Use Export Zimbra – Zimbra TGZ Converter With Multiple file Formats

Use Export Zimbra – Zimbra TGZ Converter With Multiple file Formats

In this post, you will learn how to export Zimbra TGZ files using a professional Zimbra converter. Before we begin the Zimbra TGZ Migration procedure, let’s look at how Zimbra exports emails, contacts, calendars, and tasks to a TGZ file. The Zimbra TGZ Converter is popular for email migration because it allows you to import Zimbra mailbox contents into the needed format without having to extract the TGZ files on your hard drive. You can also store Zimbra emails as PDF files and distribute them across multiple resources.


Best Zimbra Mail Converter for exporting Zimbra TGZ files across multiple file formats. This Zimbra Converter Software proved to be the ideal option for migrating big amounts of Zimbra Collaboration or TGZ database files. Zimbra exports emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, and notes to the TGZ archive, which can then be readily transferred from one computer or platform to another. Because of the portable nature of Zimbra mailbox contents, most users find it useful to move them to popular email clients as needed. Because Zimbra TGZ files save data in a compressed and archived manner, all the information contained inside them stays undiscovered or unavailable to any external danger.

How Can I Export Zimbra Emails, Contacts, and Calendars to a TGZ File?

To understand and conduct the process of exporting all Zimbra mailbox contents to a normal TGZ archive, simply follow the procedures outlined below:

Exporting All of Your Zimbra Account Data

  • Go to Preferences.
  • Select Import/Export.
  • Select Account as the Type in Export.
  • Ensure all folders are displayed in the source.
  • Click Export.
  • Select Save File in the resulting dialog box.
  • Choose where to save the file.

Why do I Need to Export Zimbra Emails?

Zimbra is a trusted and popular email client that manages users’ personal information, such as sending and receiving emails, organizing events and meetings, maintaining contacts and address books, and so on. It also has an extra Briefcase folder for storing and managing sensitive and private papers for users. It is an important feature of the Zimbra email client that distinguishes it from other email clients. However, it is important to note that there are several reasons why a user can want to export from Zimbra to another email client or extract Zimbra emails into a standard file format. Some users also desire to create a backup of Zimbra Collaboration Server contents on their hard disk for future use. These operations can only be completed with the aid of Zimbra Converter Software. You can also identify the need for Zimbra TGZ Converter by evaluating the following customer queries:

I’ve been using Zimbra as an open source Linux application for Two years and am now looking to switch to Windows. I need to convert Zimbra’s output TGZ file to Windows mail client-compatible email files. Thunderbird is my preferred email client since it is open-source and free to use. I have a lot of Zimbra account database files, and it appears that migrating many Zimbra emails, contacts, and calendar entries to Mozilla Thunderbird manually is difficult. Please provide an easy solution so that I can complete this assignment as quickly as feasible.

I utilize Zimbra Connector with Outlook Zimlet to combine Zimbra with my Outlook account. I encountered critical challenges while configuring TGZ with Outlook profile. The main difficulty I’m having is that I need to have both Zimbra and Outlook programs installed, as well as my account properly configured. I was already sluggish on RAM and memory, and installing another third-party ZCO exacerbated the problem. One of my friends recommended that I utilize Zimbra to Outlook Converter Software, which works by converting Zimbra TGZ files to PST format. Is there a professional way to convert Zimbra files into common file formats?

The aforementioned questions show that a substantial number of users are eager to export Zimbra TGZ files to standard formats.

How Do I Export Zimbra TGZ Files?

It might be difficult for customers to select the finest Zimbra Converter software among the many alternatives available on the market. Most of them function in such a manner that they must first extract the TGZ file elements before proceeding with the conversion, which increases the time required. As a result, we will propose and explain another professional TrustVare TGZ Converter Tool that works directly with Zimbra TGZ files without the need for component extraction. It proves to be a better option for customers to choose this tool over others available at the time. The utility’s operation is simple, and the conversion may be completed quickly. The software also offers a direct option to import Zimbra mailbox items into popular email clients such as Thunderbird or Office 365 account profiles. To learn how the program works, follow these steps:

Easy Steps for Zimbra Export Software:

  • To use TrustVare TGZ Converter, first install and activate it. Then, add the appropriate TGZ files.
  • Following the insertion of the TGZ file, you will see a preview of Zimbra TGZ data.
  • Select the file format in which you wish to convert Zimbra TGZ files.
  • Now, specify where you want to save the result files and click the Export button to start the conversion process.

Advantages of Utilizing the Zimbra TGZ Converter:

In comparison to other Zimbra Mail Converter applications, this one has a lot more features and benefits. Several of these are described below:

  1. Export multiple Zimbra TGZ files in a batch.
  2. Export Zimbra emails, contacts, calendars, notes, and attachments.
  3. Transfers mailbox items from corrupted or damaged TGZ archives.
  4. No need for Outlook or Zimbra installation or configuration.
  5. Compatible with all Windows and Outlook versions.
  6. Maintains internal folder structure and email components while converting.
  7. Preview Zimbra emails and embedded attachments, including Meta properties and email headers.


Many users seek an external tool that will help them convert Zimbra objects to a certain format more easily. Zimbra lets you export emails and other mailbox objects to the standard TGZ archive format. However, users must utilize a third-party program that can convert the output TGZ file to a standard format.



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