What do you mean by IVF Treatment Pakistan?

IVF Treatment Pakistan

During a normal pregnancy, the male sperm enters the female egg and is fertilized. The fertilization of the egg is done, and it is then implanted in the uterus wall. The zygote formed here results in the formation of the fetus. IVF Treatment Pakistan is the solution when couples who want to have children cannot conceive through normal means. The IVF method is mostly applied to teams that cannot create a child for over a year. The treatment of in vitro fertilization is done with the classic in vitro fertilization method or with the microinjection method, depending on the condition of the ovaries.

IVF Cost in Pakistan


In the classic IVF method, mature eggs are taken from the ovaries and fertilized with sperm in a laboratory environment. The fertilized embryo is then left in the mother’s womb. This method, called the IVF cycle, takes an average of 3 weeks.

The process may take longer if you follow these steps.
In the microinjection method, sperm taken from the father is placed under a microscope with the help of a needle into the egg cell obtained from the mother. In this way, fertilization takes place. The microinjection method is often preferred, especially in cases of male impotence. In vitro fertilization treatment, allows many people to have children today.

Step-by-step IVF process

After explaining IVF treatment, we can move on to the stages. Remembering that you can do IVF by following the steps below would be best. This is how the IVF process works.

Ovulation stimulation with hormone therapy:

Under normal conditions, an egg is formed and released in women. If an egg is only released during IVF, that egg may not implant into an embryo. To produce more than one egg, the eggs must be stimulated with hormonal drugs. Treatment begins with an ultrasound evaluation performed on the second day of menstruation. Doses and drug protocols are determined according to the individual’s condition. It
It takes about ten days for the egg to mature. Egg collection begins 1 and a half days after the last injection.

Collection of eggs from eggs:

To avoid pain during the assembly of eggs, the expectant mother is given anesthesia or anesthetics. After the collection of eggs with the help of an ultrasound vaginal probe with a fine needle, The process takes about 10 minutes.
delay. After the eggs are collected, expectant mothers may experience a slight ache or pain.

Sperm retrieval:

On the day of egg collection, sperm is requested from the father. Sperms production by masturbation is immediately sent to the laboratory. Sperm can be obtained medically from male candidates with no sperm in their semen. Sperm are isolated from semen in a laboratory

A mixture of egg and sperm:

In the classic in vitro fertilization method, sperm, and egg are mixed in a petri dish. It is then cultivated in a laboratory environment. During this process, the doctor closely monitors the state of the egg’s fertilization. In the microinjection method, the sperm is injected into the egg.

The fertilized egg is injected into the mother’s womb:

After fertilization, the embryo’s development is monitored and injected into the mother’s womb on the appropriate day.

IVF Cost in Pakistan

Transfer days vary depending on the work schedule of the clique and the number of eggs obtained from the couple. When embryo transfer is done, a thin catheter is inserted into the woman’s uterus, and the embryo is removed from this catheter. Most of women may experience less pain from hormone injections. Half an hour of break time after the transfer will be enough for it.

It is good to experience constipation, abdominal swelling, weakness, loss of appetite, and cramping, among with the side effects seen after transferring an embryo. Expectant mothers should never have to perform sex and avoid smoking material until a pregnancy test is done after source transferring.


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