What does a DevOps engineer do?

What does a DevOps engineer do?

What does a DevOps engineer do?


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What is DevOps?

What does a DevOps engineer do?

DevOps training in Chandigarh






With businesses getting obliterated in the West, there is a massive gap between the demand

and supply of many nations. Economies are getting affected because of this but there is one

positive that we are going to take out of this. India has been declared by the IMF as “the

shining star on the global economy map”


We have been criticising the current government for a lot of things but the one thing that the

government has done right is the development of technology in India. For those of you who

have no idea, we have become the 5 th largest economy in the world. Not only that, we are

the leading nation in terms of online transactions. All of this has been made possible

because of the rapid modernisation that India is going through in the last few years. We have

reached the moon and the world celebrated our success that day. Similarly, we are the

fastest-growing IT economy in the world.


In today’s article, we will talk about the role of DevOps engineering in the IT sector. Also, we

will address the question, “What does a DevOps engineer do?”. We will also talk about the

best DevOps training in Chandigarh if you want to join the IT industry as a DevOps engineer.

So, let us start with the topic without wasting any more time.


What is DevOps?


The world of businesses has been involved in creating an online persona for their companies

for the longest time. There are hundreds of companies that are already trending in the world

but need more cooperation within their companies and organisations. To create a

synchronisation between two of the most crucial departments in any IT company, the

DevOps department was created.


In the rapidly evolving area of information technology (IT), the term "DevOps" has come to

represent a vital methodology that fosters collaboration and communication between

development and operations teams. This innovative technique has significantly enhanced


software development and reduced time-to-market for applications, solidifying its position as

a cornerstone of the IT sector of India. As the need for skilled DevOps professionals

continues to rise, cities like Chandigarh have acknowledged the need for specific training

programs to provide DevOps enthusiasts with the necessary abilities.


Combining the terms "development" and "operations," "DevOps" is a way of thinking, a set of

protocols, and a methodology that tries to enhance communication between software

developers and IT operations professionals. In contrast to traditional models where both

departments function in their predominant shells, DevOps fosters a seamless integration of

these two departments' operations across the whole development lifecycle. This not only

enhances the quality of the project but also saves the company a lot of time that was earlier

wasted because of the lack of cooperation between these two teams.


What does a DevOps Engineer do?


There are a lot of processes in which a DevOps engineer is involved within their company.

They are responsible for establishing and maintaining collaboration among departments,

containerisation, orchestration, security, automation, monitoring and logging and a few more

departments that they have to manage.


There is a list of reasons why DevOps engineers have proved to be helpful in the functioning

of today’s IT businesses. However, giving you a whole list is pointless. So, here are a few of

the most important reasons why today’s IT companies are flourishing after the invention and

implementation of DevOps technology.


 Collaboration Culture: With DevOps at work, your employees and all the concerned

departments will be able to create a more holistic environment in the office. The

collaboration and cooperation factor between departments will increase exponentially

and the workflow will become smoother while developing an application.

 Automation: The most effective use of DevOps comes with the automation of

repetitive processes. When DevOps methodologies are employees in this scenario,

automation takes over and saves time by automating certain processes that are

going to repeat themselves again and again.

 Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD): DevOps promotes the

implementation of CI/CD pipelines, allowing developers to rapidly integrate and

deploy code changes regularly. This iterative process ensures that software updates

are delivered more quickly and reliably.


DevOps is not just a technique but a revolutionary strategy that offers numerous benefits to

enterprises. It promotes a collaborative atmosphere by breaking down barriers between

development and operations teams. This results in improved communication, shared goals,

and faster problem-solving. DevOps shortens the development lifecycle by utilizing

continuous deployment, integration, and automation.


Businesses derive multiple benefits from DevOps, such as shorter development cycles and

faster software upgrades, giving them a competitive advantage in the market. The

infrastructure-as-code method of DevOps makes it easier to scale infrastructure up or down

in response to demand. This flexibility ensures that systems can handle a variety of

workloads with efficiency.


DevOps Training in Chandigarh:


Chandigarh is known for its educational infrastructure as well as its booming IT and service

sector. Multiple MNCs are operating through Chandigarh and there are hundreds more that

are investing in Chandigarh’s dynamic economic model. The culture of IT has engulfed

Chandigarh and hundreds of institutions and training centres are providing industry-relevant

skills to these students.


However, certain institutes are reputed above everyone else. CBitss Technologies has over

two decades of experience in the IT training and teaching business. They have curated

some of the best IT courses and syllabi available in the Chandigarh coaching industry today.

Hundreds of trained IT students are now working in various companies and building a great

career for themselves. If you want to build your DevOps career from scratch, then you

should consider joining the best DevOps courses in Chandigarh offered by CBitss

Technologies. Here, you will learn first-hand about what does a DevOps engineer do.




In conclusion, many professions require a lot of hard work and dedication. But DevOps is a

profession that needs a good teamwork mentality and a great collaborative culture in the

company. It has become a professional and cultural movement that is revolutionising the IT

industry at its core. The Development and Operations sectors of web and app development

companies are the core of their operations. These departments need to be in complete sync

all the time and DevOps ensure that they do. It is not merely a technique. The flourishing IT

industry in Chandigarh has embraced DevOps training programs, giving people the skills

they need to succeed in the rapidly changing technological landscape.

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