Online Story of Borneo Princess and Hurricane Irma book

Hurricane Irma is a sudden form of cyclone that causes severe destruction to any nation of the world. However, it can happen to any country in the globe due to geographical changes. But the core reason of hurricanes is to show the GOD’s fury. So, when the sins grow above your head it is a time to give a little bit of warning. Hurricanes are small warnings of GOD ALMIGHTY to astray people to come back to the right direction.

Hence, they must choose the right path of peace and well-being. But when the disobedience increases and people do not listen to GOD’s commandments. Cyclones happen and storms come to devastate the entire scenario of the world. However, it is just a forewarning to individuals to understand the actual meaning of this threat. So, they must get clearly the cause and reason behind this destruction. People must show their obedience to GOD ALMIGHTY to prepare and survive from hurricane Irma disaster.

However, they must take a lesson and inspiration from the online story of Borneo princess and Hurricane Irma book to make their reform and amendment. Hence, it saves people from the frightening view of the hurricane Irma that occurred in 2017. It’s now been six years to this tragic incident that has shaken the hearts and souls of individuals. So, they can repent on their sins and wrongdoings to correct them with the accuracy of faith.

Here are valuable tips to survive from the hurricane Irma disaster:

Repentance from Sins

The first thing to do is to have a complete repentance of your committed sins. However, people commit sins without knowing and understanding the future consequences. Therefore, the consequences can be simply disastrous as a result of extreme levels of disobedience. People break the rules of nature and do not listen to the commandments of GOD ALMIGHTY.

Hence, these commandments are of their individual and collective benefit to save them from all kinds of worldly calamities that happened as the result of infidelity and adultery. People must repent and regret on their past actions and must not repeat them in the future.

Understand the Pre-Warning Signs

GOD ALMIGHTY shows you all his pre-warning signs and symptoms to understand them before the forming and happening of a giant sea storm. It has a miraculous power and strength to catapult the earth and break it into holes and pieces. However, you must have understood all these divine signs to get them clearly into your mind. So, you must try to find out the cause and reason behind it. Therefore, people must understand these signs clearly to ask for early forgiveness to GOD. It lessens the fury and rage of ALMIGHTY GOD and he lifts his punishment from the people to forgive their sins.

Call for the Goodness and Stop from the Badness

Individuals must order the most virtues to their family, friends, and neighborhood community to perform the good. However, they must also ask their circle of people to forbid them from committing sins. Hence, the misfortune of your evil deeds chase after you for all your life and never leave you.

Therefore, as long as they get involved in these activities no harm will come to them. There will be a shower of blessings on them from the sky. And they will enjoy the best of food and be in the comfort position due to their righteousness and moralities. These qualities will attract and direct them towards holiness.

Show Your Generosity

Generosity takes you to the paradise and heaven. However, meanness can push you in the burning fire of hell. So, give the most charity to needy people around you. It will protect and save you from the mode of destruction. Charity always becomes a shelter for you to safeguard you from all kinds of disasters and calamities. These catastrophes are the worst results of sins and evil actions. Therefore, you must be GOD fearing to become a generous person and openly distribute your money to people for the sake of forgiveness.

Evacuate People from the Storm

Storm is a result of heavy tropical rainfall that increases the speed of wind and creates the extreme turbulence in the sea. However, it raises the tides from their heights and produces the current in them to ruin everything. So, after the unfortunate happening of this incident anywhere in the worlds. The first thing is to evacuate the people who are caught there. They are fortunate storm survivors who survived in this disastrous hurricane by the blessing and grace of GOD ALMIGHTY.

Therefore, it is the duty of the armed forces to make quick preparation to empty the affected location and take all the people out from there. So, that they can find a safe haven and reasonable accommodation for them to cover the shelter on their heads. However, evacuation is the first and foremost step to perform and execute for people to clear everyone from the place.

Bring the Food and Clothing

After the survival from the hurricane, people feel hungry and starve for something to eat. Therefore, it is a collective and cumulative responsibility of everyone as a nation to help them bring food and clothing. They should also bring them medicines to prevent from epidemic outbreak from the water-borne diseases.

Bottom Line

All in all, these are crucial tips to find a survival and seek refugee from the horrible and frightening hurricane Irma. However, it was actually happened in 2017 in the most parts of United States and other adjacent countries. It was spread so furiously and ruined the entire continent of America.

Hence, people must take this incident as a worse lesson and ask forgiveness to GOD ALMIGHTY to protect everyone from this sudden ordeal. It was a little demonstration to show for disobedient people to repent on their sins and feel shame on their evil actions. They must have a clear realization of their malicious and sinful attitude that makes everyone regret on their wrong doings. So, they must quit the mixing of boys and girls to wear less clothing to reveal their hidden body to everyone. But they can still be protected from this fierce storm by reading the online story of Borneo Princess and Hurricane Irma book for motivation.

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