2 Smart & Secure Tactics to Print Bulk Thunderbird Files to PDF- 2024

2 Smart & Secure Tactics to Print Bulk Thunderbird Files to PDF- 2024

Summary/Introduction: Here are several methods to finish this operation, utilizing various approaches, if you’re wondering how to save Thunderbird emails into PDF files. In this case, we will talk about two simple manual techniques in addition to automated alternatives. These are two highly useful, risk-free solutions for exporting numerous emails from Mozilla Thunderbird to Adobe PDF.

Email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird are widely used. After Microsoft Outlook, it is the desktop email program that is most often used. As a result, it is an open-source, free program that saves all of the mailbox contents as MBOX files. It does not rely on any hardware, operating system, or application tool. Due to their password protection feature and ease of viewing and sharing, PDFs are widely used.

What Motivated the Thunderbird to PDF Format Conversion?

  • Visually appealing layouts can be maintained, and a document in PDF format is shown exactly as it is intended. Provided that the emails remain in the same format, there will be no formatting changes.
  • A good limitation on unauthorized user access is also offered by PDF. It is quite useful since anyone can damage the document by copying, adjusting, or changing it.
  • Preparing and presenting documents is the main reason users preserve Apple Mail emails in PDF format.
  • Due to the installation and configuration requirements, Thunderbird emails are not readily seen by all users. To view his account’s emails, the user must log in with his login information.
  • It is compatible with all operating systems, regardless of the software or hardware.

Request from the user: Hello, I have been using the email client program Mozilla Thunderbird for the past two years. However, Thunderbird allows you to print emails in PDF format; occasionally, some parts of the email are printed incorrectly. I needed to print fifty emails a few days ago, but Thunderbird doesn’t have the ability to batch print. Therefore, is there an acceptable method to store Thunderbird emails in PDF format?

How Can I Manually Convert Emails From Thunderbird to PDFs?

  • Launch Mozilla Thunderbird first.
  • Choose a folder from those that show up on the left side of the email account you’ve chosen.
  • You can now choose from any of the folders, including the Sent Items, Outlook, and Inbox folders.
  • Select Tools from the menu bar.
  • Choose Tools for Import/Export.
  • Select the option labeled “Export all messages in the folder.”
  • For the file format that you wish to save, choose PDF.
  • The user receives an alert popup stating, “If you export in this format, the attachment is not saved,” as soon as they pick the PDF option. Select a new format if you wish to preserve the attachments as well.
  • Click OK, then proceed to the file’s destination.
  • The Thunderbird emails have been retained in the folder as PDF files.

The Drawbacks of Manual Processes

  • The manual approach illustrates above that emails do not export attachments. Additionally, there’s a potential that data will be lost in the export process, and there’s no assurance that every email attribute will be saved in PDF format.
  • Installing the Import/ExportTool in Thunderbird is a must for finishing this operation. A non-technical user can find it challenging because it’s a lengthy and time-consuming process.
  • But there’s no need for concern. Our specialists provide an automatic method in the area below that is a comprehensive, user-friendly, and straightforward way for users of all stripes to save Thunderbird emails as PDFs.
  • Non-technical users cannot use this process because they have many steps to export Thunderbird MBOX files to PDF format.

Instantly saving several Thunderbird emails as Adobe PDFs

Some of the features for exporting Thunderbird emails to PDF files are restricted when using the manual technique. Additionally, a person has to use an in-demand automated program such as the WholeClear MBOX to PDF Converter Application. With the help of this program, you can see every Thunderbird email, including attachments.

Moreover, installing an email client is not required in order to view.mbox files. In a short amount of time, it can quickly store several emails as portable documents. Without losing any data files, both technical and non-technical individuals can do the work with ease. Additionally, we’ll go over how to save Thunderbird emails in PDF format in the section below.

How to Save Thunderbird Emails as PDFs: A Comprehensive Guide?

The entire procedure can be completed quickly and easily using the WholeClear MBOX to PDF Converter by following the stages listed below. Let’s examine the same now!

  • To go to the next window, launch the app and click the Add File button.
select mbox
  • Click the Next button after deciding on MBOX Files from the option that appears.
  • Look through and include the local computer’s MBOX files.
browse mbox file
  • Examine MBOX attachments and emails.
choose pdf format

You now have two choices:

  • One way to export all the data is to click the Export button located on the ribbon bar.
  • You can also check boxes and then use the right-click menu to pick the Export option to export certain MBOX emails.
  • In the end, choose the PDF radio choice and press Export to initiate the conversion of MBOX files to PDF format.
convert to pdf

Features and Capabilities of This Software:

  • Bulk conversion is available.
  • There is no need for another piece of software.
  • Standalone Utility.
  • It didn’t take a long time for the conversion.
  • Smart graphical user interface.
  • Give a free demo edition to all users.
  • Users can store converted data as per the required destination.
  • Support all Windows OS versions.
  • There are no data size limitations.
  • Tech-savvy and non-tech-savvy users can also use this utility.

Final Thoughts: About the MBOX to PDF Conversion

There are two easy and quick ways to have Thunderbird emails saved in PDF format without losing any data: the manual technique and the automated way. The manual technique is still easy, even if it cannot enable you to export multiple Claws Mail MBOX emails into Adobe PDF. Don’t worry, though; we have a software program that will make the process simple, quick, and painless for you to complete. It can also convert several MBOX files into Adobe PDF format without needing users to install any extra software.



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