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eM Client To Outlook

Those wishing to transfer their emails from Windows Live Mail to Outlook can find a thorough how-to in this blog post. The article could discuss things like:

Motivation to Switch from Windows Live Mail to Outlook

  • Enhanced security: Outlook has strong security built in to shield users from email threats, including spam, viruses, and phishing scams. Integrated filters, encryption, and antivirus software integration are some of these characteristics.
  • Access to Exchange Server: Microsoft Exchange Server, a widely used email and collaboration tool for enterprises, is compatible with Outlook. Users can access Exchange Server services like shared calendars, contacts, and tasks by using Outlook.
  • Support for greater mailbox sizes: Those who get a lot of emails or have a sizable archive of old emails can find it useful since Outlook offers larger inbox sizes than Windows Live Mail.

All things considered, switching from Windows Live Mail to Outlook can provide users access to more functionality, better email management tools, and more security.

Recognizing the Variations Between MS Outlook and Windows Live Mail

Knowing which file formats are utilize by each email client is crucial when switching from Windows Live Mail to Outlook. Outlook utilizes the.pst file format, but Windows Live Mail uses the.eml file format.

EML data: Email communications are stored in standard file formats call .eml files. A single email message is represented by a single.eml file, which contains the message’s headers, body, and attachments. Email messages are kept on Windows Live Mail in separate.eml files that are kept in a user’s computer’s folder structure.

PST Document: However, Microsoft Outlook uses a proprietary file format called.pst to store data such as calendar entries, contacts, and email messages. One can backup, archive, or migrate data between machines or Outlook versions using the.pst file, which has all the information for an individual’s Outlook profile.

The.eml files must be converted into the.pst file format in order to transfer emails from Windows Live Mail to Outlook. Either manually import the.eml files into Outlook or use a third-party application to accomplish this.

The folder structure and other metadata cannot be retaine when importing.eml files into Outlook; thus, users will need to rearrange their email folders and categories in Outlook following the conversion process.

Solving Typical Problems that Arise Throughout the Conversion Procedure

The following are some typical problems that you could run across while converting Windows Live Mail to Outlook, along with some solutions to try:

  • There’s an issue with the converter. If the third-party conversion software isn’t working properly, restart your computer or close and reopen it. If the issue persists, try reinstalling the conversion tool or contact the support team.
  • Lack of emails or attachments: If you find that any emails or attachments are missing after the conversion management, make sure you choose the correct source and destination folders. Also, verify that the source files are intact and free of damage.
  • Outlook folders and categories are not preserve. Rearrange the folders manually if you discover that the conversion procedure did not keep track of the folder structure or categories. To rearrange your Outlook email account, you can make new folders and drag and drop emails into them.
  • Slow conversion process: Try shutting down any open background apps or programs if the eml to PST conversion is taking too long. For even better performance, consider switching to a new computer or upgrading your hardware.
  • Problems with error messages that appear when converting: Look up the precise problem message online to see if there are any possible fixes. For support, get in touch with specialized support as well.

Note: that conversion difficulties can be brought on by the particular versions of Windows Live Mail and Outlook being use, in besides the location of the machine being use for creation. Check the internet for guidance or contact technical assistance if you run into any problems all over the converting procedure.

Suggestions for an Easy Way to Transfer Emails

The following advice can help ensure a smooth email transmission technique:

  • Make a backup of all of your key data, including contacts, calendars, emails, and any other pertinent information, before beginning the transfer process. By doing this, you’ll be able to retrieve your data in the event that any unforeseen problems arise throughout the transfer process.
  • Verify the compatibility: Make sure your current email client and the one you wish to switch to are compatible. Verify the new email client’s system requirements to be sure your machine can support it.
  • Verify that the migration tool you are using is compatible. To migrate contacts, calendars, emails, and other data without erasing or altering any of it, use a reputable and effective email migration provider. When select a moving software, read reviews and do research on the various software.

Obey the Instructions Provided.

Read the directions carefully and follow them to the letter. This might perhaps help you prevent errors and data loss throughout the transfer process.

  • Make sure your info is clear: Before starting the transfer procedure, verify that the data in your current email client is accurate and up to date. This will make for a faster and more smooth transfer process.
  • Analyse the transfer: Upon completion of the migration process, try the new email client to ensure that all of your data has been move properly. Check that your calendars, emails, contacts, and other data are all there available as well as that none of them are missing.
  • Keep an old backup of your data for a few weeks after the migration has finished. You’ll have time to check that everything in the new email client is working correctly. likewise, you can refer to the historical data if you experience any issues.

By following these tips, you can ensure an email transfer that goes easily and causes the least amount of disruption to your personal or professional life.


This blog post can be helpful to people or companies who want to switch from Windows Live Mail to Outlook and need help migrant their email data. Our recommendation for converting or migrating Windows Live Mail to Microsoft Outlook is the Mailvita EML to PST Converter Software for Mac.



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