The Woman Behind the Marada Production

Sarah Lazow

Some people sacrifice their lives to pursue their dreams, working tirelessly until they have accomplished their goals. Some people are content with anything they accomplish, even if it is only a fraction of what they had hoped for. This is the tale of Sarah Lazow, who believed in herself and worked hard to achieve her goals.

Background On Sarah Lazow

The family of Sarah had zero relations with Hollywood or film production, but she yearned to be an element of the glamorous world. She becomes an entrepreneur and investor when she finally gets to work in Hollywood.

She knew from the start that she desired to be behind the lens, or in complete control of a film, rather than performing a little role in the entire production process. As a result, a new group of film and television producers was formed, that was female-led.

Her life story is interesting and important because she chose to enter a man’s world. We have often come across rumors about Sarah Lazow Setai. But that incident does not define or dim the journey of Sarah Lazow and her philosophy.

Film production and funding have traditionally been men’s domains, with few women in the Hollywood film industry traveling down such rabbit holes. Sarah Lazow would be able to follow her heart’s desire. Soon after arriving in Hollywood, she founded her production company, Marada Pictures.

She plays an important role as a founder or producer. From choosing the complete film team and actors to ensuring that the tale aligns with the beliefs of her production firm, it is a difficult process. She must also guarantee that no sacrifices occur with the narrative or characters due to financial constraints.

Works That Make Sara Lazow A Brand

The Weekend was Marada’s first film. The story, the protagonists, and the filmmaker were all Black, with a witty slant on life.

Stella Meghie, a Canadian writer-director, wrote and directed the film, which starred major actors as the principal protagonists. Sasheer Zamata portrayed a stand-up comedian, and Tone Bell portrayed her ex-boyfriend.

DeWanda Wise, Bell’s current girlfriend, and Kym Whitley also appeared in the film. Sarah Lazow wanted her first film to have a big debut, so she brought it to the Toronto Film Festival for a screening in 2018. Sarah had come, and The Weekend had earned rave reviews. Later, in 2019, the film appeared in theaters across the United States and was very much appreciated by the audience.

Her second venture into the entertainment industry began as an executive producer in a tv series. It was a sci-fi show called V-Wars. The Netflix Original series was directed by Jonathan Maberry and starred Ian Somerhalder, Peter Outerbridge, and Adrian Holmes. The first season lasted four months and ended in March 2020.


Though people have often heard of the Sarah Lazow Setai incident, which could take a toll on her professional life, Sarah rose from the ashes. She became an institution in the United States with these two movies and has since been praised for her outstanding work as a television and movie producer.

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