Top 10 Must-Listen Business Podcasts in the Philippines

In the dynamic sphere of business, continual learning is crucial. Being conversant with updated information, soliciting expert guidance, and acquiring insider insights can significantly impact outcomes. Fortunately, podcasts present these valuable assets readily accessible. To guide you, we have compiled a list of ten must-listen best business podcasts in the Philippines.

These podcasts provide practical advice, inspiring stories, and expert perspectives to help you navigate the vibrant Philippine business landscape. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, seasoned businessman, or simply interested in business, these resources are invaluable.

The insights gained from these podcasts can help you make informed decisions, grasp market trends, and understand business intricacies better. Dive into these knowledge-filled audio resources and give your venture a chance to scale new heights.


The RJ Ledesma Podcast

The best-selling author, multi-awarded serial entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and Aliw Awardee Hall of Famer, go inside the minds of the nation’s astute and imaginative business personalities and entrepreneurs. For best male host RJ Ledesma. Hack your way to success as you learn more about how they think about business, what are their best practices and success secrets, how they innovated their businesses during the pandemic and what opportunities do they see in the New Normal.


The RJ Ledesma Podcast is an insightful resource for budding entrepreneurs. Hosted by respected entrepreneur RJ Ledesma, it highlights the journey of successful Philippine entrepreneurs. Renowned guests discuss their business journeys, providing listeners with practical tips and inspiration.


The Leadership Stack

Sean Si is the host of the Leadership Stack podcast, which focuses on business and leadership. Si speaks with CEOs and executives on leadership, management, and business. Sean Si’s podcast, The Leadership Stack, is all about entrepreneurship and leadership from a business standpoint. It is renowned for its enlightening Q&A sessions with CEOs, executives, and business figures who explain their background in team management and company management. Best practices, individual perspectives, and lessons learned in the field of entrepreneurship are frequently discussed. Its main objective is to impart a wealth of information to those who listen, assisting them in overcoming obstacles at work and developing into stronger leaders.


The Enterprising Individuals

The Enterprising Individuals podcast features entrepreneurs who share the stories behind their businesses. Hosted by Armina Zobel Nawangwe, this podcast delves into the minds of these entrepreneurs and extracts pearls of business wisdom. The Enterprising Individuals Podcast, hosted by Armina Zobel Nawangwe, showcases the stories of entrepreneurs, uncovering their business journey. It shares valuable insights and experiences from successful business individuals in the Philippines.


The podcast is an in-depth discourse into the minds of these entrepreneurs, gleaning pearls of business wisdom. Each episode explores different business concepts, strategies and practical advice, making it an invaluable resource for budding entrepreneurs.


Project Hustle

Project Hustle, hosted by Pauline Mae De Luna, is dedicated to inspiring listeners about entrepreneurship. Successful Filipino entrepreneurs share their journey, bringing forth valuable tips for achieving business success.Through candid discussions, the podcast explores the wins and challenges entrepreneurs encounter in their journey. It aims to motivate individuals to pursue entrepreneurial dreams by illustrating real-life experiences.


Additionally, listening to Project Hustle can provide a wealth of practical tips and insights. Entrepreneurs from various industries share their processes, strategies, and ideas, helping listeners grasp the dynamics of running a successful business.


The e-commerce Philippines

The e-commerce Philippines podcast, hosted by Laida Dimarucut-Santiago and Ralph Quiroz, offers key insights for running successful online businesses. A useful resource for navigating the e-commerce domain, it lends effective business tips to its listeners.This podcast explores online business strategies, customer engagement techniques, and digital marketing trends. It aims to equip online entrepreneurs with tools necessary for thriving in the e-commerce space.


Moreover, it covers a wide array of topics including website optimization, supply chain management, and various digital payment platforms. It’s an invaluable guide for anyone aspiring to start or grow an online business in the Philippines.


When in Manila

When in Manila covers various topics, including business tactics and strategies. Vince Golangco, the man behind Manila’s buzzing digital scene, hosts this podcast and shares relevant digital skills to help local businesses thrive.


The Moneywise Series

The Moneywise Series helps listeners in understanding financial concepts better. Christine Tang is the financial planner behind this podcast. This podcast breaks down complex financial concepts, equipping listeners to make sound financial decisions.


Startup Life

Startup Life is a Philippine podcast that shares the journeys of ambitious, young tech entrepreneurs. Hosted by Paolo Balboa, it provides real-world advice on navigating the challenging Filipino startup landscape.The podcast serves as an essential guide, touching upon various aspects of tech startups, encompassing fundraising, innovation, and resilience. By sharing entrepreneurs’ experiences, it brings out valuable operational tactics and innovation strategies.


Moreover, Startup Life offers first-hand insights into overcoming startup-specific challenges. It encourages young entrepreneurs to learn and implement critical business lessons, contributing to their growth and decision-making process in the entrepreneurial world.


The Freelance Blend

The Freelance Blend, curated by Marv De Leon, is an ideal companion for aspiring freelancers. The podcast offers resourceful strategies and thoughtful interviews, assisting freelance business owners in their journey to success.Featuring conversations with successful freelancers and industry experts, the podcast addresses challenges freelancers face. It provides practical advice, from finding clients to maintaining work-life balance.


Additionally, Freelance Blend discusses current trends, creating a vast knowledge base for anyone venturing into freelancing. It’s a great listen for those seeking to rise in the freelance economy.


Positive Triggers

Positive Triggers, a weekly Philippine podcast by Joanne Apolinar, entails actionable business success tips. The podcast’s goal is to help listeners turn adversity into business victories.In each episode, Positive Triggers provides essential business and motivational insights. It encourages entrepreneurial resilience, helping listeners navigate challenges and transform setbacks into success stories.


Furthermore, Positive Triggers presents a unique perspective on challenges faced by business owners. It provides a platform for fostering a positive mindset, promoting personal growth and business success.



For entrepreneurs or business-interested individuals, these best business podcasts from the Philippines offer invaluable insights. They host engaging discussions, share inspirational stories, and provide expert advice tackling competitive business landscapes in the Philippines. By tuning into these remarkable podcasts, one can acquire extensive knowledge, potentially catapulting ventures to novel heights. They make understanding business concepts relatively simple, creating a perfect learning platform for aspiring entrepreneurs. Through these platforms, listeners are not only educated but fortified with tools to succeed in their entrepreneurial journey.


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