The Advantages of Public Health Insurance

Health insurance is an essential aspect of an individual’s life. It saves the hassle of arranging money at the last minute to take care of their medical expenditures. You can buy medical insurance from public and private companies, but there are certain advantages that health insurance offers that are better than its counterpart. Let’s read and learn everything about what is health insurance and what its benefits are.

What is Public Health Insurance?

Public health insurance is the government’s insurance plan, such as  Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PM-JAY). PM-JAY is one of the largest health insurance schemes fully financed by the government of India. This scheme is a part of Ayushman Bharat that takes care of the health and wellness of the people nationwide. 

Almost 10.74 crore people in India have access to PM-JAY’s five lakhs per family health coverage for secondary and tertiary care hospitalisation.

Absolutely, the Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PM-JAY) is indeed a significant step taken by the Indian government to provide accessible healthcare coverage to a large portion of the population. This initiative, which is part of the Ayushman Bharat program, demonstrates the government’s commitment to ensuring the health and well-being of citizens on a nationwide scale.

When discussing PM-JAY and its impact, consider expanding on the following points:

  1. Scope of Coverage: Explain the extent of PM-JAY’s coverage, which offers health insurance to millions of families in India. Emphasize that this insurance plan caters to secondary and tertiary care hospitalization, addressing critical medical needs.
  2. Government Financing: Highlight the unique aspect that PM-JAY is fully financed by the government. This ensures that eligible individuals and families can access healthcare without facing financial burdens during times of illness or medical emergencies.
  3. Inclusivity: Discuss how PM-JAY aims to be inclusive by providing healthcare coverage to a vast number of people, thereby narrowing the gap in healthcare accessibility across various socioeconomic backgrounds.
  4. Coverage Amount: Elaborate on the substantial coverage amount of five lakhs per family. This coverage not only helps individuals gain access to quality medical treatment but also provides financial relief to families during challenging times.
  5. Role in Ayushman Bharat: Explain the relationship between PM-JAY and Ayushman Bharat. Ayushman Bharat is a holistic healthcare initiative with two key components: establishing Health and Wellness Centers for primary healthcare and providing financial protection through PM-JAY.
  6. Positive Impact: If available, include data or case studies that highlight the positive impact of PM-JAY on individuals and families. This can further reinforce the significance of the scheme in improving people’s lives.
  7. Coverage Expansion: Discuss any plans or strategies the government may have to expand PM-JAY’s reach in the future. This could include increasing the number of beneficiaries, enhancing services, or collaborating with other healthcare providers.
  8. Awareness and Implementation: Touch upon the importance of creating awareness about PM-JAY to ensure that eligible individuals enroll and benefit from the scheme. Additionally, discuss the steps taken to effectively implement the program across the country.
  9. Complementing Other Schemes: If relevant, mention how PM-JAY complements other public health insurance or healthcare initiatives in India. This can underscore the government’s multifaceted approach to addressing healthcare challenges.

Incorporating these points can help provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of PM-JAY’s significance and its role in the broader context of improving healthcare accessibility and quality for millions of people in India.

What are the Key Features of Public Health Insurance?

Before you move to find the best health insurance company in India, here are some of the key features of using public health insurance:

  • The government fully finances health insurance.
  • It offers covers across public and private hospitals empanelled in India.
  • People of all castes and religions are eligible for these insurances.
  • Public health insurance also offers cashless access to services.
  • It covers pre and post-hospitalisation expenses such as diagnostics and medicines.
  • It protects all pre-existing illnesses from the first day of the insurance.
  • Insured people can access any hospital nationwide, thus not limited to their state or city.

What are the Things Covered in Public Health Insurance?

The following are some benefits offered by the best health insurance company in India:

  • Medical examination
  • Doctor consultation
  • Treatment
  • Pre-hospitalisation expenses
  • Medicines and prescribed drugs
  • Non-intensive and intensive care
  • Lab and diagnostic investigations
  • Medical implantation
  • Room and accommodation charge
  • Food for the patient
  • Complications arising during the treatment/procedure/surgery
  • Post-hospitalisation follow-up charges (limited to certain days)

What are the Advantages of Public Health Insurance?

With the increase in treatment expenses, buying the best health insurance plan for yourself and your loved ones has become necessary. Here are some of the advantages of dealing with health insurance:

Cashless Hospitalisation

Public medical insurance plans offer cashless hospitalisation to several private and public hospitals empanelled in the hospital network of India. Going to a cashless hospital would mean not paying anything off your pocket.

Financial Protection

Since the government fully pays for public medical insurance, people will have the least financial burden of paying the premiums or regular instalments to continue the insurance policy.

Access to Specialised Care

Public medical insurance plans often provides access to specialised care that may not be available through private health insurance plans. This feature can significantly benefit individuals needing specialised care with chronic or rare illnesses.  

Universal Coverage

Public medical insurance plans are often available to everyone, regardless of age, income, or health status. This coverage helps to ensure that everyone has access to primary medical care, which is especially important in times of public health.

Peace of Mind

If you know that you have a backup to meet your unexpected medical needs in the form of insurance, you will never worry and will lead a happy and satisfied life. You would also not worry about saving for medical bills and can use that money to fulfil your other dreams.

Affordable Medical Treatments

Most people shy away from approaching a doctor not because they fear a disease but because of its cost. However, if they know that their health insurance will cover the ailments, they will try to get the best medical treatment.


Post-COVID-19, people have acknowledged the need for health insurance plans more than ever. Now, people have begun comparing the different available options before finalising any. So remember to check out the best health insurance company in India before buying one for yourself and your loved ones.



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