Teen Period Underwear: Aspects To Consider Before Buying

Teen Period Underwear: Aspects To Consider Before Buying

Teen period underwears have grown to become popular among teen girls as it is intended to make you feel dry and comfortable. Unlike regular pads that tend to move around and cause leaks, or tampons that are not always safe and also leak if not added additional protection, PantiePads disposable period underwear is a safe and comfortable choice with menstrual protection up to 12 hours.

Many teen girls who are uncomfortable with bleeding use teen period underwear. These panties are similar to regular underwear, but come with an additional feature.

Why is it a better choice?

Period underwear by PantiePads are similar look and feel of regular underwear with an additional feature of a built-in super absorbent pad. The sanitary pad stays in place without moving or shifting, which helps in preventing peaks.

Teen period underwears make your life easier as they are convenient, super absorbent, and there’s never any ruined or blood stained underwear to worry about. Just wear and toss away, it’s that easy.

Factors to look for when buying teen period underwears:

There are different brands offering various types of period underwears which can match your shape, size and requirements. But apart from these, there should be some basic features that should be present in any Teen Period Underwear. Let us learn about them:

• Level of absorption: Every women bleed differently. They have different levels of blood flow, duration, type etc. The requirement for each of these categories similarly varies from each other. For example if you are a heavy bleeder, using period underwear with a built-in super absorbent pad can work wonders. Every teen period underwear is designed uniquely keeping the absorption factor as the priority.

• Moisture locking property: You need to make sure that your period underwear can lock moisture for a long period of time and save you from the trouble of having to change it every hour. They should be designed in a way that can offer maximum coverage and can offer you a feeling of dryness throughout menstruation. Period underwear by PantiePads provide long-lasting protection for up to 12 hours, so you don’t have to run to the bathroom every few hours to check or change.

• Prevents odor: Another primary property that should be present in every teen-period underwear is the anti odor technology to avoid unpleasant smell. PantiePads disposable menstrual briefs are made with a special technology that prevents order, hence making the wearer feel more comfortable and confident.

• Finding the right fit: While shopping for your period underwears always remembers to choose the right fit. It is important for teens and tweens to feel comfortable during their menstrual cycle. Young people tend to do a lot of activities, especially in school, and it is important for them to feel confident as well as comfortable during the menstrual cycle.

Overall choosing disposable teen period underwear for young active girls is a great alternative to pads and tampons. These unique menstrual briefs provide the comfort of a regular panty, but offer long-lasting period-proof protection for up to 12 hours.

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