The effect of posture on choosing the right bike or Motorcycle seat?

If you are finding how to choose the bike seat for your next bike ride. Or you are finding the effect of choosing the wrong seat for the bike ride. So, there are many factors that you should keep in mind while choosing the seat for your bike. You should not compromise on the quality of the seat of your bike. And if you are thinking that the bike seat doesn’t matter. Then you are wrong. Because you might not feel it today but later in the age you will see the side effects while Harley Davidson freedom tour packs of your selection. And precaution is better than cure. So, choose the bike seat perfectly. Because it will have a very bad impact on your posture and on your back.

Seat Angle and shape:

The main thing in a bike seat is the shape of the motorcycle. Because if the rider is not comfortable and not feeling good while riding the motorcycle or the bike then he will have a bad experience. But it is not just about the bad experience. It will affect the posture of the person that is riding the bike or motorcycle. Usually, the motorcycle has the seats that don’t adjust and they are the way they are. Although they are made according to the posture. But there are people with different heights. And they might not adjust well on that motorcycle seat. while the bike seat has the options to make it long or short. Also move it in the upper or in the downward direction.

There are also many bikes which don’t have the features to move the seat. So, make sure you don’t get that bike. Or if you bought one. Then choose the bike seat accordingly and replace it with the current bike.

Although if the seat is not replaceable then sorry but you need to change your bike or motorcycle in order to get the perfect comfort. And you should also keep away from these kinds of bikes.

Different Shapes:

There are a lot of shapes available in the bike seat category. And all these categories are according to the weight shifting needs. There are also seats available for the bike or for the motorcycle. There is one default shape of the bike seat that you have experienced while Harley Davidson freedom tour packs. The other ones are the oval shape which will help the fat people to shift their weight very easily. And there is one flatter one which is up from the front. And also, there is the category of bike seat that is wider and has a back courage for better back support.

Length of the Seat:

Length is another very significant thing in a seat. And that is why you should choose the length of the bike seat according to your comfort. There might be many lengths available. So, before choosing the one you should check the seat length by sitting on it. Feel all the things in the seat like the level of comfort, length and how hard or soft the seat is while sitting.

The length of the seat is determined according to your body weight and the height and what kind of cycle you are riding. Or what is the motorcycle that you have for the bike seat.

While choosing the seat you should see that the comfort is not compromised. “And also, you should not feel any type of pain” .There are many things that you need to consider while choosing the perfect bike seat are 1) The size and the shape of the seat. 2) The height and the length of the seat. Also, how the weight shifted on the seat

Seat and Handle relationship:

The seat is not only determined by just focusing on the shape and the angle of the seat. And you should also have to test the reach of the handle while sitting on the seat. Whether it is a bike or a motorcycle. The requirement of setting the handle with the seat is very important. Because if you are traveling on a long route. Like you went for the picnic. And you are hardly reaching to the handle of the bike or motorcycle. Then it will stretch your back muscles. And no one wants to experience that right?

The seat of the bike or of the motorcycle will be according to the handle. Because the difficulty you will face in reaching the handle the more your experience of you biking or you’re riding the motorcycle becomes worse. So, that is why if you are choosing a bicycle or a motorcycle then you should select the seat that has the length according to the seat. Your seat should be a little lower to the handle. But not that low that your hands will look like ropes hanging. And you should choose the seats that have the perfect angle and as well as the perfect shapes with the arrangement.

Suppose if you are riding a bicycle and you have your bike seat taller than the handle your posture will point towards the down side. And you might have to face severe pain in your back.

Shifting of weight:

The effect of the bike seat also depends on the weight shifting of the seat. Like if the bike seat is designed wrong. Or your spinal cord starts painting. Or any other kind of issues in the seat. Then choose the option that is according to the body type. Also, if you have any kind of issue in your back.


Choosing the bike seat or for the Harley Davidson freedom tour packs there are many things you should keep in mind. Like the first thing that you should focus on is the size and the shape of the seat. And if these two things are aligned perfectly and you will get 50% of the best thing. And the other important things are the weight shifting and the relationship of the seat with the handle. So, when all these factors are combined then you will get the perfect bike seat for your next ride.

Lara Parker

Lara Parker

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