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Melbourne Roofing connect customers looking for “Roofing services in Melbourne”. As one of the leading roofing companies in Melbourne, we provide quality roofing solutions for both residential and commercial properties. In this article, we will share everything you need to know about metal roofing in Melbourne.

Metal Roofing Melbourne

Metal roofing has emerged as one of the popular roofing material choices in Melbourne in recent years. Some key advantages of metal roofing melbourne include durability, longevity, fire resistance, and low maintenance. Different types of metal sheets are used for roofing such as steel, copper, aluminum, and zinc.

  • Steel is one of the most common and affordable metal roofing material options. Galvanized steel roofing offers excellent corrosion resistance and can last over 50 years with minimal maintenance. However, non-galvanized steel is not recommended for coastal areas due to corrosion from salt deposits in the air. Standing seam and batten seam steel roofs are two popular styles installed byroofing companies in Melbourne.
  • Copper roofing has a beautiful aged patina and can withstand Australia’s harsh weather conditions very well. Naturally corrosion-resistant, copper roofs are very long-lasting and can potentially outlive the building itself. However, copper is more expensive compared to other metal options. Regular maintenance is needed to retain the natural patina.
  • Aluminum and zinc roofing alsor offer corrosion resistance and come in modern styles. Being lightweight, aluminum roofs are easier to install. However, aluminum can dent or dent easily in hailstorms. Zinc roofing has a silvery-gray appearance and provides protection from UV rays, heat, and moisture. But it requires special fasteners and underlayment for installation.

Some key advantages of metal roofing to consider:

Durability: Properly installed and maintained, metal roofs can last 50-100 years without needing replacement like other materials.

Low maintenance: Metal roofs require little to no maintenance once installed. Occasional cleaning is usually sufficient to keep itlooking new.

Resistance to natural elements: Metal stands up well to sun, rain, wind, hail and temperature fluctuations. It won’t rot, crack or decompose like other materials.

Energy efficiency: The flat surfaces of metal reflect heat helping to keep indoor temperatures lower. This provides energy savings through reduced air conditioning costs.

-Fire resistance: Non-combustible metal won’t burn, crack or warp during a house fire and provides near-absolute protection against roof fires.

-Recyclability: Metal roofing panels are 100% recyclable at end of life with no landfill waste generated.

-Aesthetics: Wide variety of styles, profiles and colors can give any roof designer appearance like traditional or modern styles. Easy to maintain attractive looks.

-Environment friendly: Long life cycle means lesser material usage over time unlike frequent replacement materials. Also don’t off-gas or emit pollution during installation.

So in summary, metal roofing is a smart investment that protects your home and adds long term curb appeal. Let’s discuss some common metal roofing installation and repair services provided by Melbourne roofing companies.

Metal Roof Installation in Melbourne by Experts

It is always recommended to hire licensed roofing contractors with experience installing metal roof systems.Here are some key metal roofing services provided:

New Installation: For new installation metal roofing melbourne contractors will prepare the roof substrate, flashings, underlayment before installing metal panels. Most popular profiles are standing seam, batten seam or shingle style panels in desired metals.

Re-Roofing: Existing roofs can be retrofitted with new modern metal panels. Contractors carefully remove old roof, inspect decking and install proper underlayment before adding panels.

Repairs & Replacements: Loose or damaged metal panels, rusted flashings etc. can be fixed or replaced. Panels are removed, repairs done as needed before re-installing panels.

Patina &Cleaning Services: Contractors offer patina treatments for copper roofs and pressure cleaning services to remove algae,moss or grime buildup without damaging the metal surface.

Maintenance Packages: Periodic inspections, cleaning, touch-ups etc. helps preserve the longevity and looks of metal roofs for decades with minimal costs.

Skylights & Vent Installation: Contractors install powder coated metal skylights, ridge vents, soffit vents as part of complete metal roofing solutions.

Extended Warranties: Reputable installers provide product and workmanship warranties to safeguard investments for 10-25 years without leakage or defects.

Compliance Certificates: Installation certification proves roofs comply with building codes for insurance and property valuation.

So in summary, hiringlicensedmelbourne roofing contractors streamlines all processes from start to finish of metal roof systeminstallation and maintenance. Call us today for a free quote!

Common Types of Metal Roofing Repairs in Melbourne

All roofing materials require occasional repairs or replacements over time due to normal wear and tear. Here are some common metal roof repair situations handled bymelbourneroofing experts:

Leaking roof repairs:

Rusted fasteners or poor sealant bond at laps or flashing areas leads to water penetration or leaks.leaking roof repairs melbourne Contractors remove bad areas, inspect deck, reinforce sealing, replace fasteners with anti-rust types.

Roof restoration:

Old pitted, corroded and worn out metal surfaces can be stripped, cleaned, primed before applying specialized coatings to roof restoration melbourne integrity and looks like new. Extends useful life.

Panel replacements:

Damaged or dented standing seam panels, batten panels or shingle tiles are removed and replaced with matching materials to prevent leaks.

Skylight repairs:

Seal failures around powder coated aluminum or glass skylights let water penetrate ceiling below. We make proper repairs to edges, flashings and seals to prevent future leaks.

Ridge vent repairs:

Blocked or damaged ridge vents affect natural ventilation. Vents are cleaned or replaced as needed along with flashings and caps.

Copper & Zinc repairs:

Specialty repairs for patina touch-ups on copper or repair minor surface damages on zinc roofs are done carefully without affecting natural appearances.

Flashing repairs:

Critical leak points like vent or pipe flashings, valleys or roof to wall intersections are addressed by fixing failing seals, replacing flashings or adding new counter-flashings as needed.

So in summary, specialized metal roof repairs by experts are vital to improve roof performance and restore service life wherever needed. Contact us today for a free inspection and repair quote!

Benefits of Regular Metal Roof Maintenance in Melbourne

Just like vehicles need regular servicing, metal roofs also require basic seasonal maintenance to retain their looks and maximize longevity. Here are advantages of routine maintenance:

Leak prevention: Detected issues are promptly addressed before becoming costly repairs or replacing entire roof later.

Life extension: Minor maintenance every 2-5 years vs major repairs later worth much more. Extends roof life by 50% or more.

-Appearance retention: Moss, algae, dirt buildup is safely removed without damaging special metal coatings or finishes over time.

Energy savings: Unclogged vents, skylights, sealed joints ensure optimal ventilation, thermal insulation properties for lower bills.

-Keeps warranty valid: Compliant maintenance by licensed contractors maintains equipment warranty validity for entire coverage term without flaws.

-Property valuation: Well-maintained premium metal roof showcases home curb appeal raising property worth for resale or refinancing.

-Safety compliance: Regular RCD and electrical checks ensure roof fixtures are code compliant and safely functioning as intended.

-Insurance requirement: Fulfills annual inspection requirements of insurers for claiming any incidents of wear and tear in policy period.

So, simple annual maintenance ensures your metal roof continues performing efficiently while retaining investment value maximally over its long service lifetime. Schedule regular maintenance inspections with us.


In summary, metal roofing provides an excellent blend of aesthetics, durability and energy efficiency suited forAustralian weather conditions. Although initial costs may be higher than some materials, metal roofs far surpass others in longevity, low lifetime costs, and environmental friendly advantages.

With our experienced team, Melbourne Roofing offers comprehensive metal roofing solutions right from design to installation, repairs and maintenance. We manage all project aspects using high quality materials and workmanship standards. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction and protecting their roof investments for many decades to come.

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