Reasons To Hire Concrete Pumping Services For Construction Projects In Tulsa

It is every builder and developer’s goal to finish their construction work in a timely manner while still upholding to the highest quality building standards. Whether you are replacing your brick garden walls with concrete, putting up a new residential property, or constructing a high-rise commercial tower in Tulsa, safety and efficiency are of utmost importance. This is where concrete pumping comes along, a service that streamlines the construction process by doing away with the time-consuming method of conventional pouring. Learn more about the benefits of concrete pumping in Tulsa and why you should hire professionals to conduct this service on your next construction project.


Improves Efficiency And Speed

Concrete pumping in Tulsa quickens the process of transporting and pouring concrete, thus trimming down the overall duration of your construction project. It is more efficient compared to traditional pouring methods that involve transferring the liquid concrete mixture from point A to point B through wheelbarrows and power buggies, which take up more time and effort. On the other hand, concrete pump systems offer a steady flow of freshly-mixed concrete for continuous placement, which is a great advantage for time-sensitive building projects.


Reduce The Need For Manual Labor

A concrete pump machine can deliver a large volume of concrete from the truck directly to the intended pouring location. This can help you cut back on the number of workers you’ll need to resulting in labor cost savings. Instead of loading concrete and manual pouring, you can reallocate your manpower to other critical construction tasks like quality control, formwork, finishing, and installation of other materials.


Better Quality In Concrete Pouring

Concrete pumping equipment provides precise and controlled placement of the concrete mixture, which minimizes the chances of pouring too much or too little. It allows for a more consistent stream of concrete so it is placed evenly on the construction area. This helps avoid the development of cold joints in your concrete structure, which occur when the first layer begins to set before the second batch is poured over it, usually caused by delays in the pouring process


Minimize The Risk Of Untoward Incidents

Manual concrete pouring is a strenuous task that requires a substantial amount of physical effort. By hiring a Tulsa concrete pumping services company, you can eliminate the need for lifting and carrying heavy buckets and maneuvering wheelbarrows filled with liquid concrete. Not only do these tasks take a toll on your construction laborers’ bodies, but they also increase their risk of sustaining job-related injuries, especially when working in hazardous terrains and at great heights.


Enhance The Strength Of Concrete

Pumped concrete used in boom pumps and line pumps needs less water to achieve the right consistency, unlike other concrete pouring techniques. This improves the structural integrity and durability of your building as the reduction of water in the mixture helps retain the inherent strength of concrete.


Make Hard-To-Reach Areas More Accessible

Concrete pumps can conveniently reach awkward spots in your construction site, such as cramped spaces and areas blocked by tall structures. Since the chutes of mixer trucks and power buggies are limited in length, overcoming these impediments can be challenging for these industrial vehicles. However, with a line pump used when availing of concrete pumping services, you can pass through narrow passages because of its flexible pipe, allowing you to pour concrete exactly where you want it placed.


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Here at Clayton Concrete Pumping and Backhoe, we boast well-maintained industry-grade equipment for pumping wet concrete. Our concrete pumping services in Tulsa are best known for reliability and speed – not to mention affordability – which is highly acclaimed by our valued clients. Contact us today and let our skilled concrete pump operators in Tulsa help you complete your building project on time.



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