Thrill Seekers Can Enjoy World-Class Rides At Wild Wadi Waterpark in Dubai

Thrill Seekers Can Enjoy World-Class Rides At Wild Wadi Waterpark in Dubai

Jumeirah hotels include tickets to Wild Wadi Waterpark as part of their stay, starting from just 99 AED for children and 269 AED for adults.

By purchasing tickets in advance online, visitors can avoid ticket purchase lines and save time during their visit. They also reduce overcrowding to maximize the fun-filled experience they have.

New Attractions And Upgrades At Wild Wadi Waterpark For Summer 2024

Wild Wadi Waterpark offers world-class rides to entertain the entire family, from thrilling Jumeirah Sceirah rides to weightless acceleration on Tantrum Alley and everything in between. Don’t miss your chance at Wild Wadi for unforgettable fun.

Guest can relax in the wave pool or splash around in Juha’s Journey children’s zone, both located within the waterpark. Or if they prefer an alternative experience, take a ride on Juha’s 360-metre lazy river, which was first implemented here in Dubai.

As a popular tourist destination, the park can become extremely crowded on weekends. To avoid crowds and arrive as early as possible, consider visiting during the week and arriving as early as possible. After your visit you can refuel at Firecrust Pizza, Surfer’s Burgers or Julshan’s Burgers and Dogs before returning for more fun in the waterpark’s sustainability initiatives and waste management strategies.

Wild Wadi Waterpark: Heart-Pounding Aquatic Adventures

Wild Wadi Waterpark provides heart-pounding adventures at every turn! Experience some of Dubai and the Middle East’s premier aquatic rides like Jumeirah Sceirah’s free-fall slide, defy gravity with Master Blasters aquatic roller coaster or take in breathtaking views with Burj Surj and Tantrum Alley slides – you won’t be able to resist!

Wild Wadi Waterpark

Younger visitors and those under 1.1m in height can enjoy Breakers Bay wave pool, Juha’s Dhow and Lagoon family play area or AquaPlay Rain Fortress. Or they can ride the new flood river attraction – an ingenious gravity-defying attraction where riders are carried along by powerful water jets!

Be sure to arrive early so as to avoid long queues and ensure at least four hours in the park. Stay hydrated, and respect the park’s code of conduct, which requires polite behaviour.

Ultimate Water Adventure For Families

Water play zones for younger children offer hours of entertainment, from five slides and racing slides to wild buckets that drop water every two minutes! Here children will have over 100 activities such as racing slides and buckets that drop buckets full of water on people every two minutes!

Ride waves and experience waterfalls with this adventure-filled river ride! Unexpected surges of 100,000 liters of Wild Wadi Waterpark create waves over 1 meter high as well as unexpected river rapids!

This world-class wave pool features two FlowRiders which produce extremely realistic waves for body boarding and knee boarding, making this attraction an absolute must for surf lovers! It is truly unforgettable experience.

After experiencing all of the exciting rides, take a relaxing cruise down Juha’s Journey’s 360 meters-long lazy river for an enjoyable family-friendly cruise ride. Perfect for taking a much needed rest!

Family Fun and Thrills Await

Juha’s Journey, one of Wild Wadi Waterpark’s family rides, allows visitors to relax on a leisurely cruise along a 360-meter long river. Suitable for riders with two rings that sit comfortably together.

Experience some thrills with Burj Surj and Tantrum Alley waterslides or try an aquatic roller coaster like Flood River Flyer’s Flood River Flyer.

Wipeout Flow Rider and Riptide Flow Rider at Wild Wadi provide guests with an enjoyable surfing experience, among four such rides worldwide that provide realistic wave effects suitable for body-boarding, knee-boarding, and surfing. This provides the ideal chance to relax after some of the more nerve-wracking Wild Wadi rides!

Hrills And Waves At Wild Wadi Waterpark

Water jets defy gravity on this aquatic roller coaster ride that reaches heights up to 15 meters high. One tube can accommodate two riders at once.Burj Surj Slide at Wild Wadi Waterpark In Dubai is one of the most exhilarating rides available. As it stands as the world’s tallest free-fall slide.

Wild Wadi Waterpark

If you’re in search of an adrenaline-filled activity, the Flow Rider Championship should definitely be on your list. Competitors who demonstrate their talents could win medals, trophies and exclusive Wild Wadi merchandise!

Flood River takes guests on an action-packed, rapid river journey that flings them between waves and rapids with unpredictability. Breaker’s Bay offers play and swim in 1.5 meter-high waves at Breaker’s Bay wave pool; guests can also experience AquaPlay Rain Fortress which features slides, water guns and even a dumping bucket!

Fast Track Pass for Wild Wadi Waterpark

Wild Wadi Waterpark now offers guests looking to skip long queues on some of its most popular rides. A Fast Track pass that gives access to dedicated ride lines for White Water, Flood River Flyer and Wipeout Flow Rider. Allowing them to bypass general queues and jump right into their adventure!

This latest addition to our water rides lineup is an immersive flood ride with waves and rapids that increase in speed as you progress along. Perfect for anyone seeking adventure and excitement!

For those seeking a less hectic experience The Wild Wadi Waterpark still offers plenty of attractions and activities to keep you busy. Relax with a ride down Flood River or try your luck surfing at Wipeout and Riptide FlowRider; an artificial wave designed for novice and seasoned surfers alike.

Wild Wadi Waterpark Adventure Guide

Tantrum Alley provides thrill-seekers with a tornado ride. While Burj Surj offers a dramatic drop. Surfers can test their skills at Wipeout Flowrider while swimmers can test out Breaker’s Bay, an oceanic wave pool which recreates Juha and Sinbad’s journey across its waves.

Wild Wadi Waterpark

Juha’s Journey offers something more relaxing for all ages; all ages can ride its lazy river which gently drifts along the water park. Additionally, kids will have Juha’s Dhow and Lagoon with five kid-sized slides and over 100 water activities!

Book Wild Wadi Waterpark tickets online to avoid long lines and enjoy a stress-free visit. Upgrade your ticket for more features or upgrades such as food or attractions if desired, just don’t forget your passport entry won’t be permitted without it!



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