The Expert’s Guide About Sew On Patches

The Expert's Guide About Sew On Patches

Ever wondered why popular brands occasionally launch a limited collection and people go crazy over it even if it costs a fortune? It’s because we are tired of blending in with the crowd. So, when presented with even the smallest chance to look unique – we eagerly seize it!

However, not everyone can afford to buy from a limited collection. Moreover, something like that is a rare introduction, occurring only once in a blue moon. So, does it mean we have to continue putting up with looking like we are cut from the same cloth? Certainly not!

Enter the world of sew-on patches! While most of us are familiar with what patches are, only a few have actually considered trying them. These appliques offer an inexpensive and wonderful solution for upgrading our everyday clothes and standing out from the rest!

If you’ve only recently discovered them, you must have tons of questions. Give this comprehensive guide a read if you wish to settle all your queries.

Overview & Types of Sew On Patches

Sew-on patches are like colorful, decorative stickers made of fabric or embroidered designs. People use them to jazz up their clothes, bags, hats, and other fabric items. With these badges, you can show off your unique style, interests, or the groups you belong to.

They come in all sorts of cool designs, colors, and sizes, so there’s something for everyone! Let’s take a look at the type of sew-on patches available in the market:

1) Embroidered

Embroidery is a traditional craft that has stood the test of time and remains popular today. It involves using threads to create designs on a fabric backing, resulting in what we call an “embroidered patch.”

These appliques resemble cloth badges; you can easily attach them to outfits using sewing or pins. In the military, soldiers often wear embroidered military patches on their uniforms to show which unit they belong to.

But embroidery isn’t just for the military. It’s also used in regular clothing to enhance the overall appearance, especially in uniforms. So, embroidered emblems continue to serve both decorative and practical functions in many different fields.

2) Chenille

Chenille patches got their name because they resemble caterpillars with their soft and fuzzy appearance on top. Now, you might wonder where you can use chenille patches due to their unique 3D effect. Well, the possibilities are infinite!

You can use them in gifts, garments, crafts, and they work exceptionally well on letterman jackets, sports teams, and fashion brands. The 3D texture of chenille patches adds a special touch to these items and makes them stand out. So, whether you want to show off your team spirit or add a stylish element to your clothing or accessories, chenille patches are a fantastic choice!

3) Rubber

Rubber patches are made from materials like PVC, microfiber, and rubber silicone. You can personalize them in various colours according to your preferences. These patches have a cool 3D surface that looks great and serves branding purposes effectively.

The versatility of rubber patches makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, like shoes, pants, and caps. The materials used to make these are environment-friendly and waterproof. Plus, they won’t lose their color even when exposed to direct sunlight.

4) Woven

Many people often mistake embroidery patches for woven patches because of their similar names. However, woven patches are created by sewing a design into a piece of cloth using thread, while intertwining threads make embroidery patches to complete the design.

Woven patches are excellent for designs with intricate details or lettering. They have the ability to capture designs with clarity. This makes them the perfect option for personalized woven labels.

5) Leather

Leather patches can be used for all sorts of everyday items, logos, brands, and more. They add a touch of style and uniqueness to bags, beanies, hats, jackets, shirts, and other accessories, keeping you in fashion and on-trend.

The best part is that you can choose custom designs for your leather patches, allowing you to create anything you can imagine. And guess what? You don’t need to worry about how long they’ll last because leather patches are incredibly durable and can look great for many decades.

6) Bullion

Bullion patches stand out from others because they use silver and gold beads in their artwork, giving them a luxurious feel. Various elite groups often associate themselves with these crests. The military and many societies and golf clubs also favor them as they seek a unique and distinguished logo. While bullion patches may be slightly more expensive than other types, their premium quality and impressive appearance make them well worth the investment.

7) Tactical

Have you ever noticed an operator’s uniform? The badges they wear are known as tactical patches. They serve as powerful military symbols that convey important messages. The tactical community uses them to communicate and label crucial information. Their brilliant designs and clever messages boost morale and foster a sense of connection among the members.

8) Custom

Custom patches offer incredible flexibility, as you can use them practically anywhere you desire. You have complete freedom to customize the design, graphics, and quotes to suit your preferences. Customized sew on patches become especially useful when standard patches fail to meet your specific expectations.

Unbeatable Benefits of Sew-On Patches

1) Affordability

Patches offer a fantastic way to personalize your belongings. Instead of buying expensive items with pre-attached patches already, you can save money by purchasing patches separately and applying them yourself.

You will find that the cost of patches depends on the type you choose, but the wide range of choices available will pleasantly surprise you. You can get stunning patches without breaking the bank, allowing you to create a unique and stylish look without spending a fortune.

2) Durability

Once you’ve stitched on your sew-on patches, you can rest assured that they won’t budge. Unlike some iron-on patches that may fall off over time, stitching ensures a secure hold for your patches. If, by any chance, your patches start to loosen, there’s a simple solution. Add a few more stitches to reinforce the patch, and it will stay securely in place.

3) Abundance of Options

Sew-on patches are the most popular style, and you’ll find that almost all patches are easily sewn to fabrics. The variety is vast, offering you numerous choices to explore. With so many options at your fingertips, you can compare different designs and select appliques that truly resonate with you and fit your preferences perfectly.

Start Customizing Your Possessions with Sew-On Patches Today

Now that we have introduced you to the world of patches, are you excited to try them out? Patches offer a vast range of possibilities for adding a unique and personal touch to your belongings. With such a diverse range of options available, you have the choice to design and create anything you want. So, why wait? Dive into the world of patches and explore the endless opportunities they offer!







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