Umrah Duas – A Guide to Umrah Duas

Umrah Duas – A Guide to Umrah Duas

For Muslims all over the world, Umrah is a spiritual journey. It is considered a best and blessed way to connect to Allah. You travel all the way to the Holy city, Makkah to perform Umrah at any time time of the year. You should select best and reasonable best Umrah packages from USA. Before going on to this amazing journey you must know everything and all the religious duties for Umrah.

Following are the duas of Umrah during various stages:

At the time of leaving the house for the journey:

Bismillah, tawakkaltu ‘alallah, wa la hawla wa la quwwata illa billah.

“I begin with the Name of Allah; I trust in Allah; there is no altering of conditions but by the Power of Allah.”

At time of  Boarding a Vehicle:

Allāhu akbar, Allāhu akbar, Allāhu akbar, subḥāna-l-ladhī sakkhara lanā hādhā wa mā kunnā lahū muqrinīn, wa innā ilā rabbinā la-munqalibūn, Allāhumma innā nas’aluka fī safarinā hādhā-l-birra wa-t-taqwā, wa mina-l-ʿamali mā tarḍā, Allāhumma hawwin ʿalaynā safaranā hādhā wa-ṭ-wi’ ʿannā buʿdah, allāhumma Anta-ṣ-ṣāḥibu fi-s-safar, wa-l-khalīfatu fi-l-ahl, allāhumma innī aʿūdhu bika min waʿthāi-s-safar, wa kaābati-l-manẓar, wa sū’i-l-munqalabi fi-l-māli wa-l-ahl.

“Allah is the Greatest. Allah is the Greatest. Allah is the Greatest. How perfect is the One Who has given us control over this; we could not have done it by ourselves. Truly it is to our Lord that we are returning. O Allah, we ask You for piety, taqwā and deeds which You will be pleased with on this journey of ours. O Allah, make this journey easy for us and let us cover its distance swiftly. O Allah, You are our Companion on the journey and the One in Whose care we leave our family. O Allah, I seek Your protection from the difficulties of the journey, from distressing scenes, and from an ill-fated outcome with my wealth and family.”

Upon arrival:

A’udzu bikalimatillahit-tammati min sharri ma khalaq.

“I seek refuge in Allah’s perfect words from every evil (that has been created).”

Before entering Ihram:

It is recommended that one recites tasbeeh, tahleel and takbeer.

Subhan Allah, La ilaha ill Allah, Allahu Akbar.

“Glory be to Allah, there is no god but Allah, Allah is Most Great.”

For Making the Intention for Performing Umrah:

Allahumma innee uridul umrah; fayassir haa li wa taqabbalahaa minnee.

“O Allah! I intend to perform Umrah. Make it easy for me and accept it in Your books.”

Talbiyah for Umrah:

Labbayka Allahumma Labbayk. Labbayka La Sharika Laka Labbayk. Innal Hamda Wan-ni’mata laka Wal-mulk. La Sharika Lak.

“Here I am at your service, O Allah, Here I am at Your service. Here I am at Your service, You have no partner, here I am at Your service. Truly all praise and blessings belong to You, and so does sovereignty. You have no partner.”

 Entering the Masjid Al Haram:

Bismillahi wal hamdulillahi wassalatu a’laa Rasulillah, Allahummaghfirlee zunoobee waf tahlee abwaaba rahmatik.

“I begin in the name of Allah, all praise be to Him, and Blessings be upon the Prophet of Allah; O Allah, forgive my sins and open for me the gates of Your mercy.”

 The first sight of Kaaba:

Allahumma zid hadha l-bayta tashrifan wa ta’dhiman wa takriman wa mahaba(tan), wa zid man sharrafahu wa karramahu mimman hajjahu awtamarahu tashrifan wa takriman wa ta’dhiman wa birra.

“O Allah, increase this House in honour and esteem, reverence and awe, and increase the one who honours and ennobles it, of those who travel to it for Hajj or Umrah, in honour, esteem, reverence and piety.”

Allahumma anta s-salamu wa minka s-salamu hayyina Rabbana bi s-salam.

O Allah, You are peace, and from You is peace, so give us life, our Lord, in the Abode of Peace.”

 During Tawaf:

Bismillahi Allahu Akbar wa lillahil hamd.

“I begin with the name of Allah, Allah is the Greatest, and all Praise be to Allah.”

 For drinking ZamZam:

Allahumma innee as’aluka ilman na’fiaa, wa rizqa’w wa-si’aa, wa shifa’an min kulli da’aa

“O Allah, I seek beneficial knowledge, wide sustenance and cure from all ailments from You.”

for Sa’ee:

Innassafaa wal marwata min sha’airillah, faman hajj al baeeta awi’tamara falaa junaaha a’laihi aiyattawwafa bihi maa, wa man tatawwa’a khairan fa innAllaha shaakirun a’leem.

“Indeed, Safa and Marwah are among the symbols of Allah. Hence, whosoever performs Hajj or Umrah at the holy Kaabah can safely walk between them without fearing any sin. And Allah Knows and Appreciates him who does any good with a willing

Top of Mount Safa:

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, La illaha illAllahu wahdahu la shareekalahu, lahul mul ku wa lahul hamdu, wa huwa ‘ala kulli shai’in qadeer. Laa ilaha illAllahu wahdahu anjaza wa’dahu, wa nasara ‘abdahu wa hadhamal ahzaaba wahdahu

For leaving Al Haram:

Bismillah — wassalatu wassalamu ala Rasoolillah, allahumma innee as-aluka min fadlik.

“In the name of Allah, and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah. O Allah, I ask You from Your favour.”

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