Student Discount on Laser and Skin Treatments at Kingston Clinic

Student Discount on Laser and Skin Treatments at Kingston Clinic

Premier Laser and Skin Clinic is a well-known aesthetic and skincare facility dedicated to giving its customers the best possible care. Acknowledging the financial limitations that students frequently have, Premier Laser and Skin is pleased to provide special student discounts, hence increasing the accessibility of its cutting-edge skincare procedures and laser services for the Kingston Clinic student body!

Student Discount: Take advantage of 20% off skin packages that include skin and laser treatments, or 50% off your first laser hair removal session at Premier Laser & Skin for use London Premier Laser Coupon!

What makes Premier Laser and Skin different?

At Premier Laser and Skin, the focus is on using state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled personnel to produce outstanding outcomes. The clinic offers an extensive array of therapies aimed at enhancing natural beauty and boosting confidence, ranging from advanced facial treatments to skin rejuvenation and laser hair removal. Students looking for skincare treatments that work can rely on Premier Laser and Skin because of their experience and dedication to quality.

Special Savings for Students:

Because Premier Laser and Skin recognizes the value of self-care and the desire for perfect skin, they offer a substantial student discount program. The goal of this program is to lower the cost of professional skincare and cosmetic procedures for students so they can benefit from them without going over budget.

The following procedures are eligible for the Premier Laser and Skin student discount:

1. **Laser Hair Removal:** Utilizing cutting-edge laser technology, achieve hair-free, smooth skin.

2. **Medications for Skin:** Discover the revitalizing benefits of customized facials for a glowing, renewed complexion. customized during your free consultation based on your skin condition.

3. **Remedies for Acne:** With focused treatments, get rid of acne and obtain clearer skin. Herbal green peel and ClearSkin Laser are two of the treatments available.

4. **Anti-Aging:** To promote youthful skin, address signs of ageing with specialized anti-aging therapies.

5. **Tattoo Removal:** Premier Laser and Skin offers cutting-edge methods for getting rid of undesirable tattoos.

**How to Use the Discount for Students:**

It’s simple to take advantage of Premier Laser and Skin’s student discount:

1. **Confirmation:** When making a reservation or at their appointment, students must provide a valid student ID or another form of identification proving their enrollment.or verify with a Student Beans account!

2. **Advisement:** Make an appointment for a consultation with one of the knowledgeable specialists at Premier Laser and Skin to go over your skincare objectives and choose the best courses of action.

3. **Application for Discount:** The relevant discount will be applied to the total cost of the chosen services as soon as your status as a student is confirmed.

4. **Enjoy the Benefits:** Unwind and relish the pampering while taking advantage of Premier Laser and Skin’s experience and cutting-edge technology.

**Conditions and Terms:**

It is imperative that students are cognizant of the criteria attached to the student discount offered by Premier Laser and Skin. These could consist of:

**Authentic Identification:** Verify that you possess a legitimate student ID or enrollment documentation from an accredited educational establishment.

**Booking Appointments:** When making an appointment, it’s best to confirm with the clinic as the discount could only be available on certain days or times.

**Restrictions on Treatment:** There can be restrictions on the discount for some in-demand or specialty treatments, and certain services might not be included.

By providing special discounts to students, Premier Laser and Skin not only helps students on their path to wellbeing and self-confidence, but it also positions itself as a destination for accessibility and inclusivity in beauty and skincare. Students who take advantage of these savings can anticipate becoming a more refreshed and radiant version of themselves in Premier Laser and Skin’s friendly yet expert setting.

Make an appointment for a free patch test consultation at any of our nine locations located in Surrey and London today.

What Is Acute Pneumonia?

A common skin ailment that can be bothersome and painful is folliculitis. When it grows in, it can clog, infect, or obstruct one or more hair follicles, which results in inflamed follicles (it can be one or many). The name “folliculitis” comes from the follicles, which are the microscopic pockets where each hair grows. It can appear on any skin type and on anyone, while some people are more susceptible to it than others due to certain reasons.

What Folliculitis Symptoms Are There?

At first, it could show up as tiny red pimples or whiteheads near the hair follicle. Additionally, you can have burning or itchy skin, as well as sore or irritated skin.

In most cases, it goes away in a few days, but in more severe situations, the follicles may get infected. The affected area may become scarred if the infection spreads and develops into crusty, non-healing sores.

Folliculitis Types

There are two types of fasciculitis: superficial and deep. A portion of the follicle is affected by superficial folliculitis. Deep folliculitis is typically more bothersome and severe, affecting the entire follicle.

Types of Superficial Folliculitis Caused by Bacteria Staphylococcus Aureus

The two most prevalent kinds are those brought on by a lot of ingrown hairs and those produced by a Staphylococcus aureus infection. Both types of folliculitis include red, inflamed pimples that form around each hair follicle. Occasionally, a yellow head that is itchy and packed with pus is also present.

The nose of the patient is commonly the site of transmission for staphylococcus infections; these bacteria are often harmless until they colonize regions that aren’t supposed to have them, such as hair follicles!


The second type of folliculitis, often known as razor burns, typically affects men with curly hair. It is brought on by ingrowing hairs that get twisted inside the follicle and result in an unpleasant pimple.

It is more prevalent in guys who are Asian, African, or Caribbean. When a follicle is damaged by the friction of shaving, folliculitis develops.

Pseudomonas foliculitis, or hot tub foliculitis

Pseudomonas bacteria, which are prevalent in heated pools and hot tubs with poorly controlled pH and chlorine levels, are the source of this illness.

There are other risk factors for folliculitis than shaving. You run a higher risk if you use public hot tubs or baths frequently because the bacterial strain that causes folliculitis is known to thrive in warm, moist environments.

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