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These days, texts are an important way to talk to each other every day, both for work and for fun. Microsoft Outlook is a popular email app and service today. It stores its data in an OST format. The EML format, widely used by multiple email clients, offers greater flexibility compared to OST files that remain unopenable in any other program. We aim to guide you through the process of converting from OST to Thunderbird, facilitating seamless data transfers between email systems.

Learn How to Read OST & EML Files

File types affect email range and value. Outlook stores mailbox data in OST files. A major difficulty with OST files is their exclusive opening on their original system.

Mozilla Thunderbird, MS Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail, and others can open and use EML files. Therefore, EML files have more uses than OST files.

What Do the OST & EML Files Mean For Business?

Only the original system can open OST files. This is a big problem in today’s business world, where flexibility and ease of access are very important. This is a challenge, particularly when employees must check their email on several devices or from various locations. On the other hand, EML files give businesses the freedom they need today. You can easily get to them with an email app, which makes them easier to use and more flexible.

OST to EML Conversion is Needed

Because OST files have limits and EML files are more flexible, it is common to need to convert from OST to EML format. Because email apps like Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Windows Live Mail can easily open EML files, users have more options and can easily switch between different email programs depending on their needs.

How can I Directly Convert OST to EML?

Manually changing OST to EML is a process that takes a few steps and isn’t easy. Still, if you’re ready, here are the steps you need to take:

Step 1: Make Gmail work in Outlook.

  • Start your Gmail app and go to the settings page.
  • To change the settings, click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP.
  • After setting up IMAP, click the “Save Changes” button.
  • Click on Security at “” and allow less safe app access.
  • Open up MS Outlook.
  • Simply click on “Add Account” under “File.”
  • Type your name, email address, and password. Type in the password again, then click “Next.”
  • Once the confirmation process is complete, click the Finish button.

Moving Emails to Gmail is the Second Step

  • If you are in Gmail, right-click on your mailbox and choose “New Folder.”
  • Choose which emails you want to import, and give the folder a name.
  • You can move your emails to the new folder by dragging and dropping them.

Step 3: Connect Gmail to Thunderbird.

  • Open up Firefox and Thunderbird.
  • Just click on Tools, then on Options.
  • Go to Account Settings, click on Account Action, and then click on Add Mail Account.
  • After typing in your name, email address, and password, hit the Continue button.
  • Click on “Done” after choosing “IMAP.”

Step 4: Get an EML file from Thunderbird.

  • You can choose which emails you want to send by clicking on the Gmail mailbox and pressing CTRL+A.
  • You can drop or drag text into the machine.
  • We will immediately convert every email to the EML format.

Advice: If you’re having trouble with the manual way and want an easy fix, try the suggestions below. It’ll help you save time and effort.

The OST to EML Converter Can Convert OST Files to EML

The manual process is the only way to change, Transfer & Save OST Emails to EML Structure, but it takes a long time and is hard to understand. Because of this, a tool like Softaken OST to EML Converter that is easier to use is helpful. This program is very useful and can easily change OST files to EML files in just a few steps:

  • Get the program and set it up.
ost exporter home window

  • Start up the tool and select “Add File.”
  • You can start loading the file by choosing the OST file and clicking the OK button.
  • The program will organize the files and add a preview mode to the main window once everything has loaded.
ost files preview

  • To export all of your folders, click the “Export” button.
  • Select EML as the format to export, and then specify where you want to save the EML files.
  • Launch the OST-to-EML transfer by pressing the “Next” button.
  • Once the process is complete, click the OK button.
ost file export options

Some Other Useful Features

The Softaken OST to EML Converter is a very useful and flexible program that has many features, including:

  • Inside the software panel, create a preview mode.
  • Check for and fix any corrupted or broken OST files that you discover.
  • Keep the metadata and folder layout that were there before.
  • You can search and sort to do selective conversion.
  • Help with all versions of Windows OS and MS Outlook.
  • It’s free to change the first 10 things in a folder from OST to EML.

Questions People Often Ask

Is it possible to open the changed EML files in Mozilla Thunderbird?
Sure thing! The Softaken OST to EML Converter lets you change OST files to EML files. Then it will be easy to add the eml files, which will then be easily added to Thunderbird.

Can this tool bring OST files into Windows Live Mail?
You can do that. OST files must first be converted into EML files using the Softaken OST to EML Converter to be imported into Windows Live Mail. Once done, Windows Live Mail makes it easy to open the changed EML files.

Is there a free program that can change OST to EML?
While there isn’t any free software that can do this, Softaken OST to EML Converter has a sample version that you can use for free. For free, you can convert and send the first 10 things from each folder.

The Last Words,

Changing OST files to EML might look hard at first, but it’s very easy to do once you have the right tools and advice. After reviewing this article and understanding the distinctions between OST and EML files, you will be able to quickly modify your files and improve your email data. It’s always up to your needs, tastes, and level of technical knowledge to decide whether to use the manual method or the OST to EML Converter tool. No matter which way you choose, we hope this guide has made the process of converting OST to EML easier for you.

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