Most Common Forklift Accidents: Reasons and How to Avoid Them

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If you use forklifts, safety should be your priority. Unfortunately, accidents do occur, and forklifts are no exception. Although there are standards to provide the safest working conditions possible to people, accidents still happen due to inadequate training, broken equipment, or careless operations that result in fatalities from vehicle collisions. 

There is a noticeable number of deaths associated with business facility vehicles like forklift crashes with cars and other vehicles. Even though it is hard to stop these mishaps, you can avoid them with the correct training and maintenance of the vehicle. 

The most common mishaps you should be aware of include stacked due to forklifts, person or load falling from forklifts, blocked sights, and mechanical failures.

To learn more about these common types and how to avoid them, keep reading, and if you want to buy a used forklift truck for sale, contact Truck Forklifts now. 

06 Common Types Of Forklift Truck Accidents

Here, we will learn common types of forklift truck accidents and their causes and prevention. 

1. Being Struck By Forklift

Occasionally, a coworker or passerby is unintentionally struck by a forklift operator. One of the most frequent reasons for forklift accidents is operator distraction. However, dangerous working circumstances that don’t give the driver adequate space or time to respond can cause forklift accidents. 

Fortunately, workplace improvements can help prevent mishaps like this. The causes behind these accidents are:

  • The operator is not focusing
  • Absence of warning indicators


  • Operators should take breaks throughout the workday
  • Install floor tape so workers and passersby can see that the area is being worked on.
  • Add barriers around it to prevent individuals from entering the forklift work area

2. Injury From Forklift Tip-Over/Rollover

A forklift can roll over, which can be hazardous or even fatal, if the operator tries to turn too rapidly or if the cargo is heavier than it can support. Here are the causes behind these accidents you should be aware of before exploring forklifts for sale:

  • Quick turns
  • Heavy loads
  • Uneven surfaces inclined turns.


  • Keep your speed within the designated limits.
  • Reduce your speed
  • Never lift more weight than the forklift can handle
  • Hold the weight close to the ground.

3. Falling From Forks 

Forklift accidents involving falls are among the most frequent. However, they can be avoided entirely. The causes behind these accidents are:

  • Untrained person
  • Trying to be fast rather than careful


  • Give it some time.
  • Make use of the proper instruments and gear.
  • Fender can help you avoid falling.

4. Loads Falling From Forklift

It is another common accident people face after buying forklift trucks. Unbalanced or uneven loads have the potential to fall as the forklift moves, resulting in the type of mishap that has claimed countless forklift lives. The causes behind these accidents are:

  • Not correctly loaded loads
  • Moving or raising objects too rapidly
  • Lift forks bent


  • Avoid dragging damaged cargo.
  • Place every load in the center.
  • Avoid going too quickly when loading or lifting.

5. Blocked Sight

A key component of safe forklift operation is monitoring your surroundings and avoiding typical safety concerns. Obstacles that obstruct a driver’s view and make it impossible to see the road or junctions ahead are a common cause of accidents. The other causes behind these accidents are:

  • Operating a vehicle with tall cargo or raised forks
  • Not using caution when following blocked regions


  • Ensure that loads don’t obstruct your view.
  • Turn cautiously and be aware of your clearance.
  • Make use of a spotter.

6. Mechanical Failures

Even with caution and adherence to safety protocols, accidents can still occur. It is because the forklift itself has to be appropriately maintained and in excellent working order. The causes behind these accidents are:

  • Absence of examinations
  • Worn-out brake components
  • Breach
  • Tires that are damaged


  • Check things before a shift begins.
  • Equipment should be serviced often.
  • Avoid using malfunctioning equipment.

Forklift Safety Tips

Before buying a forklift truck for sale from a trusted company like Truck Forklifts, you should also learn some practical tips to avoid accidents. You can decrease workplace accidents by using accident prevention strategies such as operator training, explicit safety protocols, and preventive measures.

To keep you safe when around forklifts, follow these forklift safety tips:

  • Operate if you have the proper training, licenses, and certifications.
  • Wear proper clothing
  • Understand the forklift types.
  • Conduct daily equipment checks and report damaged or broken parts. 
  • Maintain complete visibility while operating.
  • Create a floor marking system. 
  • Place loads with stability in mind.
  • Operate the forklift with safety in mind.


Forklift trucks are beneficial vehicles but must be appropriately utilized, just like any other construction equipment. Operators of forklifts and nearby personnel can suffer injuries if safety regulations are broken. Verify that everyone using a forklift on their job site is properly trained and certified.

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