.

Some models can be washed in the dishwasher. For example, plastic flasks marked 5 and metal unpainted bottles (the manufacturer usually indicates the possibility of using a dishwasher in the instructions). It is not recommended to wash lids with silicone seals in the dishwasher to avoid deformation. But they often come apart to make it easier to wash by hand.

The drinking bottle should be washed regularly with soap to prevent the growth of bacteria. Manufacturers also recommend acquiring special small brushes or even mouthwash without a strong aroma.

If you constantly use a glass bottle, we recommend washing it once a day rather than adding fresh water to the “old” water. Pay special attention to the bottom (there may be sediment there) and to the place of contact with the lips.

Is it possible to pour something other than water?

Can. But remember that carbonated and fermented milk drinks because of excess pressure under the cap, can cause leakage, and liquid, will pour out of bottles with straws.

In addition, sour and sweet drinks are more aggressive on the bottle material and promote the growth of bacteria.

Metal and plastic flasks also trap odors, so when you pour water after drinking a fruit drink, it will be flavored.

How many bottles are needed

Having several bottles is simply convenient because you can accidentally forget them in a sports bag or at the office.

Those who need a reusable water bottle are athletes, tourists, schoolchildren, and students. You need constant access to drinking water if you are taking medication or caring for small children. If you have to be on the road for a long time or away from sources of moisture.

Marketing Value in a Nutshell 

Let’s not miss the opportunity to look at the best water bottle from a marketing point of view, because the partners of Project 111 offer their customers this product category precisely as a communication tool.

Interest in water bottles has been noticeable for the last five years, this can be seen both in the dynamics of user requests in search engines and in our wholesale sales, which have grown 3.5 times during this time.

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