What are the most popular takeaway foods in Stockport?

Takeaway Foods

Like many other cities, Stockport’s most popular takeaways might change depending on local trends and dietary restrictions. Enjoy the wonderful ease of having your favourite frozen delights delivered to your door by ice cream delivery in Stockport.  However, Stockport has several popular and well-liked takeaway alternatives, such as: 

Poize by Pickle Rick

On a typical weekend, Pickle Rick’s delivers enormous American-style pizza at a very affordable price (£8 for a Margherita), making it arguably one of the best pizza spots in Stockport. These Hazel Grove-based individuals are masters of the pizza-making process.

A great suggestion is to purchase on Just Eat or Uber Eats as soon as possible because Pickle Rick’s is quite popular. Give it a few minutes and hope. They go back online if it says they aren’t taking orders considering they’ve undoubtedly been swamped.


The Lord Street location that houses the family-run Korean restaurant Baekdu (a Korean mountain), which has a dining concept centred on charcoal fire pits, helps it blend into the background and gives off a hidden gem vibe. Each table has its pit, which the kitchen staff use to grill, BBQ, and cook their meals right in front of you. Dishes range from thin-sliced barbecue brisket along with experienced pork steak and ribs to spicy marinated chicken, which is best served with the strongly encouraged lettuce along with spring onion salad.

BBQ, short for barbecue, is a popular cooking method and social gathering centered around the grilling and smoking of various meats and vegetables. It is a culinary tradition that has deep roots in many cultures around the world, each with its own unique flavors and techniques. From savory ribs and juicy burgers to smoky pulled pork and tender brisket, BBQ offers a wide range of delectable options for meat lovers.

The slow and low cooking process over indirect heat results in tender and flavorful meats, while the use of seasonings and marinades adds extra depth and complexity to the dishes. Whether it’s a backyard gathering, a casual weekend cookout, or a competitive barbecue competition, BBQ brings people together to enjoy delicious food and a festive atmosphere.

The menu is divided among table BBQ dishes, rice in earthen bowls—with varieties including seasoned kimchi and scorching squid and vegetables—noodle soup, including soup with rice. The minimal decor lets the cuisine take centre stage.

With dishes like spring onions and seafood pancakes, both savoury and spicy rice pancakes, grilled mackerel, and thinly sliced raw beef, Baekdu’s appetizers and sides are surely potent. The complex and spicy aromas go best with a crisp Korean pilsner or, for those without breakfast plans, somaek, a heady concoction of soju and beer.

Maker’s Market in Stockport

All of your favourite artisanal goods can now be delivered to the door of your home thanks to a new online delivery service from Stockport Maker’s Market. Including homemade samosas, premium cheesecakes, and kits for making your pizza, as well as obey chocolatey brownies. See the organization’s website for further details, including the deadline for placing your orders.  


WineBoy, a local business in the Stockport Indoor Market. Is now providing delivery for its extensive selection of natural and organic wines. Why not walk over to their Instagram and send them a direct message about your order. If you’re trying to expand your palette?

Bones and Bunny Club

This wildly popular Hazel Grove burger plus wings joint continued. To produce high-quality burgers, wings, fries, and other dishes in the Stockport region. The vegetarian Groot burger is also really delicious, but we especially suggest the fried halloumi cheese burger with powdered fries.

Burgers and grills go hand in hand, creating the ultimate classic American culinary experience. A perfectly grilled burger is a symbol of summer cookouts, backyard gatherings, and casual dining. The grill imparts a smoky flavor and tantalizing char marks that take the humble burger to a whole new level. From juicy beef patties to succulent chicken or turkey burgers, the possibilities are endless.

Topped with a variety of ingredients such as cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and a choice of sauce, each burger becomes a personalized masterpiece. Grilling not only adds flavor but also brings people together. As friends and family gather around the grill to enjoy the sizzling and mouthwatering spectacle. Whether it’s a classic cheeseburger, a gourmet specialty burger, or a vegetarian option. Burgers and grills are a match made in culinary heaven, satisfying our cravings and creating unforgettable moments.

Brown’s Vaults 

Baker’s Vaults is a beloved monument to beer and has become something of a Stockport institution because of its fantastic food, extensive drink menu, and unique jukebox. The structure, once known as the George as well as Dragon, was erect around 1775 on the ruins of the previous Stockport castle.

It was demolish in the 19th century and given the new name Bakers Vaults before being reconstruct in the time-honoured gin palace design. After being renovated in 2014. The beer centre is the perfect place to unwind with a drink for every situation. From a casual catch-up to a wholehearted session. It features soft lighting, antique-style objects of furniture, and cosy lounging nooks.

Inside Market in Stockport

The vendors at Stockport Indoor Marketplace are now providing. A local delivery option for necessities like meat, eggs, cheese, fruit, and vegetables. The delivery radius for boxes is three miles, and they come in a variety of sizes. What better way to support the underground market right now than by having fresh food deliver to your door? Click here for additional information.

Cherry Jam

The World hospitality industry Champion as well as former ‘Bar Wizard’ contestant on Britain’s Got Talent. Neil Garner, is the creator of Raspberry Jam. After a successful DIY beverage delivery company during lockdown. The feel-good restaurant and its worthy of being photograph décor—think 70s-style walls, neon signage. And a diverse selection of furnishings and plants—left their mark on the Old Town. The bar’s interior is divid into two main sections. Bar Cherry and The Jam, the latter among which can be reserv for special events.   

Final Words

Remember that tastes in food might alter over some time. And new food fads and ethnic cuisines might become more commonplace. It’s an excellent concept to check neighbourhood reviews. Applications for food delivery, and suggestions from individuals in the area to acquire. The most recent information about popular restaurants in Stockport.



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