Role of Visa Consultants in Helping Obtain Student Visas

If you want to study abroad, getting a student visa is mandatory. With a student visa, you will not only be able to stay in Canada for the duration of your study, but you may also be able to stay and work per the visa for a few years. However, managing the entire application process by yourself can be confusing.

So, if you are a Bangalore resident planning to shift to Canada for higher studies, you can take assistance from visa consultants in Bangalore. Visa consultants can help you every step of the way to ensure that your visa application gets approved and you can move to Canada or any other country you may desire to study in.

Reasons for Approaching Visa Consultants in Bangalore

There are many reasons why you should approach a visa consultant in Bangalore. Some of these reasons include the following:

  • Evaluating your Eligibility

One of the top reasons you should approach visa consultants for your student visa is that they can better evaluate your eligibility. They will assess your academic qualifications, financial support, English language proficiency, health status, purpose of study, and more. 

Based on these factors, a visa consultant will assess your eligibility for a student visa. And they further guide how you can meet all the eligibility requirements. Consultants will also assist you in recognising any potential obstacles that can come in your visa process and how you should address them. 

  • Guidance on Documentation

The visa consultants provide you with great guidance on documentation. Once that is done, they will review your documents, provide you with templates, offer translation services, give you advice on document formatting, and help collect any missing documents, etc. 

They ensure that your documents are ready for the applications. If your documents are perfect, it boosts your chances of successfully getting your visa application approved. 

  • Prepare your Student Visa application

Once the documentation is covered, the study visa consultant will help you with your application form. They further help with writing a personal statement, providing information on financial support, preparing support documents, reviewing the application, offering advice and tips, and more. 

  • Scheduling Appointments

Your visa consultant will also assist with arranging appointments with consulates or embassies and scheduling biometric appointments. They will book the language proficiency tests, schedule your medical exam, coordinate with other agencies, etc. 

  • Prepare for the Visa Interview

The consultant you choose will give you all the information on the visa interview process. That includes letting you know what you should expect during the visa interview, such as the format, documents you will need, and the types of questions that will be asked. The consultant will further provide you with the practice for the interview, advice on what you should wear, and more. 


Your study visa consultant will provide you with all the resources with which you can prepare yourself for the complete application process. Besides these, some consultants also offer post-landing services once you reach Canada. Thus, while selecting your consultant, you must check their services and ensure they provide the service you need help with. 



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