Top 6 Brands of Disposable Vapes You Should Try as a Beginner in 2K24

Top 6 Brands of Disposable Vapes You Should Try as a Beginner in 2K24

Vapes have successfully captured the market due to their sleek design, easiness and portability. Whether it’s professional smokers or enthusiasts, everyone is amazed by how convenient it is to use them, and the variety of flavors available. Ever since vapes have become the talk of the town, many brands are now producing disposable vapes with different cannabis mixtures and strains, for instance, Lost Vape, Mellow Monkey Disposable Vapes, Flum and many more.

Although many other disposable brands are available, we will only discuss the best ones in the disposable vape industry to make your decision easier.

Mellow Monkey Disposable Vapes

Select Your Favorite Brand

For those who want to experience vaping in its purest form, disposable vapes provide a hassle-free alternative to do so. The quality of these five disposable vape brands, the taste of their products, and the outstanding experience they provide to their customers are the three primary factors that differentiate them from one another. Let us not waste any more time and get started right away!

  1. Flum

The use of testimonials is an essential component in conveying information about the experience of using the product. In the case of Flum disposable vapes, richness and depth of flavor are delivered with each and every puff, according to the consumers who have used these devices. Flum is aware of the fact that the creation of vapor is essential in order to enhance the visual appearance of vaping. The Flum disposable vapes are created in a way that is both unique and meant to increase the user’s enjoyment of vaping. Flum is frequently praised by professional vapers for the variety and innovation that it brings to the genre of vaping. On the other hand, its newbies are enamored with the comfort and ease of use, making it a win-win situation for everyone involved.

  1. Lost Vape

Lost Vape is widely regarded as one of the most successful manufacturers of vaping products. The company has been operating in the vaping market for a considerable amount of time. Additionally, they have included disposable vapes in their product lineup since they are aware of the significance of remaining consistent with the shift in client preferences. The thrilling characteristics of their Orion Bar Vapes, which include an intelligent display, airflow control, and a capacity of 20 milliliters of vape juice that can last for up to 10,000 puffs, have contributed to the company’s rise to prominence. There are three different flavors available for these vapes: double apple ice, strawberry chew, and blueberry pie.

Mellow Monkey Disposable Vapes

  1. Mellow Monkey Disposable

Mellow Monkey disposable vapes stand out from the competition because of their stimulating combination of nine different cannabinoids, delivering a whole bunch of cannabis in just one puff. Mellow Monkey disposable vapes are available in various delicious fruity flavors such as Cherry Lime Gelato, Mango Dream, Zkittles and Kiwi Berry Kush. You can enjoy all sorts of blends in Mellow Monkey disposables – black-out blend, phantom blend and uppercut blend. Mellow Monkey offers good value for your money; you can easily have a 2-gram vape for around $ 19.99, enjoying both quality and quantity. You can easily find these sensational Mellow Monkey Disposable vapes at High Mellow. There is no need to worry about the quality as all the products at High Mellow undergo rigorous quality testing.

  1. SMOK

Given that it was established in 2010, SMOK is one of the oldest brands. With more than 80 million fans and consumers, SMOK has become the most popular vape brand. This is due to the company’s dedication to providing the highest quality electronic cigarettes and other vaping products. An exceptional highlight is the Nord Bar, which is one of the disposable vapes offered by SMOK. This vaporizer is disposable and comes in a total of 26 exciting flavors. It has a capacity to last for up to 4,000 puffs. SMOK is another retailer that offers items such as pod mods and vapes that are shaped like pens.

  1. Lost Mary

Lost Mary is a corporation that has only been in existence since the year 2022. It is the sister company of ELFBAR. This product is well-known for its exceptional nicotine supply as well as its constant flavor dissemination. Lost Mary is well-known for providing alternatives to cigarettes in the form of disposable vapes, specifically with the intention of providing everyone with a fresh start. Despite the fact that both are designed by the same manufacturer, the Lost Mary disposable vapes are a true standout in terms of value and a vaping experience that is unforgettable.

Mellow Monkey Disposable Vapes

  1. Geek Bar

There is a well-known disposable vape from Geek Bar called the Geek Bar Pulse. The powerful bar is in the shape of a rectangle and features an LED screen as well as a mouthpiece that is comfortable to use. In the Geek Bar Pulse, there are two modes: Regular and Pulse. Regular mode provides 15,000 puffs, while Pulse mode provides 7,500 puffs. Each of these configurations was developed with the express purpose of delivering a unique experience to the users.

Either they can choose to engage in intense vaping for a brief period of time or they can opt to enjoy continuous vaping for a longer period of time. This disposable vape is offered at a price that is comparable to other similar products, and it comes in fifteen different flavors. You are able to take pleasure in the pulse mode, which brings about the supercharged mood, which includes amplified flavor and clouds that are more substantial.

Your decision to consider any disposable vape brand comes down to your preference and mood. But having a quick view of the famous brands will surely help your decision.


It may be difficult, but it is not impossible, to choose the perfect product that satisfies all of your criteria with complete satisfaction. When searching for the best disposable vapes, it is vital to take into consideration numerous important criteria, including weight, portability, longevity, and the activation mechanism. Is it simple to function? After giving serious consideration to the most important aspects, you will be able to select a product that will unquestionably fulfill your requirements.




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