Triangl Bathing Suit Presents The Paradiso Range

Triangl Bathing Suit Presents The Paradiso Range

Triangl’s Paradiso collection includes new swimwear and its first crochet line.
The collection includes bikinis, one-pieces, cover-ups, shorts, and skorts in fresh patterns, shapes, and materials for any swimwear lover.
Paradiso highlights include the NOUR short in Triangl Bathing Suits new crochet fabric and Vera print, the ARLA high-waisted bikini set, and the VINNI Ortigia one-shoulder full-piece. The new line comes in brilliant green, deep blue, and gradient turquoise.
Inspired by the combination of beach clubs and late afternoons into early hours of Mykonos culture, we offer PARADISO, says Triangl Design Director Jaynee Webb in a news statement.

Poppy Bikini In Peach Soda

The top of this bikini has a Balconette style, molded cups with underwire, a back clasp fastening, and adjustable shoulder straps. Use this Triangl Discount Code to save money.
The small straps on Triangl Bathing Suits can’t be removed without ruining the garment. This is Alright with me since I adore how they look and think they provide the perfect push-up. The hip coverage is good, and the bottoms are somewhat higher on the sides.
The Poppy bikini comes in a spectrum of colors. The multicolored bikini top and two-tone bottoms are a great combo, in my view. Milly Bikini in Candy Pink is another one of my bikinis, and it’s gorgeous like the Poppy.

Bambi Bikini In Sugar Plum

This bikini has a Bra top with adjustable shoulder straps and a back clasp. I love the mesh detail and neoprene.
This top lacks the underwire and cushioning of the Poppy bikini. Nonetheless, its style and adjustable straps will elevate you less than the Poppy bikini.
Bandeau bikini tops flatter my body and provide the best push-up. This Bambi-style top gives me confidence.
Someone wearing a swimsuit should feel confident and comfortable in a bikini. Try Triangl Bathing Suits bikinis to see whether you like Neoprene. Sure!

Textures Swimsuits

This summer, textured bikinis are all about the sensory overload they provide. A textured bikini is the modern method to upgrade your Triangl Bathing Suits, whether via touch (such as terry toweling, velvet (both patterned and plain), and raised patterns), or visually appealing (such as Lurex sparkles that catch the light).

How To Care For These Swimsuits

Always wash by hand; never use a dishwasher.
A very weak detergent and cold water should be used for hand washing.
Always dry on a flat surface. You should always rinse your bikini after swimming in salt water or chlorinated pools/hot tubs.
Do not fold or iron anything.
These bikinis should never be dried in a dryer.
While not in use, these bikinis should be kept in a flat, dry area.

Swimsuit Online Purchase

Both swimming suits were purchased online, so I was first worried that they wouldn’t fit. As I put them on, I was immediately pleased with the high standard of construction and the pleasant feel of the cloth.
Neoprene, the same material used to produce wetsuits, is utilized to make the Triangl Bathing Suits. They fit closely without being too tight. These are modest one-piece swimsuits that fit as intended.

Is The Material Good Quality

The Triangl Bathing Suits exceeded my expectations in terms of quality, construction, and attention to detail.
I like the robust cloth and the expert stitching, as well as the little square tassels at the ends of the ties that are imprinted with “Triangl.”

What Is Included And How Is It Packaged

I love how your bikini and the neoprene bag that came in match. The bag serves as both a storage space for your bikini (set it flat to prevent creases) and a way of carrying your wet Triangl Bathing Suits back to your house.

Do They Deliver Internationally

Triangl Bathing Suits may be an Aussie firm, but they ship globally! You should review their Shipping FAQ before placing a purchase so you know what to expect in terms of additional customs and taxes, but in general, international shipping (including the UK) costs 20 USD and for Australia they charge 10 AUD.


On their website, you may get a sizing guide. If, after reading the sizing guides, you are still unsure of what size to get because of the Neoprene material, feel free to start a live chat with their amiable representatives of the company who are ready and willing to assist you at any time.
They were very helpful in our discussions on sizing, and when I received my order in the mail, everything fit perfectly.

Triangl Swimwear Rules

Today I’m going to talk about what exactly women want from a bikini, and then I’ll review two different designs of Triangl Bathing Suits.
Structured neoprene (scuba wear) is used in the construction of all Triangl bathing suits.
Neoprene swimsuits are more comfortable and offer a more secure fit than their spandex counterparts. Neoprene does not stretch, therefore it maintains its original form. Amazing? Everyone here hates it when the bottoms of their bikinis sag.
If you own any of the two bikinis I’ll be describing today, you’ll agree that they’re unlike anything else in the swimwear world.
You’ll quickly feel safe and comfortable with neoprene’s snug fit and quick drying time.

Would You Recommend Triangl Bikinis? Are They Worth The Price

When it comes to bikinis, I recommend Triangl Bathing Suits. Even if the price range is costly (US$79–US$89), I believe it’s vital to invest in a good bikini. You don’t need 100 pairs, but a comfortable pair may alter everything.
I propose the Indy style for curvier girls since it is entirely adjustable and fits for me, even though I have enormous breasts and a large posterior.
My favorite swimsuit item is the bikini top, and I’d like to see more alternatives from Triangl Bathing Suits for bikini bottoms, especially fold-over ones, which I think particularly appealing and tolerant of genital faults. In the end, I believe this is one of the few goods that lives up to its reputation.

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