Top 10 Tractor Brands In India 2023

Top 10 Tractor Brands In India

The tractor industry in India is evolving with time and improving farmers’ productivity. It is one of the most valuable farming tools that help farmers from sowing to harvesting. 

In this blog post, I list some of India’s leading tractor brands in 2023 with a decent market share. The best part is we will have famous brands like Mahindra and Sonalika, Escorts and other tractor companies in India. 

India’s tractor market is developing over time and increasing farmer productivity. From seeding to harvesting, it is one of the most useful farming instruments.

I’ve compiled a list of some of the top tractor brands in India as of 2023 with respectable market shares in this blog post. The best aspect is that we will have well-known Indian tractor firms like Escorts, Mahindra, and Sonalika.

So, let’s get started with the top tractor brands in India.

Tractor Brands In India: Top 10 Picks

1. Mahindra & Mahindra

Honestly, Mahindra has been one of the top tractor brands in India since its inspection in 1964. Mahindra produces high-end tractors and an array of farm equipment like baler, tillers and others at affordable prices. 

It is the world’s leading tractor company and has a record of highest-selling tractors. Most farmers in India prefer Mahindra tractors owing to their excellent customer support and affordable pricing. 

Mahindra tractors come in the 15-75HP range and are also available in mini tractors to meet small farming needs. The Mahindra tractor price generally starts from Rs 2.5 lakhs in the Indian marketplace.

2. Escorts

Founded in 1960, Escorts are one of the top tractor brands in India. Because this company has a decent name, you can find affordable tractor loans at Tractor Junction for any Escorts tractors. 

Four major subsidiaries of Escorts are Powertrac, Digitrac, Farmtrac, and Escort. They are available in a whopping 26-80 HP power with prices as low as Rs 4 lakhs. 

The biggest flex of Escorts is they sell tractors in over 40 countries and have a decent share in the tractor market. 

One of the leading tractor brands in India is Escorts, which was founded in 1960. You may obtain reasonable tractor loans at Tractor Junction for any Escorts tractor because this organization has a respectable reputation.

Powertrac, Digitrac, Farmtrac, and Escort are the four principal subsidiaries of Escorts. They start at just Rs 4 lakhs and come in a staggering 26–80 HP power range.

The largest advantage of Escorts is their substantial market share and ability to sell tractors in more than 40 countries.

3. Sonalika

Based in Hoshiarpur, Punjab, Sonalika International Tractors Limited, established in 1969, produces tractors and implements. 

It’s a well-known top tractor brand in India. Moreover, its tractors are available in horsepower range from 20 to 90HP. Sonalika is one of the best-selling tractor brands in India, starting from Rs 3 lakh and reaching Rs 13 lakhs in the Indian market. In addition, they work with all sorts of tractor implements like tillers, baler, mowers and loaders.

4. Force Tractor

Yes, Force Motors also has a presence in the tractor market. It manufactures 21 to 51 HP tractors from Rs 4 lakh to 9 lahks in the tractor market. The company has over 340 dealers all over India and has been working in this industry since 1997. 

Force tractors are known for their high-end technologies and global presence. However, if running on a limited budget or needing a mini tractor, you can consider Mahindra a better option.

5. TAFE Group

Ever since its market debut in 1960, TAFE has maintained a strong base in the tractor market. Moreover, the company’s corporate office is located in Chennai and has four subsidiaries: Eicher, Massey Ferguson, IMT, and TAFE. 

All the TAFE brands manufacture tractors with 18-55 HP power and provide exceptional after-sale customer support. As a result, the tractor price generally falls in an affordable range between Rs 4 lakhs to Rs 13.4 lakhs.

6. Preet

Preet is one of India’s top 10 tractor brands and is based in Punjab. Established in 1980, this company is regarded for its high-quality farm products and equipment. 

I have always found Preet an adorable and reliable brand name. Moreover, Preet tractors provide the power of 30-90HP for efficient farming work.

7. John Deere

The oldest and the best tractor company was established in Chicago, United States, in 1837. This company has remarkable history and legacy. Deere’s tractor models come in the 20 to 120HP range, with utmost precision and efficiency. 

The company aims to double farmers’ income by offering advanced and reliable farming equipment. They even have amazing plans to incorporate more automation, sustainability and precision.

8. Kubota

Kubota, the Japanese beast with a good name in agricultural machinery manufacturing, has an international presence. 

In India, this company offers the best-class tractors at the best price and performance. In addition, Kubota NeoStar B2741 and Kubota MU 5501 are the best-selling Kubota tractors. They are advanced, reliable and efficient.

9. New Holland

Based in Turin, Italy, New Holland is recognized for manufacturing agricultural machinery. Its tractors are powered by 35 to 90 HP engines and offer advanced technologies. It’s one of the best tractor companies in India, with a decent presence in market share.

10. Indo Farm

Indo Farm is also a leading tractor manufacturer in India. It has well-designed and settled tractors with high performance and a long-time guarantee. 

Moreover, it has a Pan India customer support services and dealer network. Its tractor comes with 26 to 90 HP power and is also suitable for heavy-duty work. Some of the best tractors of Indo Farm are Indo Farm 3048 DI and Indo Farm 3040 DI.


So I have listed India’s top 10 tractor brands, including Mahindra, Sonalika, Preet, TAFE and other leading players. 

I hope you now have sufficient data about the top brands. Hence, you can make an informed decision when you buy. In addition, always remember your farming aim and requirements before purchasing any inventory.

Thus, I’ve included a list of the top ten tractor brands in India, which includes TAFE, Mahindra, Sonalika, Preet, and other notable companies.

I hope you now own enough information regarding the leading brands. As so, you are able to make an informed purchase decision. Additionally, before making any inventory purchases, keep in mind your farming goals and needs.



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